The Templar Concordat by Terrence OBrien

When the truth is your greatest danger, and the enemy knows the truth, things can only go downhill when the enemy finally gets the proof. And that’s the proof the Hashashin get when they steal what the Vatican doesn’t even know it has. Now the infallible decrees of two Twelfth Century popes and three kings, stolen by the Hashashin, threaten to catapult the bigotry, bias, and religious blood baths of the Third Crusade straight into the Twenty-First Century. When Templars Sean Callahan and Marie Curtis are drawn into the mess, they face an ancient enemy that has already nearly won the battle, a newly elected Mexican pope being undermined by entrenched Vatican powers, world class scholars who will sell their prestige to the highest bidder, and terrorists lingering over lattes in sidewalk cafes. Moving from Rome to London, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia, Callahan and Curtis are desperate to find some way to stem the success the Hashashin are having enlisting the majority of moderate Muslims in their Jihad. Out maneuvered at each step by the Hashashin, only a last ditch roll of the dice has any chance of success. But it’s the only chance they have.”If you loved the idea of Dan Brown’s bestsellers, but weren’t socrazy about all the arty esoterica, Terrence O’Brien’s The TemplarConcordat could hit your sweet spot….” Kindle Nation Daily “I loved this book and am still kicking myself for resisting its sirencall for so long. The history and details woven skillfully into the action and well rounded characters made for an exciting read…” -Sandra Gilbert      122,000 words – appx 400 pages

Author: Terrence OBrien

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
147 reviews

Out of the Storm (Beacons of Hope): A Novella by Jody Hedlund

Having grown up in a lighthouse, loneliness is all Isabelle Thornton has ever known–and all, she assumes, she ever will know. But when her lightkeeper father rescues a young man from the lake, her sheltered world is turned upside down.Bestselling author Jody Hedlund’s Out of the Storm is her first ever novella and introduces readers to Beacons of Hope, a new series set in the 1800s amid the romance, history, and danger surrounding the Great Lakes lighthouses of Michigan.

Author: Jody Hedlund

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
271 reviews

My Lady, The Spy (Brethren of the Coast Book 2) by Barbara Devlin

Book Two in the Brethren of the Coast series.

Can the mind forget what the eyes have seen?

L’araignee, The Spider, is England’s most notorious spy–and Lady Rebecca Wentworth’s alter ego. After her partner in espionage is killed in the line of duty, Rebecca returns to London, only to discover a traitor has compromised the war effort from the highest levels of the vaunted Counterintelligence Corps. To lure the villain into the open, Rebecca embarks on a new mission, acting as prey for a dangerous enemy. But it is the handsome former Navy captain tasked with her safety that presents the greatest threat, when she falls in love. Can Rebecca trade her cloak of office for an ermine-collared pelisse, her trusty dagger for opera glasses, and shed the underworld of espionage to claim the future she desperately desires?

When Nautionnier Knight Dirk Randolph is sent to evacuate spies from the Continent, he is shocked to find a beautiful noblewoman in service to the Crown. A no-nonsense man accustomed to a ruthlessly ordered life, his world is upended when he is paired with the intriguing operative and must act the part of smitten suitor. While he protects the fascinating agent provocateur, he does not guard his heart. But can he accept that his ladylove and the spy exist as two sides of the same coin?

Author: Barbara Devlin

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
51 reviews

Luz: books i and ii (Troubled Times Series) by Luis Gonzalez

Cuba, August 1994, where a shocking event is currently unfolding. For the first time in 35 years Cubans are openly revolting against Castro’s regime and, likewise, the government is not stopping anyone from leaving the island. But this time nobody is coming by to pick anyone up. This time there is no boatlift as during the Mariel Crisis. Those who want to flee the country are free to do so, as long as they take to the sea in their inner tubes and contraptions and homemade rafts. Clara, a resident of Havana, has decided that, despite the risks involved, she’s leaving her homeland and convinces husband, Rigo, they must both join the exodus. Everything is set for the following morning. The young married couple and two companions plan to depart from the little fishing village of Cojimar made famous by Ernest Hemingway. That night, however, as Rigo is breaking the news to his family about their impending departure, another shocking event is about to unfold. As Clara awaits her husband’s return, an unexpected visitor appears with news that will drastically impact their plans. Stunned and in disbelief, Clara refuses to accept what is being revealed. She reasons that the surreal visitation is only the result of fear and uncertainty over the decision to leave Cuba. But Clara will soon change her mind. She will soon accept the news this stranger brings and thus begin an odyssey that will forever alter her life, in this, the first testament of her story.

Author: Luis Gonzalez

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
49 reviews

The Grand Masquerade: (Historical Fiction About Bold Women) by Amanda Hughes

For readers who like historical fiction with a little romance.
It is a life built on secrets, lust, and lies, and Sydnee Sauveterre is at the center of the charade. Used as a source of income at a stand on the Natchez Trace, she escapes at a young age to start a new life in Louisiana. Gifted with visions and a knowledge of Hoodoo, Sydnee must find her way through the quagmire of danger and deceit that is 19th Century New Orleans. She bans together with four friends to create an illusion within the elegant, high society of the Louisiana Creole. It is a risky charade meant to fulfill all of their secret desires, and Sydnee gambles everything, including love, to lead this double life. Will she survive the grand masquerade?

“Once again Amanda Hughes splashes the pages with adventure and love stories about audacious women in the 18th and 19th Century. Her page-turning tales will keep you on the edge of your seat as you take wild rides through passionate and dazzling periods of history.”

Author: Amanda Hughes

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
125 reviews

A Girl of the Limberlost (Xist Classics) by Gene Stratton-Porter

An environmental classic ready for a new generation of YA readers! A Girl of the Limberlost takes place in Indiana, in and around the famous Limberlost Swamp. Even in 1909, this impressive wetland region was being reduced by heavy logging, natural oil extraction and drainage for agriculture. The book features Elnora Comstock, a high school student whose mother blames her for her father’s death. Even though they are poor, Elnora refuses to sell any of the family trees to loggers and Elnora is left to find a way to pay for the things she needs without destroying the things she loves.

Author: Gene Stratton-Porter

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
197 reviews

Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Xist Classics) by Harriet Beecher Stowe and Christopher Paul Curtis

Uncle Tom’s Cabin; or Life Among the Lowly, is one of the most famous anti-slavery works of all time. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel helped lay the foundation for the Civil War and was the best selling novel of the 19th century. While in recent years, the book’s role in creating and reinforcing a number of sterotypes about African Americans, this novel’s historical and literary impact should not be overlooked.

Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe and Christopher Paul Curtis

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
966 reviews

A Hope Revealed (Prescott Pioneers Book 4) by Karen Baney

Prescott Pioneers Series #4 – sequel to A Life RestoredChristian Historical Romance set in the Arizona Territory in 1866.Pain. Disappointment. Fear.Life turned out differently than Mary Colter expected. With her abusive husband either missing or dead, and the ranch gone, she is left to raise her two children on her own. When a neighbor takes compassion on her, she finds her hope ignited—perhaps she can start over on her brother-in-law’s ranch in Arizona.Warren Cahill is confronted with one problem after another in his new role as foreman of Colter Ranch. Missing cattle and hot-headed cowhands take most of his attention. When Mary arrives at the ranch, tensions rise and he finds himself in the middle of it.Will Mary’s hope for a life free from abuse finally be realized? Can Warren move beyond his past to embrace a new hope? QED Seal of ApprovalA Hope Revealed has passed the Publishers Innovation Awards’ 13 point checklist for Quality, Excellence, and Design. What does this mean for you, the reader? This ebook renders well in your preferred reading format (i.e. font size changes, etc.)

Author: Karen Baney

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
37 reviews

Love Changes (Western Historical Romance) (Leap of Love Series Book 3) by Paige Powers

Returning wounded from the Civil War to his hometown in South Carolina, Bryan Abbott finds his family has declared him dead. His fiancée Lizbeth Wilkes is still single, and he decides to move with her to Owens Bluff, Texas and start life over on the western frontier. Lizbeth reluctantly agrees to stay a short time but finds Owens Bluff not to her liking, and longs to return to her native South Carolina. Her maid Cassie and Bryan begin to find each other as the gulf between his fiancée and he widens. In the end things begin to move faster than Bryan can cope with and life on the Texas frontier proves fraught with menace and surprise.

Author: Paige Powers

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
30 reviews

The Last Witch (Incenaga Trilogy Book 1) by Debbie Dee

For generations the Incenaga Witches have been forced to use their power to fulfill the wishes of others until they are drained of their magic and left to die. Desperate to protect his infant daughter – the last surviving witch – Emmeline’s father escapes with her to the forests where he vows to keep her hidden from the world and from the truth.

Sixteen years later, Emmeline is discovered and finds herself in the grip of a traitor who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means abusing her power until she dies. As she fights to regain her freedom she is faced with a choice between a prince who offers a lifetime of security and a common gamekeeper who has no idea of her power, but offers his heart.

But who can she trust when her power can be used against her?

“I had a lot of high expectations for this novel, and it definitely lived up to it. If you love paranormal fantasy novels, I think this will be right up your street.”- Project Read and Review

“Best witch book ever!” – Girl in the Woods Reviews

“This book should have a warning sign…may cause lack of sleep and teary eyes. Side affect may include tears, laughter, sympathy, and heartbreak” – Chronicles of Book Addict

“… full of nail biting, heart pounding, nerve-wracking action and dilemmas… This book really has it all – good guys, bad guys, fights, death, adventure, mystery, sweet romance (perfectly YA).” – Kayla’s Place

“It is extremely easy to get enthralled in this book!” – Book Fidelity

Author: Debbie Dee

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
48 reviews