1/2 Price: 3 Bundled Books: Cheetah, Raptor, Crocodile & Alligator Facts For Kids Ages 9-12: Amazing Animal Facts With Large Size Pictures: Clouducated Red Series Nonfiction For Kids by Cindy Bowdoin

1/2 Price: 3 Bundled Books: Cheetah, Raptor, Crocodile & Alligator Facts For Kids is an engaging animal facts book for kids age 9-12
Learn all there is to know about cheetahs, raptors, crocodiles and alligators. Explore the fascinating world of these amazing animals!
Children’s book author and educator, Cindy Bowdoin, presents Cheetah, Raptor, Crocodile & Alligator Facts For Kids. Discover the world of animals and see them up close with high quality pictures.
In Cheetah, Raptor, Crocodile & Alligator Facts For Kids you will learn about:
Where They Live
What They Eat
How They Use Camouflage
How They Hunt
What Eats Them
And More
Optimized Images
Cheetah, Raptor, Crocodile & Alligator Facts For Kids brings large size pictures to life with a double tap of the image. If your device defaults to “Two Column” spread, you can change to full screen by double tapping the screen and tapping “Aa view” > More settings > two column: Off. This will give a larger canvas for the pictures.

How Pictures Enhance Learning
Children love pictures. Great visuals create an enhanced learning experience which fosters increased reading comprehension and retention. Cheetah, Raptor, Crocodile & Alligator Facts For Kids is a book that has large, high quality pictures that anyone can enjoy.

About The Red And Blue Series

Red Series Nonfiction books for kids are for children ages 9-12. This series is full of detailed and interesting facts and pictures about animals that will help children to respect and appreciate the world around them.

Blue Series Nonfiction books for kids are for children ages 6-8. This series has similar information as the red series, but with different pictures and less detailed, easier to read text to hold a young child’s interest.

A Note From The Author

Nonfiction books help children learn by engaging their curiosity. Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Nonfiction books for kids motivate young children to read by tapping into their natural interests.

The new Common Core Standards in education, adopted by the majority of schools in the US, balances the reading of literature with the reading of informational text. Reading nonfiction books helps children develop background knowledge and vocabulary which will help them to become more proficient readers.

My nonfiction picture books about animals help children discover new facts and information about the world around them. Children will enjoy the fascinating pictures of animals in their natural habitats.

The red series for kids age 9-12 is full of pictures and engaging, detailed facts about animals that will help children to respect and appreciate the world they live in. The blue series for kids age 6-8 has similar information as the red series but with different pictures and less detailed, easier to read text to hold a young child’s interest.

I am a retired elementary school teacher with a BA in Natural Science from San Jose State University. I taught kindergarten through second grade for sixteen years in Rancho Cordova, CA. My love of children and nature has inspired me to write nonfiction books about animals for kids in order to awaken enthusiasm for nature and to promote literacy and lifelong learning.

Brought to you by Clouducated Kids
Clouducated Kids brings education to your child through the cloud. We help children discover new facts and information about the world around them.

Author: Cindy Bowdoin

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Of Good Disposition: Bonner Family of Pickens County, Alabama by Julie Bonner

The Bonner name originated in England by way of the Norman Conquest. The family immigrated to the North Carolina area and then on to Carroll County, GA where they amassed a small fortune prior to the Civil War through a gold mine. They eventually made their way to Pickens County, AL where they have thrived for over 150 years.

Author: Julie Bonner

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5 reviews

Vincent van Gogh Quotes… Vol.28: Motivational & Inspirational Life Quotes by Vincent van Gogh by Vincent van Gogh

This book provides a selected collection of 162 quotes from the works of Vincent van Gogh.“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”“I feel a certain calm. There is safety in the midst of danger. What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Quotes… Vol.28 – Vincent van Gogh – Published by The SECRET Libraries

Author: Vincent van Gogh

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Write and Publish Your First Book: A Step-By-Step Blueprint to Write, Self-Publish and Market Your Fiction or Non-Fiction Book (The Storyteller’s Roadmap Book 1) by Lorna F. Kopp

Writing your first fiction or non-fiction book? Are you learning indie publishing?
This is the self-publishing step-by-step guide you’ve been looking for.

Write and Publish Your First Book is writing and publishing tips for beginners and experienced writers alike.

If you stay awake late at night dreaming of a story idea that you’re just itching to write but don’t know the steps to take, this book will help you.

If you have a book already written, but have no idea of your next steps to publish it or get it in front of your readers, this book is for you.

If you can solve a problem or in some way benefit others, this book will help you learn how to prepare, write and publish your non-fiction book.

In this book you will learn how to…

WRITE with honesty, to uncover your authentic writing voice
EDIT with courage, so your story flows well
FORMAT with confidence, so you can repeat the steps over and over again for each book
PUBLISH with know-how to get your book up for sale on many different platforms
MARKET with awareness of how to attract your unique readers so they keep coming back for more of your books

This book doesn’t include secret formulas or magic potions. Write and Publish Your First Book is simply the nuts and bolts you need to create your best book, get it into the world, and connect with your readers in a way that makes them want to buy more of what you’re writing.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, this is the step-by-step guide you need to begin building a breakthrough indie publishing career.

Author: Lorna F. Kopp

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Psychological Influence: Power of Persuasion (emotional intelligence, persuasion techniques, social influence) (emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, interpersonal communication Book 2) by Dan Miller

Psychological InfluencePower of Persuasion Almost everyone can admit that at one time or the other, they have been tricked or pushed into something because of naivety or the power of influence. For whichever motive, we have been an easy target for the pitches of fundraisers, peddlers and operators of one type or the other. While some of these people have good motives, a few of them may have dishonorable intensions. Whenever you find yourself in possession of unwanted subscriptions of newspapers, magazines or even newsletters, someone must have persuaded you into filling in your details even though you did not have an interest from the start. This opens up the debate on the issue of compliance and the factors that can cause you to say yes to another person because of the techniques and language that they use to convince you. If you have been keen enough, there is a certain way in which a request is stated if it is to be successful. A slight alteration may see the request rejected. Social psychologists have researched intensely on the psychology of compliance. Some of these studies have included laboratory experiments while others have involved field experiments where real people have been interviewed to shed light on the power of persuasion.There are principles that influence the tendency to say yes to a request. Knowing these principles and how they work is instrumental if you are to excel in the discipline of persuasion. Contrary to what many people believe, the psychology of influence is a preserve of the elite and a certain section of the society. The truth is that we all need to learn on how to harness the power of persuasion. This is because our daily lives revolve around bargains of one sort or the other. In the same way, we fall victim to the persuasions of other people at least to some degree in our interaction with friends, neighbors and family. To be competent in the mastery of compliance, you need more than just an amateurish and vague understanding of how persuasion works.As you read this book, you will gain a unique insight into the strategies and techniques that are effective in the psychology of influence. In the society, everyone is alive through the battle for influence. It is a wonderful experience to take part in an adventure of persuading others and sweeping them up into an unexpected idea, action or unproven vision. The ability to create a sensation and excitement around you is what makes you a great compliance practitioner. Psychological influence is not about swaying people against their will but rather giving them a chance to see things from a new perspective. Therefore, as the initiator, you have to find a delivery style that will make it possible for you to communicate your conviction in an inescapable and compelling way.Here is a preview of what you will learn…Understanding the Weapons of InfluenceAn In-Depth Look on the Rule of ReciprocationLeveraging on Commitment and Consistency The Principle of Social ProofInfluencing People through the Power of FriendshipAuthority and Obedience The Scarcity Rule of Psychological Influence Automaticity and Instant Influence >>>And much, much moreScroll up and download your copy today!

Author: Dan Miller

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Get Unstuck Now: How Smart People Gain Clarity and Solve a Problem Fast, And How You Can Too by Laura van den Berg Sekac

Author: Laura van den Berg Sekac

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Classroom Management: The First Step to Effective Teaching by Johnny Coogan M.Ed.

This book discusses the situations that will materialize in your classroom and how to deal with them. It addresses how real students respond to lessons, not the way you’d like them to. Few books relating to classroom management teach you how to handle students when lessons don’t go as planned, but Johnny Coogan will help you stop the problems before they happen. His system of creating a wolf pack will transform your class into a thriving learning environment.

Johnny Coogan wrote his Master’s thesis on new teacher support and he’s a mentor for new teachers at his school site. He’s been teaching high school since 2000, and this book is the cornerstone of why he still loves it after all these years. He’ll explain how teaching a classroom starts with management, no matter what subject you teach.

Author: Johnny Coogan M.Ed.

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I Love to Brush My Teeth Gustong-gusto ko Magsipilyo (English Tagalog Bilingual Collection) by Shelley Admont

Little Jimmy doesn’t like to brush his teeth. Even when his mother gives him a brand new orange toothbrush, his favorite color, he doesn’t use it like he is supposed to. But when strange and magical things start happening to Little Jimmy, he begins to realize how important brushing his teeth can be.
I love to brush my teeth is a delightful story full of beautiful illustrations sure to get your little ones attention. If your child is having difficulty learning to brush their teeth then this is the book for you to share together.

Ang munting si Jimmy ay hindi nais na magsipilyo ng kanyang mga ngipin. Kahit na binigyan siya ng kanyang Inay ng isang bagong sepilyong kulay kahel, ang paborito niyang kulay, hindi niya ito ginagamit sa kung ano ang dapat. Ngunit nang mag-umpisang mangyari ang hindi inaasahan at mahiwagang bagay sa munting si Jimmy, napagtanto niya kung gaano kahalaga ang pagsisipilyo ng kanyang mga ngipin. Ang “Gustong-gusto ko magsipilyo” ay isang kasiya-siyang kuwento na puno ng magagandang halimbawa na siguradong kapupulutan ng aral at pansin ng mga kabataan. Kung ang iyong anak ay nahihirapan sa pag-aaral na magsipilyo ng kanilang mga ngipin sa gayon ang librong ito ay magandang ibahagi sa kanila na magkasama.

Author: Shelley Admont

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews