The Battle of Verdun: A Captivating Guide to the Longest and Largest Battle of World War 1 That Took Place on the Western Front Between Germany and France by Captivating History

If you want to discover the captivating history of the Battle of Verdun, then keep reading…Free History BONUS Inside!Today, the landscape is marked by shell craters, pillboxes, and empty trenches. Mother Nature has tried to reclaim the terrain; the trees have grown again, and the ground is covered by lush green grass, but despite her best efforts, the scars on the landscape still remain, a constant reminder of the devastation and misery that was experienced here more than a century ago.And that is as it should be because the world should never forget what happened in this small corner of France. The battle scars on the landscape of Verdun are a testament to the horrors of a war that will live on in the collective memory of a nation forever, but they are also a memorial to the brave men who fought and died in the muddy fields defending their country and their countrymen from a foreign invader. But Verdun was not just a battle; it was a seminal moment in French history. This is the battle that defines the First World War for France, but it cannot be viewed in isolation. It is part of a far greater story, influenced by the many events and battles that took place during this bloody time in Europe’s history. In The Battle of Verdun: A Captivating Guide to the Longest and Largest Battle of World War 1 That Took Place on the Western Front Between Germany and France, you will discover topics such asThe Road to VerdunThe Citadel of VerdunThe Significance of VerdunThe First Phase of the Battle of VerdunThe Battle of Verdun Gets Bogged Down in the TrenchesA Summer in HellAnd much, much more!So if you want to learn more about the Battle of Verdun, scroll up and click the “add to cart” button!

Author: Captivating History

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LEARN FASTER: How to Improve Yourself and Master Your Memory with Advanced Learning Strategies by Tony Brain

Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle version for FREE!!Have you ever wondered how memories are formed and how you can develop a better memory? Have you thought about learning to speed read, but weren’t sure how to get started? How much do you know about the hippocampus? Do you know what to eat to improve brain health and learning capacity? Are you hoping to improve your time management or study skills?If you’re looking for ways to answer all these questions, look no further than the pages of LEARN FASTER: How to Improve Yourself and Master Your Memory with Advanced Learning Strategies.In Part I,- you’ll discover tons of information on how to prepare yourself to learn, how to set learning goals, and how the physiology of the brain works to create and retain memories;- You’ll get tips and tricks on how to develop strong study habits, practice routines, and time management skills, and you’ll also read about myths and misconceptions that could derail your learning goals, and you’ll see how to avoid those pitfalls.- You’ll even learn what foods can fuel the brain for better performance, including plenty of examples and two sample daily menus.In Part II, you’ll get an overview of skill-building techniques including:- how to get on track to be a speed reader- using mind mapping- learning to utilize the Pareto principle- building a memory palace                                – learning names and numbers- how to learn like an elephant                          – and much more…Each chapter in Part II will give you examples of each technique, as well as some exercises to try out what you’ve learned and to jumpstart or expand your learning objectives.Written conversationally in a clear, easy-to-follow voice, you’ll see your brain a little bit differently after reading LEARN FASTER: How to Improve Yourself and Master Your Memory with Advanced Learning Strategies. This book is sure to get you on your way to bettering your memory, becoming a stronger student, and reigniting your love of learning.This book is not a small guide that helps you memorize the grocery list, but it is an advanced guide for workers and students who want to improve and speed up their learning!Don’t wait any longer, start reading this book and achieve all your goals!Scroll up and click the BUY NOW button!

Author: Tony Brain

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Intelligent Thinking: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Theories of Intelligence, Quick Thinking, Smart Decision Making Through Fast Thought Processing by Cathrine Kowal

Each day in our life, we are always faced with situations that require us to make choices. Some are easy but there are some which are hard to decide. Most of the time, we make decisions quick enough we never thought about them not unless we realized we have made the wrong ones.Difficult decisions are those that require a deeper level of thinking like when we decide what course to take in college, who to marry, or what career to take. These decisions are often life-changing that we need to be more critical in our thinking. Making the wrong decisions over these matters can have an adverse and long-term effect on us and our future.Despite having to make so many decisions most of the time, it’s likely that our parents failed to teach us about decision making and how to do it the smart way.It somehow became a common assumption that making a smart decision is a direct product of intelligent thinking and that it comes naturally. So when you’re not born with high intelligence and you aren’t a fast thinker, then you are most likely to make bad decisions.However, we need to establish first the relationship between intelligence, thinking fast, and being smart. Does this mean that when you are endowed with high intelligence, you can automatically think fast and make smart decisions?This book is geared towards establishing the relationship between intelligent thinking in correlation with theories of intelligence and decision making through quick-mind processing.As we establish the significance of fast-thinking process in making quality decisions, this book aims to teach you ways to develop your quick-thinking ability and smart decision making.

Author: Cathrine Kowal

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Big 4 Accounting Firms Interview Questions: 32 Questions & Answers to Get You the Job You Deserve by Christian Wolfe

Are you going through the big 4 interview process right now? Do you have any idea what the big 4 are going to be asking you? It’s ok if you don’t, because this book will provide over 30 interview questions and answers to help you get ready. This book also offers ✅ questions that you can ask your big 4 recruiter ✅ questions that you can ask your big 4 partner ✅ a free resume template at the end of the book. The format of the book is to first provide you with the question that will be asked in the interview. Then we provide the reason around why the big 4 ask that question. Then we give what a bad answer would be to the questions, and what a good answer would be.The reason we formatted the book this way is to help you understand the types of questions that you will be asked and why you are being asked those questions. There are too many times where I have interviewed candidates, and they answered with an inappropriate answer. They didn’t respond inappropriately because they are stupid or bad people. They responded inappropriately because they didn’t practice or no one taught them how to interview. You don’t need to have the same problems when you interview with the big 4 because this book will help you get inside the big 4 interview process. You will understand the types of questions that you will be asked. You will also understand the types of answers to avoid and the types of answers that will make you a superior candidate.Some people can’t come up with interview answers themselves because they aren’t good interviewers. This book will help you come up with examples if you can’t think of any yourself. It will begin to jog your memory and get you into the optimal big 4 Big 4 Accounting Firms Interview Questions will help you understand the: ☝ PwC recruiting process☝ KPMG recruiting process☝ EY recruiting process☝ Deloitte recruiting processDon’t forget to use the Look Inside feature to get a preview of what our book has to offer including a Free Big 4 Accounting Resume Template.We can do this because we are a team of Certified Public Accountants (“CPA’s”) who work at the Big Four or used to work for Pricewaterhousecoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young or Deloitte. We all have at least 7 years of Big 4 experience. We were once Big 4 recruits and have also been interviewers in the Big Four Accounting Firms recruiting process. We have been on both sides of the recruiting table. The benefit of buying this book is that you will increase your chances of landing the Big 4 internship or full time offer you want. We will help you answer Big 4 interview questions by providing insight into how the accounting firms work. You might also have a negative mindset that you feel like you can’t shake. We have some tips on how to stay positive throughout the recruiting process. Even if you aren’t a positive person, we tell you how to come off to Big 4 professionals as a positive individual. Make sure to visit for more help with the Big 4 Accounting Firms recruiting process.

Author: Christian Wolfe

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OCCULT MAGIC: Invocation of Azrael: Angel of Death Prayer & Meditation (YOGA OF THE WEST: Rosicrucian Anthroposophy & Hermetic Kabbalah Book 1) by Frater R.C.

Based on traditional alchemical formula, the Invocation of Azrael.93/120

Author: Frater R.C.

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AMAZON YOUTUBE PASSIVE EARNINGS: How to Make Passive Income While Working from Home via Amazon Associates & Youtube Marketing by Gary A. Harrisson

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Learn 2 Business Ideas to Help You Go from Hating Your Day Job to Loving Your Business!

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– The point criteria to follow so you’ll only sell products that are HOT and are more likely to sell itself
– The one thing that every product should have before you promote it
– The tools that you need to create your video review… it’s mostly FREE
– How to structure the content of your product review…STEP BY STEP
– This one trick that will increase your affiliate link click through by over 30%
– The guidelines to follow when you upoad your video
– How to rank your video on Youtube and Google for less than the price of your cofee budget!
– Some examples of real-life product reviews that are still killing it even after 1 or 4 years!


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Author: Gary A. Harrisson

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Learning to Read: New Testament Stories by Faith Sheptoski-Forbush

Learning to Read: New Testament Stories is designed for children, homeschoolers, or ESL learners who will improve their reading skills with new vocabulary words. They will also enjoy reading this book, either as bedtime stories or just for fun. The companion activity book, Learning to Read: New Testament Stories Study Guide, provides useful practice activities and exercises for each story. Together they will enhance your reading development experience. About the AuthorFaith Sheptoski-Forbush is a veteran school teacher, reading specialist, and blog writer with a master’s degree in reading. Faith, together with her family, enjoys wholesome entertainment, travel and outdoor recreation.For free educational resources follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or visit us at ISBN: 978-0-9985228-0-7 (print)ISBN: 978-0-9985228-2-1 (ebook)

Author: Faith Sheptoski-Forbush

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