Children’s Book: Dragon Makes New FRIENDS ( A Gorgeous Illustrated Children’s Picture Book about forgiveness,… by Michael Yu and Rachel Yu

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Drake just wants to play with all the other kids, but he has a bit of a problem: Drake is a dragon. How can he show them that he’d be a good friend? Or maybe he’s just too scared to try. Poor Drake. Find out what happens to him in this fun story told in rhyme, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

Another quality children picture book from the father and daughter team of Michael and Rachel Yu.

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Author: Michael Yu and Rachel Yu

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
65 reviews

Fall (Cold Mark Book 1) by Scarlett Dawn

A savagely wicked new adult sci-fi serial blasts off with Fall, the first installment in The Cold Mark Saga…

Only one thousand Humans survived The Travel from the shattered Earth. Some Humans say it was their penance for crushing such beauty. Eighteen-year-old Braita merely thought it was pathetic – pathetic that her people had been that blind.

Now, the Humans live in the solar system, Kline, where three planets are habitable. Joyal, the smallest planet, is embraced by the Humans – their family to love as they had never loved Earth. Though a planet covered mainly in water is dangerous real estate to dwell upon.

Their worry turns into devastating reality when Braita’s blessed village is struck by a tsunami. Population numbers must be kept to a minimum. Drastic measures must be taken. Braita’s life is twisted in brutality when she is chosen as one of the three hundred Humans to be removed from Joyal…and sent to the Mian, the aliens to fear, on the planet Triaz.

Thrown head first into a barbaric world she knows nothing of, Braita must adapt to a dark life as a slave of the Mian society. Her existence depends on it…and possibly, the fall of her heart.

Author: Scarlett Dawn

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
130 reviews

Little Women (Little Women Series Book 1) by Louisa May Alcott

The iconic novel of American girlhood The March sisters are four of the most beloved characters in literature. Beautiful and proper Meg, headstrong Jo, gentle Beth, pampered little Amy—generations of young women have recognized themselves in one or more of the devoted siblings. Set against the backdrop of the Civil War and the changing seasons of New England, the story of their passage from adolescence to adulthood, from a Christmas without presents to a glorious fall day in a bountiful apple orchard, from castles in the air to real-life hearths and homes, is just as touching and illuminating today as it was a century and a half ago. Based on Louisa May Alcott’s own childhood and early career as a writer, Little Women is her masterpiece and one of the most popular novels of all time.This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
1024 reviews

Nightfall Gardens by Allen Houston

Vain Lily Blackwood and her shy brother Silas wonder if their family will ever settle in one place long enough to lead a normal life. When a mysterious stranger in a wolf-hide cloak arrives claiming to be their uncle, they discover their parents have been hiding a secret that turns their world upside down.

The two are kidnapped and transported to Nightfall Gardens, the family’s ancestral home, a place shrouded in fog and ancient mystery, where they meet their dying grandmother and learn of an age-old curse placed on Blackwood females.

Lily must take over as protector of the house and three haunted gardens that hold mythical beasts, fairy-tale nightmares and far worse. If she doesn’t, the evil trapped there will be unleashed and bring on a new dark age.

While she deals with malevolent ghosts, murderous dolls and killer insects inside the house, Silas is put to work in the gardens, a hothouse of terror, where one wrong step means death.

Along the way, they search to unlock the riddle of the curse and to stop the creatures in the gardens before time runs out and the world is destroyed.

Author: Allen Houston

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
53 reviews

Kids Book: Sacred Tales – Folktale Book with Bedtime Stories and Fables for Children: (Kids Book with Short Stories… by Morris Fenris

Sacred Tales is a collection of sixty (60) ancient Indian folklore myths and legends and short stories collections and bedtime story books for kids by all ages, told with a fresh perspective. These 60 stories fall in the following main categories: myths and legends series, moral stories for kids, childrens books by age 5-8, timeless wisdom collection, fairy tales for teens, sacred stories, kids books ages 9 12, timeless stories, self-read childrens ebooks, and kindle books for kids 9-12.

The full title of Sacred Tales is ‘Kids Book: “Sacred Tales: 60 Indian Moral Stories for Children” Short Stories Collections and bedtime story books for kids by all ages, folklore myths and legends’.

The 60 stories in the book have been around since the dawn of human civilization. These moral stories for kids were passed from generation to generation in an oral tradition that spanned thousands of years. They have since been written down, translated and have traveled the world, encompassing many languages and cultures over the millennia. These 60 stories can be read and enjoyed by all ages and all cultures.

Sacred Tales is Book 2 in a two-book series entitled Indian Moral Stories for Children. Please also check-out Book 1 in the Series – it is entitled ‘Kids Book: “Sacred Stories: 50 Indian Moral Stories for Children” Short Stories Collections and bedtime story books for kids by all ages, folklore myths and legends’.

Amazon Reader Reviews of ‘Kids Book: “Sacred Tales: 60 Indian Moral Stories for Children” Short Stories Collections and bedtime story books for kids by all ages, folklore myths and legends’:

“This beautifully written collection of 60 stories from India reminded me a great deal of Aesop’s Fables. Each story has a moral at the end, and they would be very appropriate to read to children at bedtime. It is wonderful to read tales from another country and learn about a culture different than ours, although the stories would show that we are more alike as a people than different. The color map of India at the beginning of the book is a great addition, because you can look up where a story came from as you read it. I really enjoyed this collection – it is a great reference book of curated tales from ancient times.”

“The Indian Sub- Continent had some of the oldest civilizations known. It has a rich cultural heritage. The art of storytelling in the Sub- Continent is as old as time itself. Even before the human race knew how to read and write, it could tell a tale. In the beginning, these stories were passed on orally from one generation to another. Grandmothers would entertain their grandchildren with such stories while mothers would lull their children to sleep with them. Stories would be narrated at meal times to hold the children’s attention so that they ate more. Whenever each person told these stories, they made some changes and thus there grew several versions.

Later when humans learned to read and write, many of these stories were recorded. In India, thousands of years ago Sanskrit was the language used to compose texts. There were also several scripted common languages. Literature in these languages grew. When Sanskrit was discovered in the western world, a whole world of fascinating stories was found. Origins of some popular western tales could also be traced back to folktales from the Sub-Continent. This book has a variety of timeless folktales from the Sub-Continent. The author is presenting the traditional stories for today’s children and adults in simple and entertaining language.

Some of the stories are popular while others are little known. These tales span heaven and earth and many have their origin in age-old tribal lore. This book is a timeless gem that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and one that I recommend very highly.”

Author: Morris Fenris

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
45 reviews

The North Pole Challenge (Flea’s Five Christmases Book 1) by Kevin George


Flea has always been different from other students in school. He’s not smart or athletic, he’s shorter than kids five years younger than him and his facial features are so pointy that everyone avoids him. His foster mother constantly warns him to avoid attention, though Flea has no idea who’s after them. But Flea has recently discovered several abilities that change his life forever: snowy weather follows him wherever he goes, he stops snowballs in mid-flight and he builds anything in shop class in the matter of minutes despite his lack of training. An appearance on The Great Build-Off – a popular construction game show – leads him to a magical place he thought existed only in Christmas stories.

At the North Pole, Flea feels even more like an outsider. In fact, this storybook village reminds him of every school he’d ever attended, complete with overachievers and underachievers, popular elves and outcasts, even elves who aren’t afraid to march to their own beat. But during his training to become a proper builder elf, he discovers that the North Pole has an arch-nemesis bent on invading the elfish lands and ending Christmas forever. With a war looming against the South Pole, Flea’s sudden appearance at the North Pole is no coincidence, as he questions his role in the fate of the world’s greatest holiday.

“The North Pole Challenge” is not your typical Christmas story. Everyone knows about Santa Claus, his elves and the North Pole but this book provides a fresh outlook on the old familiar tales. Imagine Santa Claus as a reclusive loner, Rudolph as a narcissistic whiner, the elves as cruel party animals. And no great story would be complete without an enemy of epic proportions, another familiar Christmas name with a wicked past never before told…

Until now…

“The Rudolph Challenge – Flea’s Second Christmas” and “The Jack Frost Challenge – Flea’s Third Christmas” out now




LIFE, INC. – If you could learn the exact moment of your death, would you? If you could see a deceased loved one for one more day – at the cost of one year of your life – would you? These are the answers Life, Inc. wants to know…



Author: Kevin George

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
82 reviews

Not Another Boring Princess by Sharon Cohen and SugarSnail

Do all princesses just sit in their room and wait for their prince to come?Well, one smart little girl thinks otherwise!A little girl asks her mother to tell her a bedtime story about a princess.But how will she react when she finds out she is told the same old princess story?”Not Another Boring Princess”, a book for little princesses ages 2-6 ,will make them know there are no limits to what girls can do!

Author: Sharon Cohen and SugarSnail

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
116 reviews

Children’s Book : Sleepy Beach: An Illustrated Picture Book for ages 3-8, Bedtime Story, Beginner Reader by Scott Harpole and Jill Reed

Rate #4 in all of Children’s Bedtime & Dreaming in just the first month of publication!

Sleepy Beach is the most peaceful, good night, go to sleep, picture book you could ever read.
You know you’ve found the right book because it starts with the words “Close your eyes…”!
I personally guarantee that this book will make your children sleepy or at least peaceful!

Be sure to follow the YouTube links to listen to the original Sleepy Beach music while you read along for the very best experience. You can also listen to the author tell the story or watch the video to know the story of how Sleepy Beach was created on YouTube.

Author: Scott Harpole and Jill Reed

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
107 reviews

The Fox by Arlene Radasky

Dramatic in all the right ways, The Fox by new author Arlene Radasky does for bog bodies and Druids what no author in time has ever done; she celebrates ancient history, endless romance and undying love. Brilliant and utterly breathtaking, Radaskys is a powerful new voice in romance, fantasy, and historical fiction. Bravo!The Romans path of destruction jeopardizes a Caledonian clan unless they are able to strike a bargain with the Gods, which ultimately means a human sacrifice. Jahna is a member of this first century tribe. She has the power to merge minds, which she chooses to do with a twenty-first century woman, Aine MacRae and her contemporary, a young man Lovern, to whom she was hand-fasted in her time and of whom she shared a child, in order to save her people. In the name of the gods, Lovern was killed. Druids place his body in the sacred Black Lake, but through a visit from his ghost, Jahna sends their child away thus securing their bloodline. In the midst of madness, Jahna lives just long enough to reveal to Aine, her grief. Two thousand years later, in the year 2005, Aine is hoping to reestablish her career as an archaeologist and assists in the excavation in the Highlands of Scotland of a first century Caledonian chieftains tomb with fellow archaeologist, Marc Hunt. As the fates align, Jahna, guides Aine to one bronze bowl, then another, and when she is led by a ghost, Aine uncovers a two thousand year old man encased in a bog. As the circle goes unbroken, a hearts chains are loosened and it is understood that Aine and Marc are able to rediscover their past love.

Author: Arlene Radasky

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
291 reviews

The Day Lady Lost Her Spots by Lily Lexington

From Lily Lexington, the best selling kid’s author who soldover 100,000 copies of her kid’s books in her first 18 months on Amazon.** This book is available free for Amazon Prime members. **Lady the Ladybug is excited. Tonight is the night of the Ladybug Luau. She has been waiting for this night for months. There will be dancing, friends and loads of fun. Whilst she is getting ready she is shocked to discover that her beautiful spots are missing. Join Lady and her beetle friend Crunch as they journey to discover Lady’s missing spots and get her ready in time for the Luau.The story ends with a great lesson that all parents and children will love and the beautiful, color illustrations will captivate your young child.

Author: Lily Lexington

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
66 reviews