1-PAGE PLANNER: How to Discover your Red-Hot Niche of Cash-Paying Raving Fans. Dominate it. Become the Business Customers Want to Buy From (1 HOUR READ: Business Books for Entrepreneurs Series Book1) by Luke Fatooros

“Quick, easy, practical, & powerful! I have read hundreds of business books in my time. None provide such powerful, fundamental steps to making money from day one as Luke has.” Robin Elliott, President, Leverage Advantage Systems, CanadaLearn these unique sales and marketing strategies and become the business customers want to buy from, every time.Want to build a successful business from Day 1? Want to know how to find plenty of cash paying, raving fans ready to buy from you, now? Here’s the truth from a multi award-winning entrepreneur that most business owners simply don’t know.Why do so few ever achieve this?Do you often wonder why most business owners are always so busy yet achieve very little profits, while a small number of seemingly magic entrepreneurs steam ahead consistently and enjoy greater sales, more free time and less stress?What’s their Secret to Success? What do these successful few do to reach financial freedom that the remaining 96% don’t? The truth is, turning your idea into a money generator or trying to work out “what do I do with my business so it begins to make me real money”, is actually a lot simpler than most people think, if you just follow a few simple proven steps.How do I know? From 14 months of failure to $12 million in 5 years.I co-founded my first business at age 23, with just $800, in my fathers shed. We had no idea of what we were doing. We had no experience or anyone to guide us.After 14 months of working up to sixteen hours a day, including weekends, we were still not making any money. There were no rewards, just pain and exhaustion.What common, everyday mistakes were we making that prevented us fast tracking success?Simple! We did not yet understand how money really flowed and what the smart entrepreneurs do first. Our biggest mistake was that we created a business idea first and then tried to find a market to sell it to. What the smart entrepreneurs do is they become obsessed with finding where there are already, cash-paying, raving fans, spending money easily.So if you’re Struggling Right Now and if you want the answers to these burning questions..Then..Download: MY 1-Page-Planner: How to Discover Your Red-Hot Niche of Cash-Paying Raving Fans. Dominate It. Become the Business Customers Want to Buy From.In this 1-Hour read, you will learn (through my personal case studies and workshops):The 2 Golden secrets that caused our tiny, struggling business to explode into a $12 million business in just 5 years.The 2 Steps I used to create an idea and correctly position it from day 1, inside a red-hot niche and create a business valued at $3.5 million in 3 years, working just 2 days a week, from a home office.The Shift-and-Sift process I used to create one of Australia’s most successful online business mentoring programs.How I scratch built a business and sold it to a public listed company on the Australian stock market for just under 7 figures, after 14 months.How you too can copy the exact process to create your X-factor to dominate your niche and build your very own successful business in a shortened time frame.I have taken years of struggling and figuring out and simplified the process into a single page planner.Are you Ready…To discover where the real money opportunities are right now that others miss and how you easily tap into them?Then scroll up to the top and hit that BUY NOW button and I will see you on the other side…:)

Author: Luke Fatooros

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AMAZON YOUTUBE PASSIVE EARNINGS: How to Make Passive Income While Working from Home via Amazon Associates & Youtube Marketing by Gary A. Harrisson

Who Else Wants to Create a New Source of Passive Income?!

Learn 2 Business Ideas to Help You Go from Hating Your Day Job to Loving Your Business!

Inside you’ll discover:

– How to find the best products to promote via your website
– The exact criteria to follow so you’ll never have to wonder if your product is likely to sell or not
– How to search for keywords and what to look for… you can do this in less than 10 minutes!
– Why you shouldn’t sign up as an associate just yet…
– How to create a wordpress website from a to z
– How to write a compelling product review that not only sells the product but also help the right people
– How to outsource the whole “SEO thing” process
– Real life examples of websites to copy and model your own sites with

– How to find the best products that are guaranteed best-sellers!
– The point criteria to follow so you’ll only sell products that are HOT and are more likely to sell itself
– The one thing that every product should have before you promote it
– The tools that you need to create your video review… it’s mostly FREE
– How to structure the content of your product review…STEP BY STEP
– This one trick that will increase your affiliate link click through by over 30%
– The guidelines to follow when you upoad your video
– How to rank your video on Youtube and Google for less than the price of your cofee budget!
– Some examples of real-life product reviews that are still killing it even after 1 or 4 years!


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KINDLE SHORT BOOK PUBLISHING: How to Make $1,000- $3,000 Per Month Writing & Publishing Short and Simple E-Books via Amazon Kindle by Frank Jessie

Start a Kindle Publishing Business and Earn Up To $3,000 Per Month on Amazon


Attention: Struggling New Entrepreneurs

Inside this book you’ll discover:

The entire process of making money on Kindle

* How to outsource your book cover for as cheap as possible… without the quality suffering!

* How to choose a topic that is guaranteed to be profitable

* How to outline your book from start to finish

* How to write your book fast!

* A book template to follow for your own mini-book series

* What is What, Why & How Formula for writing a book fast!

* How to publish your book from start to finish

* How to market your books so you’ll make 10x as much money!


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Work from Home Internet Marketer: Learn Profitable Business Ideas That You Can Easily Implement This Year. Freelancing Without Expertise & Clickbank YouTube Promotions. by Ron Weldenburg

Here are 2 Business Ideas That You Can Use to Help You Start an Internet Business.Making money online isn’t as easy as most gurus would tell you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s hard either.As long as you’re willing to do the work, then you can make money online.Inside this bundle, you’ll discover some simple ways of making money while working at home.Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:Freelancing Without Expertise- How to make money as a newbie freelancer even if you have no skills whatsoever- The top 7 services that I recommend every newbie starts selling- How to confirm market profitability- How to create a Fiverr listing from start to finish- A simple process of writing a gig description that converts “onlookers” into buyers and clients- How to create a long term relationship with your customers- How to upsell your customers in a step by step manner- The only 2 things you need in order to have a successful upsell transactionClickbank Video Profits- How to find the best products to promote- The ONE THING that you should look for before you choose a product to promote- The tools you need to create your video- The types of video and when to use them- How to create a product review that converts viewers into buyers- How to upload and optimize your video for maximum SEO power- How to rank your without doing the grunt work- The best practices to follow to earn more money via Clickbank- BONUS ALERT: I will also give you some examples of awesome product reviews to modelWHAT IS YOUR DECISION?Today, you’ll decide whether you want to take the shortcut and learn from my own experience, or if you want to do it on your own.Either way, I wish you all the best in making money online.If you choose to learn from this bundle, then scroll up and download your copy now.

Author: Ron Weldenburg

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Agile Product Management: ( Box set ) Minimum Viable Product With Scrum: 21 Tips for getting a MVP & Agile: The Complete Overview of Agile Principles and … agile software development Book 1) by Paul VII

Agile Product Management Just Got EasierIntroduction Thank you and congratulations on taking this class, “Minimum Viable Product: 21 Tips for Getting an MVP, Early Learning and Return on Investment for Your Product.” In this class, you will be given a complete set of tips for developing a minimum viable product. This will in turn boost the productivity of your development team and your business, when developing new products. In this class I give you a concise overview of the MVP planning and development process. I then give best practices to use when you build an MVP. Following this I teach you about common issues that arise in MVP development process and how to avoid them. As usual, I give you plenty of examples and best practices along the way. In this class, you will learn:•What is an MVP?•A brief overview of agile scrum which can be used to develop an MVP•How to plan for an MVP.•Best practices for MVP development.•Alternative approaches to MVP development.•Concise tips for gaining customer support.So, let us get started right away, so you can begin developing your minimum viable product!IntroductionThank you and congratulations on taking this class, “Agile: The Complete Overview Of Agile Principles and Practices”.In this class you will be given a complete overview of agile principles and practices used to deliver projects.I know you will get value from this class as it gives you a complete introduction to agile. I then walk you step by step through the differences between agile and traditional methods. In today’s fast-paced world, I feel that agile methods are crucial for improving your effectiveness whether you are a business owner, product owner, development team, service team or service oriented team. Along the way I give you plenty of examples and give you best practices for being an agile practitioner. In this class you will learn:•A complete overview of agile including the popular principles of scrum and XP.•What is agile and how it is different from traditional project delivery methodsSo let’s get started and let me teach you what it takes to be an agile practitioner.Scroll Up To The Top Of The Page And Click The Orange “Buy Now” or “Read For Free” Icon On The Right Side!

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AliExpress Dropshipping: How to Earn a Living Dropshipping Products from AliExpress. 2 Ways to Make Money as an Importer. by Rob Donovan

ATTENTION: BEGINNER INTERNET MARKETERS WHO ARE STRUGGLING TO MAKE A CONSISTENT $1,000- $3,000 PER MONTH ONLINELearn to Sell Products Online and Earn Income While Working at Home.Inside this bundle, you’ll discover 2 ways to consistently make thousands of dollars per month.You will get a step by step training for:ALIEXPRESS BLUEPRINT- How to find products to sell online – How to never have to worry about shipping and inventories – How to create a shopify website from scratch – The exact criteria to use for finding products – How to create a Facebook ad campaign from A-Z – How to use Private blog networks to get free traffic online!NO CAPITAL DROPSHIPPING- How to choose a profitable product to sell – How to never worry about inventories ever again – The only 3 criteria that will guarantee that you’ll only choose awesome products to sell – How to sell your products via FREE Facebook fan page marketing – How to apply some ninja SEO tactics to rank your website faster on Google and get more customers online! – How to fulfill customers orders fast! Download your copy and start creating your new part-time (or full-time if you want) $1,000- $3,000 per month side-business today!

Author: Rob Donovan

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Agile Product Management: The 7 skills of Highly Effective Agile Product Managers (scrum, scrum master, agile development, agile software development) by Paul VII

Agile Product Management Just Got EasierThank you and congratulations on taking this class, “The 7 habits of Highly Effective Agile Product Managers”.In this class, you will be given a complete overview of what makes the best agile product managers successful. This will allow you to use their successes to help you to build great products in any team or business. In this class, I give you a concise overview the agile product manager, along with their day to day tasks and challenges. I then give you an overview of 7 well known habits of great agile product managers so you can use them to be successful in your team or business. In this class, you will learn:•A brief recap of agile and scrum principles•What is an agile product manager•What are the duties of an agile product manager•How to work with a scrum team to get the best product possible•How to boost the productivity in any team•A complete overview of the 7 habits of high performing product managers including what to do and what not to doSo let us get started right away, so you can learn The 7 habits of Highly Effective Agile Product Managers!Table of ContentsAgile Product Management:The 7 habits of Highly Effective Agile Product ManagersTable of ContentsIntroductionWhat is Agile Scrum?Scrum TheoryThe Agile Product ManagerAgile Product Manager DutiesGetting the Best Possible ProductBoost Team Productivity7 Habits of an Agile Product ManagerBe Proactive – Habit #1Start by Knowing What you Want the End Result to Be – Habit #2Put the Most Important Thing First – Habit #3Have a Win/Win Relationship – Habit #4Make Sure You Understand, Then Make Sure You’re Understood – Habit #5Synergize – Habit #6Continue to Learn your Craft – Habit #7ConclusionPreview of ‘The Scrum Master Mega Pack’Check Out My Other BooksScroll Up To The Top Of The Page And Click The Orange “Buy Now” or “Read For Free” Icon On The Right Side!

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YOUR FIRST $100 PER DAY BUSINESS: How to Create Your First $100 Per Day Online Business via Product Dropshipping & Instagram Local Marketing by George Allen

How to Earn a Consistent $100 Per Day Outside Your Day Job!

Inside this bundle you’ll discover:

– How to choose the perfect product for your ecom store
– How to set up your own buy button via paypal
– How to create a website from scratch in 30 minutes or less
– The exact landing page formula to use in your new business
– The exact SEO checklist I use to rank keywords in Google
– How to advertise on Facebook for less than $5 per day

– How to properly set up your account
– How to build a BRAND and not just a business. This is crucial to your success!
– The power of your story and how will this make or break your business
– The best apps to use to create great post
– How to get 3x more followers than your competition
– What makes a great post great!
– The 3 Step Process on how to build a list

Stop Procrastinating and Start Taking Action!

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