My Half-Price Valentine: A Cardinal Point Romance by Carla Rossi

One little mystery, two sworn enemies, and a big, heart-shaped box of chocolates.Love conquers all when the valentines are half price.Annalise Winston left Cardinal Point years ago with a bad attitude and an even worse reputation. She never expected to be welcomed back with open arms, but she also didn’t think someone would shoot at her parked car and vandalize the animal shelter she has come to save from financial ruin. Is it really personal? Or just a coincidence the attacks seem directed at both her and her important mission at the shelter?Shane Calfee loves his job as co-owner of Cardinal Point Security Services, but lately, the long hours and lack of sleep are getting to him. Especially since his mom still pressures him to run the family furniture store instead of pursuing his dream to move up to other jobs in law enforcement. To top it all, his best friend’s ex-girlfriend, Annalise, is back in town and in danger. How is it he’s the one who happens to be around when she needs him? And why does that feel so good when it should be oh, so bad?

Author: Carla Rossi

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Armed & Delicious by Nathan Aylor


“Sparky” Lagala had become accustomed to a mediocre high-school existence spent
dreaming of things he could never have—the girl, the car and the respect.
That is until the day he’s hired as the roadside mascot for Tino’s Pizza in Portland, Oregon and discovers that his mysterious employer is in fact a major player in a large foodie-based crime syndicate.

It isn’t long before Sparky finds himself taken in by a constellation of unique and ruthless characters who will make his teenage dreams a reality… a reality that comes with a price.

Author: Nathan Aylor

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Stinky Lecture Series (Stinky Stories Book 39) by Peter Grant

All God’s children have a voice in the choir, but that doesn’t mean you want to hear them.

Stinky’s church needs to cut expenses and they enlist Stinky and other members of the parish as speakers for an endowed lecture series instead of flying people in from distant shores. Many at St. Stephen’s are “locovores” and prefer locally grown produce, but the decision to become “locobores” and listen to local, boring speakers satisfies the letter, but not the spirit of the bequest. Plucky Stinky manages to salvage the ensuing disaster, but you’ll have to read on to discover the delights and dangers of inter-species sonics.

About Stinky Stories

Stinky and Eddie appear in over seventy comic short stories in the #1 bestselling Amazon series. Stinky is chatty and insouciant, and while Eddie may not say as much, when something needs to be done, he’s already doing it. They’re as close as Brooklyn and Queens and as unlikely to separate.

Stinky doesn’t go looking for trouble, but he can’t hide from it. It’s part of the “best looking man on the planet” package. His life is complicated, and sometimes even church can be a strain. He might help his rector try to understand his porn star nephew, assist with the annual Easter egg hunt or break bread with a toxic visiting organist. Stinky and Eddie like to live quietly, but lucky for us that never happens.

Stinky and Eddie are supported by a collection of outrageous guest stars and an ever expanding cast of relatives. The stories are witty and literate and readers don’t have to leave their brains in a jar to enjoy them. Whether it’s a flat-out farce, bedroom comedy, sexy romp, sly satire or screwball family intrigue, you’re never far from a happy ending in every Stinky story. Isn’t that what we really need these days?

Each story is an independent tale, but there is some overlap between them. If you’re curious about Stinky and Eddie’s other humorous adventures, go to for quotes of the week, frequently asked questions, publication information and news of our boys’ dealings.

Information about Peter Grant’s published works, Stinky or otherwise is on his Amazon author page:

For more information about talented cover artist and filmmaker Waylon Bacon:

Related stories are listed at the end for further reading.

Author: Peter Grant

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Out of Time (The Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester Book 1) by Bruce Macfarlane

It’s 2015 and the Martians are about to invade Earth. They have hacked into the Earth’s social media companies and absorbed them into the media site ComsMesh to manipulate the human race and weaken its defences. Up to now no one on Earth suspects a thing.
Then, one of ComsMesh staff finds the 2015 diary of a James Urquhart, and the 1873 diary of Elizabeth Bicester bound together in a copper chest and concludes they are actually time travellers. He flags this up to his director as he believes such technology in the wrong hands could reveal his Company’s plans to socially engineer the world.
So here are the diaries of the adventures of James Urquhart, minor science lecturer and sometime rambler, living in 2015 and Elizabeth Bicester, lady of leisure, of Hamgreen Lodge whom he stumbles upon at a cricket match in 1873. Despite much banter regarding each other’s etiquette and manners it seems they manage (through incredible feats of illogical deduction, with not a little help from James Maxwell, H. G. Wells and some strange time devices) to save the world.

Author: Bruce Macfarlane

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Bombed by Winifred Morris

Annie needs to rescue her uncle, stop the bomb, and get Wes out of her life! But does she really want Wes out of her life?She’s the front woman of a rock ‘n’ roll band, playing sleazy bars and barely making enough money for gas to the next town. So she also makes deliveries for some old hippie friends. This means there’s no room in her life for a man. Too risky for both him and her. Then she meets Wes, and her heart goes into a Reggae beat. But he’s a DEA agent who wants to bust her and her friends. Then her gentle but schizophrenic uncle is lured into a plot to bomb a parade. Add to her troubles a broke broker now turned kidnapper and a bass player who doesn’t like to think too much–A comic thriller—romance, rock ‘n’ roll, and a bomb!

Author: Winifred Morris

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

That’s Why The Lady Is A Vamp – and other Quintessentially Quirky Tales: Comedy gems with a hint of mischief by Iain Pattison

A hilarious bundle of laugh-out-loud twist-ender stories packed with gags, groans and great fun characters.From the downright slapstick to the deliciously droll, this latest instalment in the Quintessentially Quirky Tales series is guaranteed to make you chuckle. With sharp-edged satire, silly send-ups and rib-tickling pastiches, this feast of fun from internationally-acclaimed humorist Iain Pattison will whisk you to a land where vampire supermodels rub shoulders with Atlantis searching scientists, and ancient singing trees co-exist with serial killer grannies.Venture into Iain’s colourful and off-beat imagination and you’ll encounter: A medieval printer who accidentally turns his dull history book into a sizzling, sexy, best-selling sensation.An explosion at a top secret research base that sets time hiccupping backwards and forwards with bizarre and perilous consequences.A team of Glasgow detectives assigned to Middle Earth to investigate a missing ring and a murdered hobbit. A road rage quarrel over a disabled parking spot that sends punches and crutches flying.An opium-fuelled switch in career for Sherlock Holmes that has Doctor Watson seeing red.And the moment Quasimodo considers opening up a beauty business… Packed with laughter, unexpected twists and more than the occasional groan-inducing pun, these surreal stories are a must if you love sit-coms, sketch shows and the long lamented Carry On Films. PLUS AN EXTRA TREAT…And as if that isn’t enough, this collection of quirky gems features a bonus guest tale from popular short story writer Sally Jenkins. In “Growing Out of Burgers” she charts what happens when an exchange student’s trip to France goes awry after his host family’s alluring mother appears to want more than an Entente Cordiale!

Author: Iain Pattison

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Bad Vampires (Good Vampires Book 1) by Karl Larew

Good vampires are humans with a metabolic need for little sips of blood from willing normals. Bad vampires sip to kill, for fun. Good Vampire Lance and his normal girl friend Carol battle Bad Vampire Elmer and his Mad Scientist cohort, Dr. Beasly, who want to create a hypnotizing movie with a giant diamond named Gladstone so as to entice their victims. Many car chases, ambushes, explosions (of Mad Scientist laboratories, for example), along with much biting–for love as well as war–the issue remains in doubt until the very end.

Author: Karl Larew

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Misadvice of Miss Addy Vice by Dwayne Fry

Miss Addy Vice is the world’s worst advice columnist. This is a retrospect of her “work” over the last six decades. In this book, you will see Addy miss the mark and the point time after time.
* A reader writes about her fear of her temperamental mother and is advised to tell her mother to get professional help… while wearing a hockey mask.
* A mother complains of her deadbeat son moving in, not looking for work and sleeping on her couch for over a year. Addy advises the mother to wake the son up.
* A young girl writes about the trauma of developing large breasts at an early age. Addy tells her to stop bragging.

A fast paced read that will keep you guessing letter after letter how Addy will muck up the advice and leave you laughing or groaning at her attempts to be clever or helpful.

A brief autobiography of Addy is included as well.

WARNING: Some of the humor is dark and off color and may not appeal to all readers.

Author: Dwayne Fry

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Drapes a Path in Eastern Eden (Four Fathers Book 6) by George Pritchard Harris

The Four Fathers tale and narration continue to meander upstream and down, banging and whimpering, tell-tale and told without resolve or resolution. This book covers the Alma Mater front and center, back and forth without forgetting The Sleepy Little Village and points South .”Princeton continues to be larger than life as it takes on a new proportion consonant with history and its proper place.” “Nowhere has point of view been so stood on its head as the amble continues to rise to the level of pure ramble.””As I read I feel that I have stepped in a mythological stream that satisfies the spirit.”

Author: George Pritchard Harris

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews