When Is The Right Time To Sell My Business?: The Expert Answer from Richard Mowrey by Richard Mowrey

“The very best way to predict the future is to create it”In his new book, When Is The Right Time To Sell My Business?, Rich Mowrey tackles a decision point that many business owners inevitably find themselves in, but is one that can be difficult, stressful, and full of trepidation. It is a decision that can bring regrets and questions about timing and planning they never considered, and Mowrey’s objective is to help a business owner sell their business without regrets.In this intelligently written book, Mowrey answers one of the biggest questions that business owners who are interested in selling their business always ask: When is the right time to sell to my business?To really ensure an informed decision can be made, he delves deeper into this question to get at the underlying, interrelated knowledge acquisition, purposeful action, and timing. Mowrey helps business owners examine their business’ value attributes, personal assets, and the types of plans that need to be in place in order to sell the business. He then focuses on four major areas of personal assessment to help crystalize one’s personal readiness to start the process of selling their business.Mowrey emphasizes, “It is time to stop silently asking the question and formulating the answer. It is time to focus on the answer more often than the question.” By shifting one’s focus, hesitation and fear can be minimized, resulting in a decision backed by confidence.In addition to providing guidance and expertise to the decision making process, Mowrey offers specific objectives required of the business owner as they start the next phase of their life.By examining the factors addressed in this book now, a business owner will have all the necessary components in place when the opportunity to sell arises or when they decide to initiate the opportunity themselves.Mowrey focuses on the basics of business valuation and readiness assessment – both qualitative and quantitative – in order to help the reader prepare to sell their business and plan for action. From there the focus shifts to value enhancement and strategic planning because as he explains, “Price is what you receive, value is what you deliver.” Together, all this preparation and the ultimate execution of a transfer plan will require both focus and a good measure of personal energy.Mowrey also addresses:The timetable of preparing to be without the business once it is soldHow family plays a role in decisions and succession planningWhich environments to analyze to find out when the time is rightFinancial buyers vs. strategic buyers vs. industry buyersDifferent ownership transfer scenariosEach reader will focus on specific action steps to begin taking now to lead to their ultimate decision, including:Twenty questions to fire you up to start planningFour distinct actions to complete now to prepare to sell your businessQuestions to help with planning initiation, strategic planning, business planning, and market knowledgeWho needs to be on a top-notch advisory team?For any business owner, the thought of someday selling their business can be overwhelming and confusing – generally raising more questions than they are prepared to answer. But thanks to his expertise and ability to guide readers through a carefully thought out, systematic approach, Rich Mowrey is able to reduce the uncertainty and provide a path that will lead to a confident and ideally more profitable sale of their business.

Author: Richard Mowrey

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DIGITAL BUSINESS: Start a Digital Based Business via Aliexpress E-Commerce & Information Marketing by Jonathan Parker

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Author: Jonathan Parker

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DAREDEVIL’S WEBINAR SELLING SYSTEM 2016: A 26 Step over The Shoulder Guide On Running A Webinar That Sells by Red Mikhail


Finally! – A No Fluff, No B.S. Guide On How To Run A Webinar That Sells!

In this book, I’ll show you the exact words that you need to say and when to say it


You’ll learn the “devils” way of selling on a webinar – do not abuse this!
If that sounds good to you then you’ll love this guide-book.

Author: Red Mikhail

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How to Improve Workplace Safety: Learn why safety programs fail while others succeed by Bryan McWhorter

Workplace Safety Is Achievable!
This book is based on a case study of an actual safety culture transformation that took place in a large manufacturing facility. Bryan McWhorter walks readers through the main steps taken to improve workplace safety. In one year the factory experienced a 50% reduction in OSHA record-able accidents. Employees identified 545 safety projects as they engaged and supported management’s new safety first initiative. Worker health and safety is vital for morale and will must be supported in a proactive manner. This book shows you how.

Author: Bryan McWhorter

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How to Make Money on YouTube: and Other Social Media Sites by Adam Rumanek

Social media is about getting people to know you, engage with you and trust you so that ultimately they want to do business with you. You too can make money through social media platforms if you take the time to follow the proper steps, know what you want, know your client base and research your market in an organized way. Most importantly, devising a proper strategy will help you build your brand and increase your traffic. This e-book begins by helping you understand the value of having a presence on YouTube and other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and takes away the fear of failure and the unknown. Over the course of this book we share ideas and answer three very important questions: “How do I engage with my customers and potential customers?” “How do I drive traffic from one social platform to other social platforms?” and, “How do I make money with social media?” This book is divided into several sections each exploring social media platforms and monetization. After you read this book, you will be armed with the proper tools, language and information to start using effective social media techniques. It is natural to be afraid of the unknown or to have a lack of understanding in terms of why social media platforms are great for your company. However, the process of being discovered, engaged and trusted is not only crucial to achieve real business results but also important to stay abreast of things. The reality is, if you do not fill the gap between customer and client needs and services then your competitors will find a way to. The goal of this e-book is to help you develop a successful business strategy to build awareness for your brand and website, increase your audience, expand your content to other platforms, keep your audience engaged and finally to make money online.

Author: Adam Rumanek

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