Heaven Has No Regrets by Tessa Shaffer

The Award Winning true story of Faith and Makenzie, who weren’t just cousins, they were best friends. And no matter what life threw at them, no matter what they lost, they would always have each other . . . until sickness set in, and time became its own disease. Hear each girl’s struggle and survival from their own point of view as flashbacks alternate chapters to tell their own story of life, love, and letting go. Walk with the Narrator as she moves through an unwanted end, to a new beginning and meet characters such as “the boy with the motorcycle,” “the girl with the dimples,” “the boy with the mohawk,” and “the girl with the cross around her neck,” in the Narrator’s heartbreaking five-day storyline as well as in the flashback scenes of Faith and Makenzie’s own stories. Prepare for a collision Faith, Makenzie, and the Narrator’s stories all converge to reveal hope, healing, and why Heaven has no regrets.For more info on the book and extras visit TessaShaffer.com

Author: Tessa Shaffer

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
27 reviews

Raising happy and healthy children with diabetes: A GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND DELICIOUS RECIPES FOR YOUR CHILD AND THE WHOLE FAMILY by Elizabeth Ambrose

The diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes affects not only your child but the whole family. You can raise a happy and healthy child by ensuring that your child has the right support team, a diabetes plan suitable for the child and management of the blood sugar levels.
This book provides you with a guide about having the right team, keeping track of blood sugar, what to expect and having the right diabetes plan that includes exercise, an eating healthy guideline and meal plans , as well as, delicious recipes for your child and the whole family.
Your child does not need special food. This book includes:
7 Breakfast recipes
7 Snack recipes
7 Lunch recipes
7 Dinner recipes
7 Dessert recipes and
7 drink recipes to enjoy!
Nutritional information is also included in all recipes.

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Author: Elizabeth Ambrose

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
6 reviews

Paleo Casseroles For Red Meat Eaters: Simple dishes, great flavor (Paleo Cassseroles Book 2) by Elizabeth Ambrose

The Paleo diet is a high fibre, high protein diet that helps you to:
• lose weight
• increase energy level and
• improve your general well being, among many other benefits.
The Paleo diet eliminates eating processed foods and includes a variety of lean meats, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, just like our primal ancestors ate.
Red meats are those meats that are dark colored before they are cooked. Red meats are high in iron, minerals and vitamin B.
Paleo Casseroles for Red Meat Eaters include recipes with beef, lamb and duck. Casseroles consist of one dish, they are easy to make and they are full of flavours.
This book includes:
• Introduction to Paleo Casseroles for Red Meat Eaters
• Background to the Paleo diet
• Introduction to Paleo diet and what to eat and not to eat
• How the Paleo diet works
• Benefits of the Paleo diet
• Tips for preparing casseroles
• 7 Beef casserole recipes
• 7 Lamb casserole recipes
• 6 Duck casserole recipes and
• 3 Miscellaneous recipes t
All the recipes include nutritional information, helping you to keep an eye on your calorie intake.

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Author: Elizabeth Ambrose

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
4 reviews

The Complete Mediterranean Diet for Beginners: Cook Your Way to a Healthy Body (not just Lose Weight) with Easy and Delicious Recipes by Your Instant Pot , Pressure Cooker, Crock Pot and More by Kathryn Elaine

Do you looking for a range of mouth-watering dishes?Do you want to lose weight without going on a diet?Or do you want your life to be healthy and regular?If the answer is YES, THEN THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU!In the 2018 ranking of the world’s best foods by us news & world report magazine,the Mediterranean diet was crowned again.Now this book: The Complete Mediterranean Diet for Beginners: Cook Your Way to a Healthy Body (not just Lose Weight) with Easy and Delicious  Recipes by Your Instant Pot , Pressure Cooker, Crock Pot and More, has been created with you in mind, so that finding success with the Mediterranean diet comes easy!Studies have found that the Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, protect the brain from vascular damage and reduce the risk of stroke and memory loss.So it’s not just Lose Weight.In this book ,you will get :  A Comprehensive Overview for understanding the basic principles and benefits of the Mediterranean diet.  The 7-Day Diet Meal Plan for keeping you on track with diverse options and tastes.  A comprehensive step-by-step method, so that anyone can follow along and cook each recipe (even if they are a complete beginner).  Full Nutritional Information For Each Recipes.  The recipes have few ingredients that don’t require a lot of shopping or buying ingredients you’ll never use again, and are easy to follow regardless of your cooking skills.  And much, much more…The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners offers a complete guide,simple and useful.What are you waiting for?  Take just a few seconds, scroll up to click the“BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK” button!

Author: Kathryn Elaine

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
26 reviews

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

First published in 1854, Walden recounts American philosopher and naturalist Henry David Thoreau’s experiences over the course of two years, two months, and two days in a cabin he built near Walden Pond, amidst woodland owned by his friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson, near Concord, Massachusetts. The book is part personal declaration of independence, social experiment, voyage of spiritual discovery, satire, and, ultimately, manual for self-reliance.Walden enjoyed some success upon its release, but still took five years to sell 2,000 copies, and then went out of print until Thoreau’s death in 1862. Despite its slow beginnings, later critics have praised it as an American classic that explores natural simplicity, harmony, and beauty. The poet Robert Frost wrote of Thoreau, “In one book … he surpasses everything we have had in America.”

Author: Henry David Thoreau

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
1883 reviews

From Handguns to Paintbrushes: A Memoir of Self-Destruction, Rock Bottom, Hope, Change, and Love by Joseph “Jeff” de Leyer

Jeff de Leyer is the grandson of a Dutch immigrant and equestrian champion, Harry de Leyer. This in itself, created an impression of a young man born into a world of privilege and entitlement. However, this could not be any further from the truth. His biological mother and father abandoned him on a doorstep when he was only three years old, leaving him with a void that was nearly impossible to fill. Jeff spent his teen and young adult years on the streets of New York making a name for himself as a drug dealer. This is where he not only found acceptance, but also a sense of family he so desperately wanted and needed. In 1998 at 21 years of age, Jeff was arrested and later convicted of a gang-related murder, after a drug deal went horribly wrong. In prison, he was a high-ranking member of the United Blood Nation, involving him in gang wars, fights, and riots. Rock bottom came years later at the age of 39. At this point, the only thing he was looking for was redemption. He decided it was time to walk away from the only life he had ever known. This is the compelling and true story of the rise and fall of a New York Ecstasy Kingpin. It is an eye-opening excursion through the pulse of the drug world, street life, drug addiction, prison, art and true love. Through his passion for art, desire for education and love, he rose above his circumstances to embrace a new vision of the world around him.

Author: Joseph “Jeff” de Leyer

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
107 reviews

Whiskey Sour – A Thriller (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mysteries Book 1) by J.A. Konrath

Lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels is having a bad week. Her live-in boyfriend has left her for his personal trainer, chronic insomnia has caused her to max out her credit cards with late-night home shopping purchases, and a frightening killer who calls himself ‘The Gingerbread Man’ is dumping mutilated bodies in her district.

While avoiding the FBI and its moronic profiling computer, joining a dating service, mixing it up with street thugs, and parrying the advances of an uncouth PI, Jack and her binge-eating partner, Herb, must catch the maniac before he kills again…and Jack is next on his murder list.

Whiskey Sour is the first book in the bestselling Jack Daniels series, full of laugh-out-loud humor and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

About the Author

JA Konrath is the author of eight novels in the Jack Daniels thriller series. They do not have to be read in chronological order to be enjoyed, but for those who want to know it is: Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Bomb, Shaken, and Stirred.

Jack also appears in the novels Shot of Tequila, Flee, Spree, Three, Timecaster Supersymmetry, Banana Hammock, and Serial Killers Uncut, as well as the short story collection Jack Daniels Stories, and the novellas Floaters and Burners.

Last Call, the ninth Jack Daniels novel, will be available in spring of 2013.

Konrath writes horror under the name Jack Kilborn, including the bestsellers Afraid, Trapped, and Endurance.

He has sold over a million ebooks.

Author: J.A. Konrath

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
1813 reviews

40 Top Quinoa Recipes For Weight Loss by Jenny Allan

***Limited Time Bonus Offer*** Get FREE instant access to 5 Amazing Weight Loss Reports and discover how to lose weight quickly and keep it off for good. Look inside for details… Are you looking for a delicious gluten-free carbohydrate that is easy to prepare? Do you need to be extra careful with your diet and eat food packed full of the right nutrients?Quinoa is gluten-free, high in fiber, protein and low in fat and calories. It is the ideal food for people with diabetes mellitus, heart or kidney disease, anaemia and gluten intolerance. Quinoa is full of essential vitamins and minerals and all of the amino acids, making it a complete protein food.Quinoa is quick and easy to prepare, simply rinse and simmer in water. It can be eaten plain, as a salad, main, side dish or even dessert. It is so versatile.Check out these recipes that you’ll find inside:- Meditteranean Summer Salad- Cranny Quinoa- Berry Nice Salad- Mint Tabouli- Quinoa with Black Beans in Sauce- Spinach and Tofu Quinoa- Spicy Quinoa Pilaf- Berry Sweet Quinoa- Mexican Quinoa Casserole- Dessert BarAll of the recipes in this book are gluten-free, healthy and delicious. You may need to double the amount you make! Once you have tried Quinoa, it will become a regular feature in your diet. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.

Author: Jenny Allan

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
381 reviews

Darknet by Matthew Mather

A terrifying new breed of predator evolves…A dark secret determined to stay hidden…Prophetic and frighteningly realistic, Darknet is set in present-day New York, the story of one man’s quest to overcome a global menace pushing the world toward oblivion, and his incredible gamble to risk everything to save his family.Jake O’Connell leaves a life of crime and swears he’ll never return, but his new life as a stock broker in New York is ripped away when his childhood friend Sean Womack is murdered. Thousands of miles away in Hong Kong, data scientist Jin Huang finds a list of wealthy dead people in a massive banking conspiracy. Problem is, some of the people don’t stay dead. As Jin begins her investigation, she’s petrified to discover her own name on the growing list of dead-but-alive. On the run, Jake O’Connell and Jin Huang race across continents to uncover a dark secret spreading like a cancer into the world. Why was Sean killed, and how is the list of wealthy dead connected? Are some of them really coming back to life? But all this becomes irrelevant when Jake’s wife and daughter are attacked…MORE ABOUT DARKNETDarknet follows on the heels of Matthew Mather’s bestseller CyberStorm, translated into sixteen languages and now in development for film by 20th Century Fox.

Author: Matthew Mather

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
2041 reviews