Burned: A Romantic Thriller by Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole

Burned (A Southern Romantic Suspense Novel)

Fans of LDS and Christian fiction will love this clean romance that takes place in the South.

Sydney Lassiter has the perfect life—glamour, wealth, and all the high-society status to go with it. But something is telling her that she needs to return to the sleepy little town of Stoney Creek, Alabama where she grew up. She hasn’t been there since her father was killed in a boating accident—or was he murdered? She takes a job as a safety consultant at the local sawmill—the same place where her father worked—and sets out to discover the truth about his death.

In Stoney Creek, you don’t ask the kinds of questions Sydney is asking. There are too many secrets—secrets that someone will do anything to keep hidden. To complicate matters, Sydney becomes enmeshed in a confusing love quadrangle involving two men, and the other woman, who seems to want both of them. And both men seem to have some connection to the death of her father.

The closer Sydney gets to the truth, the more it seems that her quest could destroy not only her but the people and town she has come to love.

“Poignant, suspenseful, and romantic. Beautifully written and filled with unexpected twists and turns. A sleek romantic thriller.”
Deborah Smith, New York Times Bestselling Author of A PLACE TO CALL HOME

Author: Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
47 reviews

Cade (The Morgans of Rocky Ridge) by Margery Scott


When revenge leads Cade Morgan to hold up a stagecoach and kidnap his childhood friend, Isabella Morrow, he discovers his feelings for her are stronger than ever. He suspects Bella feels the same way, so why is she intent on marrying another man? And what kind of future can he offer her now that he’s wanted by the law?

Author: Margery Scott

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
71 reviews

By Summer’s End (Christian Fiction) by Rosemarie Naramore

When Holly Holton is willed a house by a great uncle she met only one time, she’s confused but happy. As guardian to her fifteen-year-old half-sister, with whom she doesn’t get along, she hopes that moving will be a catalyst for change in their relationship. The young women fall in love with their new home, but unfortunately, are unaware of a condition of home ownership that may destroy their newfound happiness. Much is at stake, particularly for Holly and handsome neighbor Ryan McGraw. The two develop feelings for one another—but will a series of obstacles prevent the two from finding happiness together? Or will God assure a happy ending for all?

Author: Rosemarie Naramore

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
91 reviews

Christmas at Valley Rise (Miracle at Valley Rise) by Karen Welch

It’s Christmas at Valley Rise Farm, the time each year when the Moss family, along with their friends and neighbors, gather to share love, laughter, music and the miracle of the season. But this year, for Carter Moss and Staci Henderson, there are more pressing issues to be dealt with. Carter has a new stepmother, another wedge in his already strained relationship with his father. Staci juggles school, a job and the recent loss of her grandfather, along with her mother’s often unpredictable moods. To make things even more complicated, while they may have grown up together, been childhood friends and even confidantes, for Carter and Staci, things have taken an awkward and unexpected turn.
Join familiar faces from the Miracle at Valley Rise series and meet the next generation for an unforgettable holiday getaway. As always at Valley Rise this time of year, there’s the promise of snow, a miracle or two, and of course, a little romance in the crisp mountain air.
Author’s note–This is a novella of just over 43,000 words.

Author: Karen Welch

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
62 reviews

Sunset’s Dawn: A Christian Romance (Sunset Series Book 1) by J. Brent Eaton

Sunset’s Dawn…Can Jake Jennings, a man who has suffered unspeakable loss find peace and God’s grace in his new home town of Sunset, or will the woman he never hoped to find be the answer to his prayers?Jacob JenningsJake escapes the emotional entanglements of Houston, where he lost his wife and baby over a decade ago, to start a new life in Central Texas. His desire is to live in solitude on a quiet ranch and continue his ministry as a chaplain:From the Prologue:    “Mindy, I’m starting my new job in Sunset in two days. I’ve talked to you about the reasons for my move for a long time. I only hope you understand why I’m leaving Houston. You would love the log cabin I built there. It’s a lot bigger than what we dreamed of raising Adam in, but it really doesn’t feel like home without the two of you.”I know I wanted to get away from a lot of things here and move to a smaller and quieter place, but the way I feel right now, I don’t know if I’m really leaving anything behind. Sunset is the kind of town I was looking for when I decided to make a move. Maybe I just need to give myself more time.”Just because I’ve moved three hours away doesn’t mean I won’t come to visit. Your Mom says I’m abandoning you and Adam by moving. That’s not it at all. You know I’ll be back to see the two of you. I miss you… I love, Mindy.”The Reverend Jacob Jennings stood motionless for a moment, then turned toward his truck and    walked over the green manicured lawn past the rows of carved stones, each a gray granite    reminder of the same sadness and loss he suffered thirteen years before.Jennifer LawsonJen is a nurse, a single mother, and wants nothing more than to rid herself of ties to her ex-husband, the man who wrecked her dream of a loving family for her children. The last thing she wants is an attraction to another man:It seems like I am just getting Steve out of my hair, and poof! Jake appears. This ain’t fair, God. It just ain’t fair. I asked you to make it so that I could manage my life and be happy, not make it more complicated. Now I find myself drawn to this guy like a mosquito to a bug light and we both know how that ends. Why, Lord? Why?Then they meet…It’s Jake’s first day on the job. Can Jake overcome his fear of loving again and risk sharing his soul with another woman? Is it safe for Jennifer to be close to another man? How will a relationship affect her children? Sometimes, God’s grace is difficult to accept. Jake and Jen learn that grace can overcome even the most difficult circumstances and pain.Author’s NoteI’m writing from experience as a hospice chaplain and a hopeless romantic. I hope you fall in love with the story of Jen and Jake and what they do to make life better for the people they serve. It’s a deeply emotional and spiritual journey that I know will touch your heart and your soul. While this is a Christian romance novel and romantic religious fiction, the patient-related events are real with some details altered to protect privacy. There will be future stories about Jen and Jake as well as other wonderful people from Sunset, Texas. I’m committed to bringing you high quality romance under $3.Please scroll to the top and click “Look Inside” now! Thanks!And… Don’t miss my new book “Sarah’s Prayer” available exclusively on Amazon!

Author: J. Brent Eaton

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
100 reviews

Strike the Match (The Teacup Novellas Book 2) by Diane Moody

                  Strike the Match – The Teacup Novellas Book TwoThe last place twenty-four year old Keri McMillan wants to be is back home in Waterford Bay, Oregon. But after two years at prestigious New York University pursuing a degree in journalism, her bank account is drained. Keri is determined to move home for one year – and one year only— to make some serious money working for her dad’s log cabin company, but her goals all go up in smoke when the company’s new showcase home burns to the ground. Six months ago, Grant Dawson bought the Waterford Weekly, a small newspaper in his father’s hometown. Burned out as a reporter for the L.A. Times and tired of all the inherent politics, he welcomed the slower pace of this Oregon coastal town and the more relaxed lifestyle producing a weekly paper. He enjoys being close to his dad again, a quiet man who captains a whale-sightseeing boat. Grant is surprised at his unexpected interest in Keri, the niece of columnist Luby Sanders. He thinks Luby is a hoot and can’t help but adore her. But she’s also playing matchmaker, trying to interest him in her niece. When Keri shows up at a log cabin fire in the middle of the night, she’s not the geeky college kid he expected. But he’s not about to fall victim to Luby’s orchestrations.Even if her niece is beautiful. And vulnerable. And apparently in need of a job.

Author: Diane Moody

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
230 reviews

At Legend’s End (The Teacup Novellas Book 4) by Diane Moody

At Legend’s End – The Teacup Novellas Book FourWhen her best friend prayed for God to “blow your socks off,” Olivia Thomas had no idea that prayer would be answered only a few hours later. Stunned by such an unexpected gift from someone she’d helped years ago, Olivia suddenly finds herself with unlimited possibilities. She packs her bags and heads to Caden Cove, a tiny coastal town in Maine, where she hopes to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. Little does she know her reservation at the Captain MacVicar Inn has put her in the path of a historic legend.Trevor Bass owns Caden Cove’s only bookstore and dabbles in real estate. All the locals know the grouchy bookseller is an avowed bachelor, which explains their utter shock when he invites a “tourist” to visit their book club. The mere hint of romance sends the town into a frenzy wondering if the object of Trevor’s affections could be the next victim of the legend’s curse. Will history repeat itself once more in Caden Cove?

Author: Diane Moody

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
219 reviews

Home to Walnut Ridge (The Teacup Novellas Book 3) by Diane Moody

                  Home to Walnut Ridge – The Teacup Novellas Book ThreeIt seems everyone needs a second chance. Tracey Collins just left Washington D.C. after her dream job became a personal nightmare. Back home in Jacobs Mill, Tennessee, she quickly realizes she’s not the only one needing a fresh start. Her sister Alex is in the midst of a career change, finding new inspiration restoring furniture. Their father, a former pastor who’s had his own share of disillusionment, now mentors a strange bunch of misfit bikers who do odd jobs around town as ministry. Among them, an intriguing former attorney named Noah, still running from a painful past, catches Tracey’s eye. Secrets are uncovered and hearts are restored in Jacobs Mill as they all work together to renovate an old smokehouse into a new shop called Second Chances.

Author: Diane Moody

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
330 reviews

Handspun Hearts: Amish Sommer Family Farm (A Lines from Lancaster County Saga Book 5) by Rachel Bauer

Nineteen-year-old Amish teenager Stella Sommer works on her family farm near Ephrata, Pennsylvania, raising sheep, spinning wool, and making cheese for sale. Happy in her Amish familys life, Stella hasnt met anyone shes romantically interested in since they moved to Ephrata over a year ago. Shes industrious, bright, and a devout Christian who dreams of a marriage as secure as her parents.

Everything is turned upside down, though, when Stella meets two men one who may test her faith, and another who is everything she is supposed to be looking for. What will Stella decide? Will she stay true to her Amish roots, or will she venture out into the world? We she follow the path that God has planned for her? Curl up with the first book in a heartwarming new Amish series by bestselling Christian author, Rachel Bauer.

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Author: Rachel Bauer

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
60 reviews

Works of Darkness: Christian Romantic Suspense (Matt Foley/Sara Bradford series Book 1) by V. B. Tenery

Some secrets just won’t stay buried.

A construction site provides a horrific surprise when a worker uncovers the skeleton of a small child wrapped in a sleeping bag. Police Chief Matt Foley soon links the murder to another cold case, the hit-and-run death of Attorney Josh Bradford.

The long suppressed memory of the young victim’s childhood friend, Sara Bradford may hold the key to both crimes. But Matt has mixed emotions about Sara—his prime suspect in her husband’s murder.

Matt soon discovers the twenty-five year old mystery has the power to stretch across decades to kill again.

Author: V. B. Tenery

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
139 reviews