The Wrong Team?: A Survival Guide for Gay Christian Teenagers by Paul Franklin

“Essential reading for teenagers who are grappling with issues around homosexuality but who also want to take the Bible seriously.”Ever felt like you were playing for the wrong team? Gay. Christian. Teenager.Something’s got to give, right?Well, maybe not.Living as a gay Christian is far from easy, but that’s not to say that it’s impossible. In fact, the Bible may not be as hostile to gay people as you think. You don’t have to spend your whole life sitting on the bench, and you don’t have to quit.Jesus has much more to say than that. This book is for those who want to hear.This easy-to-read introduction is the essential survival guide for Christian teenagers and young people who are struggling with issues of sexuality, or who have friends who need their advice. It explores all the key Bible passages on the subject, and looks at how they connect with the teaching of Jesus. The author is an ordained evangelical minister in the Anglican church, has an MA in Applied Theology, and is also an experienced youth ministry practitioner.

Author: Paul Franklin

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How Big Ears Lost His Whiskers by Betty Mackey

How Big Ears Lost His Whiskers. Sally, like many preschoolers, has a favorite toy. Hers is a stuffed bunny with pink and gray ears, but he got lost yesterday. Sally struggles with her sad feelings until she learns how a person can find something that has been lost, with a special technique. Luckily for her, lots of friends and family join her in the long search and are surprised when they find that Big Ears has had a great adventure. This story is most appropriate for kids aged 3 to 6. Everyone will enjoy the fun and details in Betsy West’s colorful illustrations. This book is meant to teach about cooperation and how to find something that was lost. It is best viewed on Kindle Fire and on other screens that show the rich color.

Author: Betty Mackey

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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What Makes My Dad Special?: Join little Kate as her mom tells her about all of the things that make her dad such a great person – and why she chose him… just for them. US Version. by C. Selbherr

What makes my dad special?” Kate asked with a stare. “Sit down and I will tell you.” Mom pulled out a chair. Mom took a deep breath and sat next to Kate. “I’ll tell you the story of why your dad is so great!” Join little Kate as her mom tells her about all of the things that make her dad such a great person – and why she chose him… just for them.US Version.* * * As far as parents go, I feel like I hit the jackpot. My parents were and still are thoughtful,kind, loving and supportive. But not everyone has the luck that I have had. Sometimes fathers or mothers just aren’t around. Sometimes through no fault of their own and sometimes it’s just not possible for that parent to be a part of a child’s life. Sometimes the single parent meets and falls in love with a new partner. If you are lucky, your new partner will love and cherish your child as much as he/she does you. The bond between a step parent and a child can be an amazing thing. But what if your child doesn’t know that their mom or dad isn’t their biological parent? Have you found yourself wondering how and when to tell your child? Many parents find themselves in this situation. Do I tell my child early? Or in their teens? Or as an adult? If you have decided to tell your child early, then I hope that this picture book will help you. It is full of wonderful illustrations that will encourage you to discuss this theme with your son or daughter. It is an ideal first step in explaining the love a step parent can feel for their child. Happy reading!Charlotte

Author: C. Selbherr

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School Rush: The Bounce Back Series 1 by Nicole Powell

Is your house full of frustration and tension on school mornings, as you struggle to leave the house on time?Do you repeat the same things day after day?”Get up or we’ll be late!””Where are your shoes?””Why haven’t you brushed your hair?””Have you packed your school bag?””What do you mean your homework isn’t done?”Are you looking for a better way?School Rush offers families that better way. When children learn to work with their emotions in a positive and healthy way, the morning rush can be transformed into a time of warmth, fun and laughter, as family members help each other to leave the house on time.The book features:A beautifully illustrated story you can read and discuss together.Fun suggestions to motivate children to get to bed on time and get up in the morning.Itemized checklists to make getting out of the house easier.A resources section, with activities and exercises, to help children improve their organization skills and develop effective routines.Games designed to help get your children to school on time.School Rush is the third book in The Bounce Back Series. This series was created to empower children and provide them with the strategies they need to overcome adversity and be resilient when facing life’s challenges. It encourages children to cultivate a sense of kindness and forgiveness towards themselves and others, and to view mistakes simply as opportunities for learning. In order to achieve these goals, we need self-respect and respect for others. We also need to understand the emotions that drive our lives. Then we can learn to work with these powerful forces rather than hide from them, pretend they don’t exist, or be their passive recipients. By encouraging children to understand their emotions and take responsibility for themselves and their choices, they will eventually become the drivers of their own destinies and enjoy an increased sense of confidence, freedom, and empowerment. This gives them the most valuable reward of all: the opportunity to create a life they can love.Other books in the series include:Kindness Changes Everything is the first book in The Bounce Back Series. It addresses the serious issue of schoolyard bullying from the perspective of both the victim and the perpetrator. Messy is the second book in The Bounce Back Series. It encourages children to develop a healthy respect for themselves, each other and the Earth that underpins all life. Kind Words is the fourth book in The Bounce Back Series. It is designed to help children address everyday school yard difficulties by equipping them with sound conflict resolution skills. Making Friends is the fifth book in The Bounce Back Series. It equips children with strategies they can use, should they find themselves alone in the schoolyard at play. Quietly Confident is the sixth book in The Bounce Back Series. It addresses the emotion of fear which unconsciously underpins many of our choices in life. By encouraging children to understand and face this emotion directly, they can enjoy an increased sense of confidence, freedom, and empowerment.Facing Fear is the seventh book in The Bounce Back Series. It follows on from Quietly Confident and continues to address the emotion of fear. It explains that anger is often used to mask other emotions that are more difficult for us to feel, such as fear, shame or guilt. When children learn to accept and understand the underlying causes of anger, it has no need to arise. A Questing Game engages children’s imaginations as they embark on an adventure that can only begin when they are tucked up in bed at night.Your children may also enjoy Ever Felt Different?, a book for anyone who has ever felt different.

Author: Nicole Powell

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My Obese Child: How to Help Your Child Lose Weight and Overcome Childhood Obesity For Good by Bev Crawford

If you want to help your child live a healthier life and overcome obesity, then this book is for you!
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Obesity is a problem more and more families are facing today. The number of children, particularly in the USA, diagnosed with being overweight or obese has grown alarmingly in the past couple of decades. Overweight and obese children may have a harder time with certain physical activities or be short of breath compared to other children. They are likely to have low self-esteem because of their appearance, and may be subject to teasing or bullying from their peers. But even more importantly, their health is at risk with an increased likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, like high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

For parents and families with obese or overweight children, the situation can be distressing, and it may be hard to objectively come up with a workable solution. If your child is struggling with weight problems, join me for this short read, and by the end of it, you will learn everything you need to know about childhood obesity and how to encourage your child to partake in responsible food and lifestyle choices for improved health. Included are pointers to remember when talking to your child and answering any weight-related questions he or she might have. This book will help you come up with an action plan, together with your child, to lead your entire family towards a healthier lifestyle.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…How to Talk to Your Child About Weight and ObesityWhat Body Mass Index Is and What It Means About Your Child’s HealthHow to Address Self-Esteem Issues Arising From ObesityHow to Help Your Child Make Healthy Food ChoicesHow to Encourage Your Child to Increase Physical Activity and ExerciseMuch, much more!Download your copy today!

Author: Bev Crawford

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A Finder of Lost Things (Adventures of Toni and Jimmy Book 1) by Christy Lynn Anana

Toni is an articulate girl and “a finder of lost things”, and this time she’s on a special adventure when she meets a lost boy…

One day while playing in her yard Toni see’s a boy sitting under her deck. Dylan is lost and he can’t find his parents, his dog, or home, and he hears that she can help him.

Toni tells her parents about Dylan being lost, but they think the boy is pranking her, so they don’t pay much attention to her new found friend. In search of answers Toni decides to go to the police station and look on the lost board, but mysteriously, Dylan is not there.

With the help of her best friend Jimmy, Toni is determined to find what’s lost, as they explore many possibilities.

But Dylan doesn’t have long to wait, Toni must help him find what’s lost soon, or he will be lost forever…

Author: Christy Lynn Anana

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5 reviews

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies: Box set 4 in 1: Best Anti inflammatory oils, oils to balance your hormones and immune system by Eve Bell

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies. BOX SET 4 in 1
Best Anti inflammatory oils, oils to balance your hormones and immune system

Book 1 Anti inflammatory essential oils

Whether it’s due to arthritis, an old sports injury or another cause entirely, there are ways to manage and reverse inflammation using Aromatherapy. Essential oils are flexible in the way you can prepare and implement them, and they only take seconds to apply. . Essential oils have been used for centuries for a myriad of conditions, and will benefit you as well. I will walk you through the basics, explain how they work, and also show you how to mix your own remedies.
Book 2. Essential oils to Cure Allergies and Improve Your Immune System. Holistic advice on how to get a handle on your allergies and prevent illness.

You feel run down and tired. It sometimes feels like you get rid of one cold only to pick up another bug from somewhere. When the spring comes, you’re sniffling and sneezing. You’re eyes are watering, and it’s not from a cold. It’s allergies, and your immune system is working overtime to make sure all that pollen doesn’t get into your body and make you worse. You’re miserable. You need relief.
Look no further than this book!
This book is packed with holistic information how your immune system works, how foods affect your immune system aromatherapy advice you can put to use immediately to help bring relief.

Book 3. . Balancing Your Hormones With Essential Oils.
How Essential Oils Can Help To Reset Your Hormones

To get your hormones back into balance, you need to know which essential oils can help fortify which glands in this system. It is by creating synergistic (perfect) mixtures for the glands that we can start bringing the hormones back into balance by triggering them to produce the right amount of hormones needed.

Book 4. Resetting Your Adrenals. A guide to detoxing and getting back on track
Did you know your adrenal glands produce over 50 different hormones? When they are not working correctly, you can have mood swings, fatigue, and other symptoms related to having adrenals that are full of toxins, causing them not to function properly. This book walks you through how to get them back to peak performance

Author: Eve Bell

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews