A Lion in Your Number: A Novel by Kevin Klix

Twenty-two-year-old diarist Sally Fairfax is both beautiful and Autistic. After tinkering with her daily entries, fibbing to not only herself but her “Future Self,” Sally feels she is misinterpreted for her pleasing outside looks and shunned for her eccentric ideals; unable to execute them to her womanly advantage. From losing mundane dead-end jobs, clubbing with her illustrious friend “Molly,” and even vacationing inside Magic Kingdom, Sally’s adventurous life is, as she puts it, “full of Lions inside Numbers.” From the author of Biflocka comes a gritty, quirky-humored epistolary novel written from the troubled mind of a beautiful female with Aspergers Syndrome.

Author: Kevin Klix

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Daydreamer: Just Imagine by Clive Lilwall

Do you daydream about amazing adventures? If you do, you’ll understand how Henry Wiggins’ mind works. “The Daydreamer” is a fantasy about a man who can’t stop daydreaming. Henry’s adventures range from the dangerous and daring to the sexual and sad, often with an eye to improving the world. Henry is a man on a mission to save the planet from its problems while having a good time himself, despite the cynical overtones of his wife and his boss. Whether he is climbing mountains, discovering ancient cities, solving political problems or saving sea creatures, Henry carries on his work with a stimulating mixture of humour and hubris.

Author: Clive Lilwall

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

ADDANAC CITY #2″ Camp Chaos (ADDANAC CITY Comic) by George Ford

Seven-year-old tiny terror Hank Addanac wreaks havoc during a family camping trip. Dad is in for the worst days of his life when he tries to pass along the glory of the wilderness to the wildest wild child in the forest.Featuring Harvey and Simone (Dad and Mom, respectively) and nay-saying neighbor, Christie, from the popular comic strip series, “Addanac City” (addanaccity.com), this full-length, 24-page, full-color adventure is filled with comedy and excitement. Don’t miss it!

Author: George Ford

Kitties from the Blog: starring Evie aka Eve of Destruction by Angela Verdenius

From the Cats, Books & Life blog of author Angela Verdenius, comes the tales of her kitties.

The naughtiest of the lot is Evie aka Eve of Destruction aka Evil Evie, a small torti & white cat who causes chaos in the once-quiet lives of the Verdenius household. She turned up as a wee kitty and life was never the same…

So, for those who already know of Evie and the antics of the furries, here it all is for your enjoyment! For those who have yet to discover this furry mob, well…good luck….

(with photos of the furry mob!)

Author: Angela Verdenius

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

One More Page: A Fiction Sampler with Bonus Writing Advice from 17 Successful Novelists by Marilyn Brant

With the unbeatable combination of both compelling fiction and great insight on the writer’s journey, these award-winning and bestselling authors of the Girlfriends Book Club join together to bring you ONE MORE PAGE!

Enjoy 17 excerpts of outstanding fiction by authors Christa Allan (All They Want for Christmas), Judith Arnold (Changes), Marilyn Brant (The Road to You), Sylvie Fox (The Good Enough Husband), Jenny Gardiner (Something in the Heir), Maria Geraci (That Thing You Do), Tonya Kappes (Checkered Crime), Leslie Langtry (Merit Badge Murder), Leslie Lehr (Wife Goes On), Maggie Marr (One Night for Love), Ellen Meister (Dorothy Parker Drank Here), Ellyn Oaksmith (50 Acts of Kindness), Jess Riley (Mandatory Release), Saralee Rosenberg (Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead), Sara Rosett (Elusive), Wendy Tokunaga (His Wife and Daughters), and L.J. Wilson (Ruby Ink).

Also included in this book as a *special bonus* are 34 of the GBC’s most popular blog posts on the subject of writing craft and the writing life, which you won’t want to miss. So pick up this sampler, sit back, and get drawn into a wonderful world of unputdownable essays & stories!

Author: Marilyn Brant

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews