The Maid From Moab: A Novella (Forgotten Tales Book 1) by Summer Lee

Thousands of years ago, Elimelech, his wife, Naomi, and their two sons flee Bethlehem’s famine when they move to Moab. When Elimelech dies, Naomi encourages her sons to marry local women. Unexpectedly, her sons die, too. Now, Naomi and her childless daughters-in-law must fend for themselves.

Quickly becoming destitute, Naomi announces her return to Bethlehem—she tells the daughters-in-law to return to their own families and seek new husbands. Orpah leaves. However, Ruth won’t forsake Naomi. Wherever Naomi goes, Ruth will go, too.

While gleaning grain, Ruth catches the eye of Boaz, a wealthy landowner. When Naomi realizes who he is, she figures out a way that Ruth may be able to marry him. However, there’s a serious obstacle to the couple’s future—one that could prove to be their undoing.

As Ruth falls in love with Boaz, she seeks God’s will, even as her woman’s heart cries out for fulfillment. She also worries about what will become of her beloved mother-in-law.

Will Ruth be allowed to marry the man she loves and still keep Naomi by her side?

THE MAID FROM MOAB is a novella about love, friendship and faith by acclaimed Christian author Summer Lee.

Author: Summer Lee

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Deeds Left Undone (Words Left Unsaid Book 2) by Elizabeth McGlone

Passionately in love, Keenan and Gwendolyn Murphy carve a life in the wilds of Kentucky until the arrival of Gwen’s grandmother, Lady Suffox, drives Keenan from the homestead and sets him on an adventure to prove his worth.Lady Gwendolyn Suffox traveled from London with one object in mind: the removal of her granddaughter and namesake from the clutches of the man who debauched her and now claims her as wife. What she finds does nothing to reassure her. Although Gwen Murphy is the possessor of a fortune, she is subsisting in the wilderness, ground down by illness and the rigors of frontier life. Using his love for Gwen as a weapon, Lady Suffox manipulates Keenan into leaving. Faced with incredible danger, Keenan’s journey down the Ohio River will bring him face to face with the demons from his past and the horrors of war. Frail and devastated by her husband’s desertion, Gwen accompanies her grandmother to Philadelphia, where an unexpected danger lies in wait to destroy her. Will Lady Suffox’s wealth save her from a powerful family bent on revenge, will Keenan return to her, or will David Thackeray, butler to her ladyship and a man plagued by his own regrets for deeds left undone, find a way to save them all?

Author: Elizabeth McGlone

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Purling Road: The Boxed Set: A 1929 Serial by M.L. Gardner

The 1929 Series continues with Purling Road: A 1929 Serial followed by Short Stories from 1929 as a FREE bonus! Purling Road (The Complete First Season: Episodes 1-10) After the terrible accident that nearly claimed his friend’s life, Caleb quits the fishing business and returns to his farm, disrupting Jonathan’s plans for growth. Though the men must continue on without him, tension remains between the friends. The strain intensifies when a chance encounter with the new sheriff of Rockport sends chills down Caleb’s spine. What is it about Sheriff William that unsettles them all? David’s return to Rockport lands him in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it may just be perfect timing for someone else in need. A handsome stranger catches the eye of the adorable and frantic Muzzy Brown. What are his intentions in town, and will she slow down long enough to find out? A family secret is discovered in Jonathan’s attic, leading him to question everything he knew about his past. More secrets from the past are revealed, complicating the group’s lives even further. Aryl is tempted by old demons. Jean’s birth mother’s reputation becomes a source of pain for Jean. The tension between Jonathan and Caleb finally comes to a head. Will they forgive each other, or will they go their separate ways for good? Purling Road (The Complete Second Season: Episodes 1-10) In Season Two of Purling Road, the financial hardships are temporarily eased as Jonathan and Aryl find success with a new business venture. Even with this small reprieve, everyone is faced with a long, hot summer. Relationships are brutally tested. Some are broken, never to be the same again and even Maura finds it difficult to help her friends. The fuse is lit when boredom and frustration lead Claire, Ava, and Arianna to a girl’s night that reincarnates Arianna to her former glory. After suffering a loss, she reaches her breaking point and Caleb is left to deal with the aftermath of her destructive decisions. Ruth moves to town with her son and finds the women welcoming her friendship and advice. Tempers rise faster than the tide when Claire makes a decision that Aryl can’t live with. Ava and Jonathan welcome a new member of the family, and soon after, she is forced to reveal a carefully guarded secret, but not before Jonathan assumes the worst. With her paper on more solid ground, Muzzy is forced to take drastic action to save her reputation, taking Rockport by surprise.As everyone focuses on their own crises, it becomes increasingly hard to come together—the only thing that has saved them in the past. Season Two is nothing short of explosive as everyone must look within themselves for answers. Short Stories from 1929 (Bonus Novella) “It was a hard, grueling time touched with some form of deprivation and heartache or another. And, as Maura scanned her own memories, it was a time that not a single other generation would ever fully understand. It was their time.” Short Stories from 1929 is the first set of short stories woven from the threads of the novel, 1929. More than forty years after the Great Crash, Maura gathers friends and family for an evening of storytelling. From the tales she crafts a book for Jonathan, who has suffered a stroke and is now bedridden. Loved ones narrate accounts from long ago, moments mentioned but never fully explained in the novel, 1929 by M. L. Gardner. The Night of the Big Wind in Ireland The Voyage to America The Last Christmas

Author: M.L. Gardner

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Deliver by Moonlight by Quentin Cope

The books in this series are:Book 1 ‘DELIVER BY MOONLIGHT’ Book 2 ‘CARLISLE’Book 3 ‘SINS OF A STRANGER’ All Ebook and Paperback versionsare available on-line from Amazon worldwide.DELIVER BY MOONLIGHTA search is on for the long lost illegitimate child of Eve, Madame of Le Chabanais; the most famous Bordello in 1920’s Paris. But with the tragic death of her mentor gnawing at her sanity she moves south to begin a new less complicated life.However, in 1940, the Nazi invasion of France forces her into the murky, underground world of fearless Maquis fighters looking for retribution against a background of British spy’s overseeing the reluctant birth of the American OSS. The battle is on to win the hearts and minds of the French Résistance leaving Eve committed to a life of covert activity that will lead her to face a truth she never thought possible, and dedicated to the ultimate survival of a complete stranger.This intriguing historical drama following the life of one courageous woman and a defiantly brave young man, will take you back to a time, between world wars, of hedonistic Parisian pleasures and the following much darker days of invasion and despair.A great standalone story that can also be read as the first part of a three book series. Book Two charts the continuing fortunes of Gaston Voclain and is titled:‘CARLISLE’

Author: Quentin Cope

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Great Battle (Guardians of Allon Book 1) by Shawn Lamb

The vast splendor of the Almighty’s compound graced the Region of Sanctuary. With wisdom, compassion and justice, Jor’el utilized his immortals Guardians as administrators of the kingdom. For centuries, the mortals lived in peace and prosperity under divine guidance. They went about content with life – or so they thought. Guardians interacted with mortals on a daily. They offered protection and order. They were content in their role – or so they thought.When one Guardian upsets the balance, the consequences are devastating. For the first time ever, Guardians will face each other in war. Can the kingdom survive a battle of immortals?

Author: Shawn Lamb

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews


“We are a country of immigrants and every family has a story to tell.” A MEMORY FOR MIRRY, a literary historical novel, is set on the Atlantic coast of America in the 20th Century. Thirty-three year old, Mirry McPherson has learned to accept her memory losses, apparently the result of an injury from an automobile accident in 1951 at nine-years old. However, in 1975, after years of having unexplained attacks, including fainting spells and blackouts, she is determined to find out what is making her so sick. Now pregnant with their second child, she and her lawyer husband, Gavin, and their two-year old daughter (Lizzie) return to the old lighthouse estate in the ‘Village of Bellevue at Hallowed Sound’, a port town on the Atlantic Ocean on the southeastern coast of America. Mirry has inherited the estate from her paternal great grandfather, Ivor MacIvor, a direct descendant of Bellevue’s ‘Founding Father’, Donovan Angus MacIvor, a Scottish builder of lighthouses. Despite the locals advising them that ‘Ivor’s ghost haunts the old place’ and that he had conspired with the Nazis during the war, they move forward with their plans to reconstruct the estate into a modern day ‘Bed and Breakfast’ Inn and Nautical Museum. Not long after arriving at the Lighthouse, Mirry becomes very ill, experiencing multiple unexplained blackouts and fainting spells. Gavin is worried but Mirry is adamant that she wants to continue with their plans to refurbish. She remembers promising Ivor “never to forget”, quoting the words of his Scottish family motto: “Numquam Obliviscar”. However, as hard as Mirry tries, she can’t remember what it was that Ivor had told her ‘not to forget’. The more she tries, the sicker she gets. As Gavin takes on his first case as the defense lawyer in a appeal trial of a man convicted of a murder in 1950, his investigations lead him back to Mirry, when she was eight years old and living with Ivor at the MacIvor Lighthouse Mansion.

The novel is appropriate for young adult and adult readers of all ages. It is the third stand-alone and non-sequential volume in the author’s collection of books launched in 2014 and titled, THE SCATTERED SEEDS, TALES FROM THE ‘GREAT MELTING POT’. These stories are American fictions set in history depicting the lives of the many immigrant families that have become a part of the ‘great melting pot’. The first volume, ANEW, and the second volume, DARBY’S ROAD are available in paper at and or as Kindle at They are also ‘print-on-demand’ at your favorite bookstores in worldwide distributions and available at your favorite libraries upon request.
Maura Clu Gallagher is from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, U.S.A. A retired Art/Computer Teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, she is enjoying her senior years engaging in her ‘passion’, Writing. For more information about her and her work, please visit her personally designed website, “You like to read. I like to write. Together, we make a great pair.”
Maura continues continues to live in the Pittsburgh area and in her ‘home-away-from-home’, Ocean City Maryland, with her husband of forty years and her family, including eight grandchildren.


Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Samaritan Perspective: A Short Story of Choice and Consequence by Eric Stender

Traveling home through the desert a man falls prey to a couple of desperate thieves. They leave him beaten, bloody, and naked on the side of the road with no hope of survival. Thankfully, three different men notice his half dead body lying helpless in the sand. Unfortunately, only one of them chooses action over apathy and decides to risk everything to help this unfortunate stranger.

Inspired By Luke 10:25-37
The Good Samaritan

Author: Eric Stender

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

A Fragile Kingdom by Andrew Crouch

Robert Gaze, the renowned war photographer, waits in hospital for the results of a battery of tests he has endured. A terminal diagnosis sharpens Gaze’s inclination to record his experiences of the Vietnam War, in particular the story behind the photograph that catapulted him onto the world stage.

Gaze has resisted many invitations over time to discuss the photograph, satisfied merely with the name of the Marine, and the knowledge that he never came home.

As Gaze traces the journey of the young subject of his photograph, he begins to recount his own story of how he arrived in Saigon; on the path towards the photograph that in turn would define his life.

Author: Andrew Crouch

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Grady Lind Westerns: The Man and You Never Owed Me by Gerald Hartenhoff

The Grady Lind Western Boxed Set features ‘The Man’ and ‘You Never Owed Me.’

The Man

Grady Lind is big, strong and good looking. Woman can’t keep their eyes off of him. Men are intimated by him. He’s fast with a gun and good with his fists.

When people are terribly wronged, and the law can’t or won’t help them out, they turn to Grady Lind. He can fix the problem.

You Never Owed Me

Nancy McQuay is days away from giving birth when her husband’s men catch up to her in Yankton, South Dakota. When Carolyn Lind and her mother Anne Adams see the young girl being abducted, they try to help, and are rewarded with brutality.

Grady Lind left his old life behind when he married Carolyn and had a daughter. He’s been able to avoid violence for sometime now, and he has never been happier.

Unfortunately for Grady, his wife asks him to help the young Nancy McQuay, and he reluctantly agrees. Hopefully that won’t be a decision he soon regrets.

Author: Gerald Hartenhoff

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews