How Medical Marijuana Can Help You: Medical marijuana as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, how it works, how it works and how to use it by Brian Stone

How Medical Marijuana Can Help You: Medical marijuana as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, how it works, how it works and how to use it

By Brian Stone


Like my other two books, you will discover the secret health benefits of a plant that the majority of our population refuses to accept. It will take you through the history of marijuana and the impact it has made throughout the world as far back as history was first ever recorded. You will learn the politics that have kept it as an illegal substance and how recent studies have proven the positive effects it can have on sustainability and our health. You will also learn the many uses that have been developed over the years such as medicine, clothing, paper, construction material and even food.
There are many uses for cannabis, but the most positive of them all is the use of it as treatment for the diseases millions suffer from daily. The book will explain the structure of the plant on a molecular level and the different components it possesses. These individual therapeutic components, such as cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC), cannabinol (CBN), cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabigerol (CBG), are described and what each can do in easing and even curing disease. Also mentioned are the many different ways of ingesting, where you can purchase legally, and what to be aware of when choosing.
The many different strains of cannabis, such as indica, sativa, and hybrids, are explained and what they can do for each specific disease.
• Cancer
• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
• Glaucoma
• Insomnia
• Fibromyalgia
• Arthritis
• Chronic Pain
• Headaches
• Muscle Spasms
• Loss of Appetite
• Anxiety
• Depression
By purchasing this book you will be able to share your knowledge with people who are affected with these diseases and give them the education they need to know. By understanding how positive the cannabis plant is, one will be able to open up and spread the word rather than believe the negative media that is portrayed. You will no longer be skeptical about trying it, nor will you be afraid in letting others know how great it really is and what freedom it can bring!

Author: Brian Stone

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My Walk With Jesus Devotional Bible: 31 Encouraging Devotions for Children Facing Cancer and Challenging Health Conditions by Jenna Sue Bennett

In 31 full-color inspirational devotions, My Walk With Jesus Devotional Bible will bring encouraging hope to children facing cancer and other challenging health conditions. Each devotion is written from the heart of a child— applying promises from Jesus in scripture, to help them through the hard times in their lives. Children will also learn to see Jesus in a new way, as their very best friend. He loves them more than they could ever imagine, and He will carry them through every challenge they face. This book will remind children how Jesus is walking with them, and will never, ever leave their side…

Below is an excerpt from MWWJDB

“The hard things in life we have to go through are kind of like these puzzle pieces. We can only see a little tiny piece of our life at a time, but our Heavenly Father sees ALL of it, all put together” – Devotion 3, Pieces of His Plan

“Jenna’s written words will surely bring healing and touch hearts, as they reach with the love of Jesus.
Thank you, Jenna, for your wonderful book.”
-Bruce Marchiano
Actor, Best-Selling Author, Producer, and Founder of Marchiano Ministries

Author: Jenna Sue Bennett

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5 reviews

The Dr. Danny Tilson Novels Box Set: Books 1-4: The Dr. Danny Tilson Series by Barbara Ebel

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Barbara Ebel!The Dr. Danny Tilson novels have been acclaimed as “engaging and exciting” (Manhattan Book Review) and as “medical mystery or thriller writing at its best” (Midwest Book Review). There’s no doubt that Dr. Danny is a gritty main character who leads a pack of diverse characters in the series, from the loveable family dog Dakota to the villainess that threatens all that Danny holds dear. Now with all four books in a convenient Box Set, “it is (now even more) refreshing to read novels by a physician who treats medical matters in the storyline with credibility” (The Louisville Medicine Magazine). Barbara Ebel is an Amazon bestselling, award-winning author whose “background in medicine clearly shines through” (Manhattan Book Review). OPERATION NEUROSURGEONA tense neurosurgery case turns into a pivotal encounter… and Dr. Danny’s life will never be the same again. Book One begins the medical and personal adventures of this esteemed Tennessee neurosurgeon. SILENT FEAR: A MEDICAL MYSTERY In this fast-paced, scary medical thriller, Danny Tilson confronts a strange meningitis which sweeps the nation at breakneck speed. COLLATERAL CIRCULATION: A Medical Mystery Why is human intelligence soaring in Dr. Danny’s neurosurgical patients? Danny searches for answers as the ramifications to humankind could be staggering!SECONDARY IMPACT When a college basketball player goes down and suffers a head injury, it becomes personal for neurosurgeon Dr. Danny Tilson. He wonders … is existing medical treatment for head injuries good enough, or will his daughter’s boyfriend never fully recover? “4 1/2 Stars out of 5 – Secondary Impact is a fantastic novel.” — San Francisco Book ReviewScroll Up and Grab Your Box Set Today!

Author: Barbara Ebel

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Sciatica : 20 Easy & Effective Stretching Exercises To Relieve Sciatica And Become Pain Free: FREE VIDEOS Of Every Stretch And Exercise You will Need To Become Pain Free by Robin Roodenburg

Exercises To Overcome Sciatica & Lower Back Pain Lower back pain & Sciatica can be successfully treated. You can recover. Buoyant, Pain Free Living Should Be yours. A new Practical Exercise Plan of positive action causes Lower back pain & sciatica disability to go.What Researchers have discoveredA simple home treatment can get you back on your feet, give you new independence and return you to useful living.It stops back pain, reduces inflammation and swelling, gives greater use of your body .Simply it prevents or minimizes the misery and crippling  of lower back pain & sciatica .It is a simple exercise method developed by leading doctors and physiotherapists .Its surprisingly effective in even severe, complicated cases. Often it stops short pain and disability of NEW back pain &sciatica sufferers-virtually as first symptoms begin .Why Suffer NeedlesslyHow often have you done your work with Back pain or sciatica pain stealing your energy and dulling your efforts ? Or has it progressed even further ,and your finding it hard to get out of bed or complete your normal daily activity’s .The Simple Truth The  quickest ,surest , safest method yet found –when again and again proven in different situations –are simple easy to do exercises that have been included in this simple exercise guide to give you greater relief from crippling aches and pains ,greater use of joints and faster resumption of activity’s .Whatever form of back pain or sciatica ,however complicated  or intensive .Here are the most effective techniques to improve circulation to your entire body .Feel The improvement – and say “Yes” to life againSee and feel at homethe benefits of this simple exercise plan . Start your body,on the way to pain free, normal living. Feel your nerve, free up .Feel muscles tied in knots become more supltle .Feel Body tension ease and pains ,soreness ,muscle spasms be relieved. Feel muscle tendons soften and stretch. Feel your body’s  strength of needed muscles again.As you return full motion and range to joints, your preventing and reducing chance of crippling pain. Your saving corrective action later.Because you have found the full facts about lower back pain & sciatica and what to do about it ,you’ve  been restoring motion ,strength and power to stiffend weakend muscles ,increasing the range  of ,helping prevent weakening and deterioration of essential muscles important to walking ,climbing stairs and getting in and out of chairs .You’ve gained surprising independence from disability’s and your feeling better than you have in years ,You say “yes to life again !Amazing 6 Month Guarantee! Available to Anyone Any doctor ,any back pain or sciatica sufferer ,anyone susceptible to back pain or sciatica and any family member who wants to help may accept the amazing offer below .Its not a 24 hour miracle cure . There is none it’s a way to help yourself and your doctor  to overcome back pain &sciatica .Relieve pain and misery restore action to crippled back and legs and give back normal ,pain free living .Only if after looking over the book and the simple exercises contained within it for 10 full days, and your convinced you can be helped, is there any cost. Otherwise simply return within the ten days for no cost .And if you keep the book for its low cost –if at any time within the next six months thereafter you –or your doctor-have any doubts of what it has done for you-if in anyway it does not do what reading this page has led you to expect, simply return for a full refund. could anything be fairer?

Author: Robin Roodenburg

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Prepare the TCM License exam in a month Vol 2.: Chinese Medicine diagnosis – California, NCCAOM, Canadian exam (TCM board exam) by Woosen Ur

This is the preparation guide book for license exam of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) and Acupuncture ( California exam, NCCAOM, Canadian exam ). Many students fail the license exam although they studied a lot of time. It is because the classroom study and the exam are different. The most important thing when you prepare for the license exam is to understand examiner’s intention. This book will tell you what the examiners want to test. This book is the part of TCM diagnosis . This book can be used for all students who are preparing for California exam, NCCAOM or Canadian exam. This book is not a question bank nor TCM explanation book. This book directly tells you what to study when you prepare for the license. When you prepare for the license exam, you don’t have much time. You can not read thick and complicated preparation guide book. To tell the truth, you have to read more your full text book. That is the correct way. If you are looking for some special skills to pass the exam, it is still difficult to pass for you. But if you know the key points of the exams and intentions of examiners and study your text book, then you surely will pass the exam. This book is that kind of book. This book tells you very directly what to memorize and what to study when you prepare the exam. As the title of this book is ‘Prepare the TCM license exam in one month’, if you are a normal graduate from a TCM college and studied TCM following the instructions in this book for one month, you will not have difficulties in passing the license exam. How to use this bookHistory of TCM diagnosisTCM diagnosisThe first – observation ( inspection ) techniqueThe second – auscultation and olfactionThe third – interrogationThe fourth – palpationThe fifth – the eight guiding principles ( Ba Gang Bian Zheng )The sixth – the identification of syndromesThe identification of syndromes according to etiologyThe identification of syndromes according to Qi, blood and body fluidsThe identification of syndromes according to Zang and Fu organsThe identification of syndromes according to other methods

Author: Woosen Ur

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The Problems Encountered When Elderly Love Ones Need To Leave Their Home: The Pit Stops And Red Flags Of My Aunt’s Journey by Daurene Scullen

A must read guide into the assisted/memory care world, and the roadblocks and pit stops I encountered along the way by questioning my aunt’s drug protocols and therapies. How you must be tenacious, pro-active and observant to make the simple changes to make your loved one’s life so much happier and fulfilled. ADVOCATE!

Author: Daurene Scullen

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare by Mahajan MD, Dr Parag Suresh

About the book – Artificial Intelligence in HealthcareDo you want to know the relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) & healthcare, & how AI is improving healthcare?Technology is evolving rapidly, & you need to keep up to stay at the top.Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing all aspects of healthcare & this book is intended to be your companion on this journey.It’s a power-packed AI book that guides you about the current state and future applications of AI in healthcare, including those under development, in a simple to understand language.It discusses the ethical concerns related to the use of AI in healthcare, principles of AI & how it works, the vital role of AI in all major medical specialties and health insurance, & the role of start-ups and corporate players in AI in healthcare.About the Author – Dr Parag Suresh Mahajan MDDr. Parag Mahajan is an Accomplished Entrepreneurial CEO of multiple Healthcare Start-ups, Radiologist, Clinical Informatician, Teacher, Researcher, and Author.His current interests include the development of Start-ups in the fields of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Blockchain in Healthcare, Electronic Health Records, and Medical eLearning Systems.

Author: Mahajan MD, Dr Parag Suresh

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Clean Eating: The Clean Eating Cookbook with Delicious Clean Eating Recipes for Weight Loss by Celine Walker

Discover the Most Delicious Clean Eating Recipes for Healthy Living and Weight LossEating junk food or over-processed food can impact your body and mind in a negative way. When you are not eating clean, your mind will not function at an optimal level as you will lose focus and feel tired. Furthermore, your body can become sluggish as you are following a diet that is filled with chemicals and that lacks nutrients. But worry no more, this book is here to help you to start eating food that is close to its natural state and thereby abundant in nutrients. This book will change the way you think about food. You will discover how to choose food that is beneficial for your health and weight loss goals. Furthermore, you will learn how to enjoy eating good and tasty food without feeling deprived or guilty about it. This book lets you in on tips on how to shop for food and prepare meals the clean way. You will find that following the recipes in this book is easy and fun as you are not required to starve yourself or sacrifice certain food groups. This book will also help you adapt to a healthy lifestyle that lets you enjoy eating great-tasting, nourishing, and natural food. In this book, you will discoverClean Eating Facts to Help You Keep Your FigureClean and Weight Loss-Friendly Breakfast RecipesClean and Slimming Lunch RecipesClean and Skinny Dinner RecipesAnd much more!Get your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Author: Celine Walker

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