Deadly Deadly by M. Vigna

Note: This book contains strong content regarding animals. If you are not an animal lover you should disregard this book.

Deadly Deadly is an exciting, larger than life epic that takes place during the growth of our nation westward that details the hardship encountered on a very special trail drive in the 1800s. Don’t let the cover fool you; this is a story for the more mature reader. This exciting novel tells a truly original story among a backdrop of harsh and extreme conditions. Crafted with an enormous passion, this amazing story pits an eclectic cast of characters against the unforgiving elements and the evils of men. A one-of-a-kind story, readers cannot afford to pass up.

Get lost in this western epic of adversity, despair, and triumph. This story revolves around the deep bond that is established after a young man, alone in the world, discovers a newborn Texas Longhorn bull and rescues him from deaths grip. The bull calf eventually captures his heart and an inseparable bond is formed. As the bull matures, due to his lethal seven-foot horn spread, he eventually becomes know as Deadly. Their unique relationship also grows into a working partnership and together they become an indomitable force, which will be a blessing for a beautiful ranch owner who ultimately depends on them as her only hope for survival after she hires them to drive her extremely valuable and “new” to the America, Herefords, from California to Texas. With the fate of her ranch in their hands, they set forth on a dangerous journey full of extreme wilderness, nature’s wrath, injuries, and illness in order to get these prized cattle to their distant destination.

With a Texan Longhorn bull as one of its main characters and events unfolding at a thrilling pace, Deadly Deadly stands out against the homogenous backdrop of today’s fiction with a character-driven story that is as gripping as it is heartfelt, and sure to hook readers within the first few pages. Whether it’s the loveable characters, unique relationships, budding romance, or facing challenging hazards both natural and manmade, this novel possesses something for everyone. This engrossing narrative uses a mesmerizing story to pepper in useful survival skills and actual training techniques used with herd animals.

Author: M. Vigna

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
299 reviews

Childrens book 3-8:"THE CARROT RACE"Bedtime story-Beginner reader-Adventure-Animal stories-Teach Values Book-Funny-free… by Sigal Adler and Abira Das

friendship & competition ** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE!** Free Audio Book (Flip-Book)The rabbits each got a small plot of land,Each picked up a hoe and took seeds in his hand.They planted their seeds but only time will tell,Who will be the winner and who won’t do as well. This is a Children story of a -friendship put to the test by a competition between- Best friends. While touching on issues of- friendship, modesty, humility and industriousness, the main lesson of the story is: never judge by- superficial appearances. (educational books for children for- Values, Respect, modesty and friendship.) Children’s books ages 2-6 Books for kids: preschool books also easy to read for – beginner readers, ( best for Kindergarten – age) Picture books- beautifully illustrated ( funny children eBook collection ) ( rabbits children books)
Motivational book for kids,picture children funny books,Dignity, modesty and pride.

Reviews Format:Kindle Edition
By Big Apple:
I am collecting the best Kindle kids books to teach my daughter how to read and this is going on the list! A well crafted book with a good message.

friends forever!
This book is just what I was looking for to teach my daughter the importance of friendship. Regardless of who wins (as children are often pressured to do) friendship should be valued above all.
Great read, I highly advise parents get this for their little one!
The illustrations are colorful and charming and talking to the kids hart. By rabidreader
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Author: Sigal Adler and Abira Das

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
53 reviews

Children’s book:Truthy Ruthy: Children’s books about how to deal with telling the truth for early and beginner… by Sari Barel

This lovely children’s book is about how to deal with telling the truth in a creative way***********************************************************************What can you do with a cute little girl, who is not always telling the truth? Ruthy is a sweet 5 year old girl, who has gotten used to not telling the truth.She breaks the rules and says, “It wasn’t me!”Nothing helps until Dad comes up with a brilliant idea that changes the rules of the game. Now Ruthy is “Truthy Ruthy”. Bravo, Daddy!How does Dad change the rules? Read our humorous, fun story to find out!*** Don’t forget to take the Free gift *** true-or-false games:This Children’s book includes wonderful and delightful free gift with suggestions for entertaining true-or-false games for family activities, for developing imagination and improving communication. a template for a Certificate of Excellence: This Children’s book also offers as a free gift – a template for a Certificate of Excellence with suggestions for small gestures of communication between family members, for example: a Certificate of Excellence for telling the truth, for being a good friend…a Certificate of Appreciation for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, siblings, the dog, the cat…a Certificate of Apology if I’ve offended you or hurt your feelings, and more…and more…It’s a must for all children and parents, preschool teachers, therapists and coaches. This Children’s book gives unique and creative tools for dealing with the issue of truth-telling among young children, a matter that comes up in almost every family. It raises the problem — How to deal with telling the truth — and offers a creative, unexpected solution that leaves both children and their parents surprised. Words from the author: As an expert in the development of creative thinking, a coach and a mediator, what I hope my readers will get from this book is the concept of creativity as a state of mind; when they face a problem, they’ll put their inventor hats on and invent brilliant ideas and solutions; they’ll be surprising and bring about real change. So here is to future successes!This children’s book it’s a great read for kids at bedtime or any time and going to sleep with a big smile…

Author: Sari Barel

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
138 reviews

SWAB (A Young Adult Science Fiction Dystopian Novel) by Heather Choate

Young Adult Dystopian: SWAB. Scarb are the enemy. The enemy. The enemy. I told myself this over and over. They murdered my parents. They rape the land and kill humans as if they are the vermin. They took Ray. I ran water over my face, looked at my eyes with their double lenses like two blue lakes: one navy, one ice. The enemy. And now I’m one of them.

Ray. I can almost see his brown eyes and feel the warmth of his touch like a sun-warmed towel on my skin. Will you still love me now that I’m everything you hate?

Seven years ago, most of humanity transformed into a mutated species known as scarb. With their superior speed, protective platted chitin bone structure, and deadly barbs, they easily slaughter un-changed humans. Cat and a small pocket of humans have survived. But when the scarb capture Cat’s boyfriend, she is determined to face an entire colony of the ruthless creatures to get him back. She quickly discovers she must confront not only her enemy, but the strengths and weakness inside her when she becomes scarb herself.

In Swab, Heather Choate delivers a captivating combination of suspense, romance, and self-discovery as Cat faces a treacherous world and uncertain future. Fresh, riveting and rich with surprise, this Dystopian series will leave readers hungry for more.

Author: Heather Choate

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
192 reviews

Henry and Tom: A Unique Rescue Novel (Sea Action & Adventures) by Michael Atkins and Wid Bastian

Henry and Tom explores the world of animal emotions and the powerful bonds that can develop between animals and humans. In 1995 Tom, a spokesman at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, was involved in rescuing a beached juvenile sperm whale near San Diego, California. Tom names the whale Henry and the two form a strong emotional bond during the rescue. Twenty years later, Tom’s sailboat sinks on a solo voyage from San Francisco to Hawaii, and he and Henry are reunited thousands of miles from land. Henry rescues Tom and their incredible journey together across the Pacific begins…

Author: Michael Atkins and Wid Bastian

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
112 reviews

Whales: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature (Our Amazing World Series Book 1) by Kay de Silva

Bestselling children’s author Kay de Silva presents “Whales”. The book uses captivating illustrations and carefully chosen words to teach children about ‘the gentle giant of the deep’.

This series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle. The description in the large text beneath is simple enough for early readers or for a parent to guide a child through.

There is also a picture caption, which provides more information to talk about with your child. Alternatively, a child of any age (even the child in you) can just look at the images and appreciate its beauty.

This book depicts the wonder of the world of Whales in all its glory. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this beautiful mammal: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior. The following Whales are featured:
* The awesome Blue Whale
* The loveable Beluga Whale
* The sleek Fin Whale
* The notorious Killer Whale
* The endangered Humpback Whale
* The shy Minke Whale
* The loud Sperm Whale
* The tusked Narwhal

I enjoyed compiling this book. I even learned a few things along the way. Perhaps you will too.

Get this book at this special price exclusive to the Amazon Store.
*** Your child will love it – this is guaranteed.***

Author: Kay de Silva

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
51 reviews

Arena Mode (The Arena Mode Saga Book 1) by Blake Northcott and Jim Deley



“Blake Northcott’s Arena Mode series grabbed me from the first page and wouldn’t let go. She’s telling a story about unique characters in a unique world, and she’s doing it with a unique voice. More, please.” – Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) ★★★★★

“Blake Northcott is the most exciting new voice to come to superheroes in over a decade. She’s got a brand new angle on this material. I genuinely think she’s going to be a game-changer.” – Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted) ★★★★★

“Sometimes you get a chance to jump on board a writers career at the start, before everybody else discovers how good they are. Blake Northcott is that opportunity. So jump on her already…wait, just read her books.” – Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son, Deadpool) ★★★★★

“Blake Northcott is pretty much is making nerd dreams come true. Action, Suspense and Comics all at once? Can I make that a double, with a large side of blow your mind? ! Try not to fall in love. I dare you!” – Regina Carpinelli, CEO and Founder of Stan Lee’s Comikaze ★★★★★


In his twenty-nine years, Matthew Moxon had done virtually nothing with his record-breaking IQ and unparalleled problem solving abilities. Until one morning, after a dangerous fall lands him in the emergency room, he discovers that a tumor is pressing against his brain.

Unable to afford experimental but potentially life-saving surgery, Moxon takes drastic action; he volunteers for Arena Mode: 2041’s most vicious sporting event, where thirteen superhumans fight in an urban combat zone for a multi-billion dollar prize.

Moxon is forced to battle opponents possessing ungodly speed, strength, and abilities once thought to exist only across the pages of superhero comics – and he’s armed with nothing more than his rapidly-diminishing brain cells.

With the odds stacked impossibly against him, Moxon fights to not only survive the wrath of the other competitors, but to unlock the mysteries buried within the Arena itself.

Author: Blake Northcott and Jim Deley

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
60 reviews

Breakaway: Clan of the Ice Mountains by C.S. Bills

When Attu begins dreaming of ice mounds attacking him and a beautiful girl calling to him across deadly open water, he realizes the spirits of the Nuvikuan-na are warning his clan. The Warming is coming. The ocean ice they have lived and hunted on for generations is melting, and they must flee to the safety of an unknown land before they all drown. In this powerful tale of survival at the end of an Ice Age, the young hunter, Attu, must choose between saving his clan or saving Rika, the golden-eyed healer he is forbidden to love

Author: C.S. Bills

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
66 reviews

Children’s Picture Book: A Wolf Pup’s Tale (A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Picture Book; Perfect Bedtime… by Rachel Yu

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This humorous, delightful story began as a writing assignment in Rachel’s 6th grade English class. Fast forward three years to the present, Rachel has transformed “Rugmo and the Other Side of the Fence,” to “A Wolf Pup’s Tale;” a beautifully illustrated, enchanting children’s book. It is a story about a young wolf pup, whose curiosity leads him to discovery, danger, and friendship.

Rachel Yu, 14 years old, is the author of “Dragon’s Alphabet Soup”, “A Dragon Named Dragon,” and “Fly High, Hammie Hawk.” She has always loved reading and daydreaming. Rachel is currently residing, happily ever after, in a cozy den.

Author: Rachel Yu

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
131 reviews

The Thin Wall: A POW/MIA Truth Novel by R. Cyril West

A character-driven portrayal of the 1968 Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, brought to life through the conflict between an intriguingly cultured, yet conniving KGB colonel and the people of a small village who courageously (and sometimes timidly) try to resist oppression. Midnight, August 20, 1968: the sirens of Prague are sounding. Without warning, Russian tanks have crossed the frontier and are pouring into the city. The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia has begun. Arriving with the troops is Colonel Grigori Dal, a seasoned KGB officer and coldblooded killer. While the country slips into chaos, Dal uses the fighting as cover to apprehend an American Prisoner of War from a military prison in Prague. Within days, only a cursed woman and a troubled war hero will stand between him and protecting the Cold War’s darkest secret: proof U.S. servicemen were secretly transferred to the Soviet Union. R. Cyril West’s unforgettable novel of tragic love, suspense, intrigue, and the dangerous machinations of the human heart—The Thin Wall. Watch book trailer video and learn more at:

Author: R. Cyril West

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
227 reviews