Dragonvein (Book One) by Brian D. Anderson

Carentan, France 1944 – Ethan Martin, a soldier in the 101st Airborne, is fighting for his life. But soon he will learn what peril truly is when he is ripped from his world and transported to a land of magic, swords, and dragons. And though the Nazis are now far, far away, danger is closer than ever.
The Eternal Emperor, Shinzan has destroyed the mages and only a few dragons remain in exile. And now that Ethan, son of Praxis Dragonvein, has returned he must destroy him as well. Faced with unimaginable power, Ethan has only one hope – to reach the dwarf kingdom of Elyfoss before Shinzan can find him.

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Author: Brian D. Anderson

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
4 reviews

The Magic Christmas Carpet by K Corner

This Christmas, Brian decides to give a pair of glasses to his faithful old dog, Sir Jeffery. He doesn’t know, however, where he can get them. Then, the night before Christmas, he discovers the magic that will take him to a faraway land which has not only different types of animal glasses, but also many more wonderful and exciting things.

Brian then must choose between something for himself and the dog glasses for Sir Jeffery.

This 25th anniversary edition commemorates the first publication of the classic story, The Magic Kriss Karpet. It was a Christmas feature in the Nordstrom stores of the Pacific Northwest in 1987. The second edition improves the fonts for easier reading for children.

Grandfather to eight children, K. K. Corner enjoys writing stories for young readers and has a keen interest in children’s literature and education. Mr. Corner is a published author and has been writing children’s stories for more than twenty-five years. He and his wife reside in a suburb of Seattle, Washington.

Sharon L. Richert was an accomplished artist and children’s book illustrator. Her versatility in both media and style lends itself beautifully to the world of imagination and magic.

This second edition is produced by Renroc Publishing. This new Kindle version provides a reading experience similar to the print version of the book.

Author: K Corner

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Emma’s Birthday: Learning to Be Gracious by Amber Richards

Product Description for the Book Emma’s Birthday – Learning to Be Gracious

Clarence Thomas once said that “good manners will open doors that the best education cannot”. These words speak volumes, as in today’s diverse and ever-changing society we as individuals are evaluated not only based on what we know, but on how we regard the feelings of others.

As parents we tend to more focus on our child’s academic /physical skill set, and in turn neglect very important emotionally based skills. These skills will not only improve your child’s ability to foster long lasting relationships with their peers, but will enable them to see the world from an angle which inevitably forges your child into a moral upstanding adult.

Lessons for life are usually taught using the most simple of occurrences within the human experience, and this book focuses on how your child should react when receiving a gift they do not appreciate.

“Emma’s Birthday – Learning to Be Gracious” is entertaining, easy to read and instills a narrative which promotes the correct way for a child (or adult) to respond to the situation above. We can all learn a lot from Emma, and I look forward to sharing her story with you.

Author: Amber Richards

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Passover Story – The Boy Who Helped Moses by Rachel Mintz

The Passover Story told from a child perspective, a child who helps Moses during the exciting events of the Exodus from Egypt. Eli is the youngest son in a Hebrew slave family in Egypt. One day he sees how Moses the prince of Egypt beats an Egyptian guard. From there onward, Eli and Moses go through the Passover story together, Eli is Moses right hand assistant. The story describes the main events of the biblical story through the eyes of Eli, in a easy plot most kids can connect with and follow.

Author: Rachel Mintz

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Picture Book With No Pictures (Yet) – A Journey to the Land of Imagination by T.H. Alanna

With this book, I would like to open the door of your journey to the land of imagination where the only rule is that there are no limits in imagination. Explore this special journey, draw as many as pictures as your imagination allows and enter the contest to be the illustrator(s) for the book.
If you do, the best pictures will be selected and added to –
The Picture Book with Pictures
A Journey to the Land of Imagination.
Written by: T.H. Alanna
Illustrated by: YOU
The contest winner(s) will be officially credited as the book’s illustrator(s), get a free copy of the revised book and 30% of the revised book sale from Kindle will be donated to the charity of the illustrator’s choice.
More details of the contest are on the last page of the book.

About the author:
T.H. Alanna is a filmmaker and screenplay writer. As a mother of two, writing stories for children has become her passion and her dream. Aside from “The Thief” and ” The Picture Book With No Pictures (Yet) A Journey to the Land of Imagination, Alanna is working on another chapter book series called “Why Cats Hate Rats” which raises many questions about hate, love and friendship for adults and children to think about, and “Come to My World Then I’ll Come to Yours” a nonfiction picture book for early readers focusing on basic facts about autism…

Author: T.H. Alanna

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews