Romance under the Stars: A short, peaceful read with audio by Terry Atkinson

The first time she set her eyes on his rugged, weather-worn face, she knew this man was different to the others. His bluey-green eyes sparkled out of his sun-burned face and when he met her and smiled at her, she felt her knees turn to jelly. No other man had had this effect on her.
For lovers of pure romance. We all dream of that perfect time with the perfect loved one. Perhaps dreams can come true. This short story of love, dreams and romance is inspiring.

Author: Terry Atkinson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Churchill’s Gold (Quintrell series Book 2) by Clive Hawkswood

October 1914: Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, arrives in the besieged city of Antwerp to bolsters its defence and ensure that the wealth of a nation does not fall into German hands.

After learning that a train packed with gold coins has been hidden behind enemy lines he gives orders for it to be retrieved. Captain John Quintrell, a Belgian officer known to Churchill for recently stealing a Zeppelin, is chosen to lead the mission.

If Quintrell and his trusted band of British irregulars are to retrieve the train before Antwerp is overrun they must cope with the ill-trained military policemen that have been sent to escort them; evade the German Army; protect a refugee family; and stop the coins falling into the hands of rebellious Irish Marines.

Meanwhile, a German secret society, the Ultima Thule Verband, sends an assassin to kill Churchill.

When Quintrell discovers their plans he has a choice to make: does he save the gold or does he save Churchill……….

Author: Clive Hawkswood

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Welcome to the Abyss by Steve Nahaj

Johan Nivens is an aspiring young filmmaker who has fallen deep into the Abyss following a turbulent break-up in Los Angeles. An inner well of despair which he seeks refuge from by moving back east to live with his father, only to find himself caught in a vicious cycle of boozing at the local pub where he ignites a fiery affair with a mysterious woman.

Despite the sparks, Johan is haunted by his abandoned dreams and decides that it’s time to hit the road and seek concrete answers for his turmoil in an ultimate journey of self discovery. From Hollywood to the high peaks of Colorado, across the Atlantic to the City of Light, his adventure is narrated with humorous anecdotes and wholehearted introspection.

Inspired by author Steve Nahaj’s own wanderings, WELCOME TO THE ABYSS is a poetic tale of empowerment amid existential crisis.

Author: Steve Nahaj

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Dust 2 Diamonds : An Urban Fairytale (Urban Fairytale Series Book 1) by Queen Pen

In this urban take on Cinderella, Briella is trying to find her way in the world. She is dealing with her cruel stepmother who forces her to work in a brothel, being a slave to her step sisters and trying to keep her grades up. Despite feeling cursed in this cold world, Briella knows she always has her two cousins, Jakiah and August, and her Aunt Fay. That is, until one day her aunt is brutally murdered in her home. Briella and her cousins are now out in the world with nobody but themselves to lean on. In spite of their circumstances they find friendships in the most unsuspecting places.Prince has always been a gentleman, even though he was raised by a kingpin. When he meets Briella something else ignited inside of him. He instantly knows he must do whatever he can to protect her, especially from her stepmother who is the core of Briella’s rough life. Prince finds himself bossing up and following his fathers footsteps to keep the love of his life safe. Ride along with them as they go on the roller coaster of life, love and deceit.

Author: Queen Pen

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Embracing Series Box Set: Books 1-6 by Delisa Lynn

TREASURED – BOOK #1Lila Carls had one goal…To attend New York University. She’s dreamt of being a lawyer most of her life, and she worked hard to get into NYU. What she hadn’t planned was falling in love with Liam before she left. Knowing she was about to go across the country and leave her boyfriend behind hurt more than she thought it would. Liam Ellis fell for the blue-eyed beauty the minute he saw her… He always knew someday he and Lila would be together. Only now that she was finally his, she was leaving for NYU.SALVAGED – BOOK #2Lila Carls-Ellis has an amazing husband, beautiful twin daughters, and a dream job. But in the back of her mind lingers a dangerous desire—Evan Martin, and she can’t help but wonder what might have been.Liam Ellis knows his wife has a secret, but he wants her to confide it when she is ready. He’s devoted to her and their children and can’t imagine a scenario where he wouldn’t fight to protect the life they’ve built together. What could Lila have possibly done that would be devastating enough to threaten their future and the love they share?One night can tear it all apart…DESTINED – BOOK #3It’s time for Ansley Dolce to start over…again.She fled home at eighteen, burdened with the memories of abuse and betrayal, along with a terrible secret. Now, upon learning her five-year marriage was built on a lie, she decides San Diego is the perfect place to build her new life.Ashton Ellis might look like a bad-ass biker, but his only goal is to protect his son.Ashton’s ex-wife is a money-grubbing whore, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her away from AJ, as well as from his hard-earned business interests. He doesn’t have the time or desire for any sort of relationship.Then one night, a woman walks into a bar…The attraction between them grows, but as he pushes for more, she pulls away, terrified her past will resurface and destroy her life once more.Only this time with collateral damage…FATED – BOOK #4Zander Kelley has always had his heart set on Audrey Ridge…However, he thinks Audrey doesn’t feel the same way. So Zander tries to push all thoughts of her out of his head—with a series of other girls. But this strategy doesn’t seem to work, so he decides to escape to New York University.Audrey Ridge loves Zander Kelley and always has…But he’s never treated her as anything but a friend, so she foolishly settles for someone else. When her relationship ends badly, she decides to attend New York University, and is thrilled when Zander ends up as her roommate. She hopes things have changed between them, but after one memorable night she finds herself right back in friendship territory.HEALED – BOOK #5Alyssa Sommers’ dreams came crashing down when she was a senior in high school after a tragic accident leaves her broken and scarred. She seeks comfort in all of the wrong men. But, starting law school revives her hope. She needs to move on. She needs to bury her scars.When Alyssa meets Heath, she can’t even breathe. He reminds her so much of him, the way he smiles, his laugh and even his eyes. They’re constant reminders of the past that haunts her. Can she let down her guard, let his love heal her?BORROWED – BOOK #6After a devastating breakup with his first love, small-town boy Evan Martin strikes out to pursue his goal of studying law at New York University. He plans to put his past behind him and build a future with no messy ties. The last thing he wants is a new relationship.Then Lila Carls walks into his life, steals his heart, and turns his world upside down. Their relationship comes with a precarious complication, because Lila is already in love with someone else. Though Evan knows she’s only borrowing his love, he takes the risk, until the inevitable happens and his heart is broken once again.

Author: Delisa Lynn

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Justice Scorned (A Hell Hath No Fury Thriller Book 2) by Michelle Marra

***Warning ~ book contains some graphic violence***
In the aftermath of Nina Giordano’s murder; the love of her life, Alex is blackmailed into sharing her home, her daughter and her bed with the psychopath responsible.
Amidst the abuse and terror of living with FBI Director Megan Kelly, Alex vows for the sake of her daughter, to get out from under Meg’s control one way or another. She joins forces with attorney, Amy Pannuzzelli in search of the evidence of the horrific and senseless murder of Nina and her brother, Nick.
The search leads the pair to embark on a relationship that ends before it begins when a new neighbor catches Alex’s attention. Her similarities to Nina begin to pull Alex closer and closer to the mysterious stranger who quickly capture’s not only Alex’s heart but that of her daughter.
Unbeknownst to Alex, her new neighbor has an agenda of her own; she too is searching for the evidence that with tie Meg to her grizzly crimes with the help of CIA Operative Jennifer Lawless. Their clandestine agenda will need to be fast tracked if their identity is to remain a secret.
Will they be able to find the evidence necessary to finally bring Megan Kelly to justice before time runs out for Alex and Nina?

Author: Michelle Marra

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Everything Comes With A Price by Stephanie Acon

Sometimes the desire for something can become such an obsession that any cost can seem worthy. As long as you get who or what you want… all is fair… and all is game.

To Island, Joi is everything. Literally, everything. And she’ll do anything possible to get him. Even sacrifice her closest friend. But when the unexpected hits the table… and desperation, disloyalty, and revenge hit the bill… Island learns that the price on this game comes with an evil that can’t be afforded. Yet someone will have to pay.

Author: Stephanie Acon

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Sunday Best by James Hall

Sunday Best is a gripping tale of the enduring friendship of five poor Harlem teens as they go from boys to men.

They have dreams of becoming a bestselling author, a real estate mogul, a band leader, a champion boxer, and a mob boss. Follow their grueling journey as they climb to the top of their respective worlds.

Their friendship, that stretches over fifty years, is truly tested as they confront a world filled with violence, crime, and racism. They learn the hard way that success doesn’t come without a price, one that may require fraud, blackmail, and murder.

Their indestructible bond is further put to the test as they are forced to confront the three-headed hydra of jealousy, greed, and competition for the heart of their dazzlingly beautiful love interest.
-A cautionary tale for the ages-

Author: James Hall

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Del Boca Are We There Yet?: (The Alternative Present) by Charles A. Mills

Reality is no respecter of delusions, except perhaps in Del Boca, a model American community, struggling to be heard above the din. The days are fully packed as the good people of Del Boca deal with such problems as elitism, education reform, celebrity culture, political correctness, free speech, science, and politics. A social satire about life in our times.

Author: Charles A. Mills

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Full of Holes by Melissa Miles

Laura Shuman had never once noticed all of the holes that exist in the world around her. At least not until she gave birth to a son with health issues that required his little body to be riddled with holes that might keep him alive until he could receive a transplant. As Laura is thrust into the role of full time caregiver for her sick child, she begins to lose herself-feeling isolated from old friends whose kids are healthy. Her marriage is in shambles, and she feels her hope waning. Advice that is meant to be helpful only seems to create a bigger sense of failure in her. Can a new friendship with someone who understands restore Laura’s hope and rediscover the woman she once was? Will Laura be able to do what it takes to rekindle the spark in her marriage? This short story offers a glance into the life of a mother struggling to love a small child with all of his holes. It also explores the existence of holes that cannot be seen to the outside world, but can still eat away at the very fabric of one’s spirit.

Author: Melissa Miles

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews