This Little Piggy went to the Coffee Shop: Ten Little Piggies (You Are Loved Book 5) by Lisa Rusczyk

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Children’s Book: This Little Piggy Went to the Coffee Shop

This is a read aloud kids book that is written in an easy to read rhyme style with 10 colorful illustrations and is ideal for children from preschool to little kids.

This little piggy went to the coffee shop.

This little piggy did not like to stay home.

This little piggy had cupcakes.

This little piggy had none.

Your child will love going on an adventure with their adorable piggy friends as they go about the town doing silly things! From going to the coffee shop to making friends, this book is packed full of fun-filled adventures! Cute and vibrant images will awaken your child’s imagination! Make reading time fun with this darling book from the You Are Loved book series!

Read along as This Little Piggy Went to the Coffee Shop is a beginner reader book that any child will enjoy, especially at bedtime.

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Author: Lisa Rusczyk

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

It’s Not Scary You See by Chris Beckman

Through the vivid mind of a child, things are not always as they appear. Sights and sounds are scary at night, but all it takes is a second look and a little light to reduce the fright. When a pair of yellow eyes is staring at me, all it takes is a second look to see that its just a kitten sitting in a tree. That ferocious roar coming from behind the door only belongs to Dad letting out a big snore. With the combination of rhyme and an open-the-flap format leading to a surprise ending, this book is sure to become a childhood favorite.

Author: Chris Beckman

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

How Big Ears Lost His Whiskers by Betty Mackey

How Big Ears Lost His Whiskers. Sally, like many preschoolers, has a favorite toy. Hers is a stuffed bunny with pink and gray ears, but he got lost yesterday. Sally struggles with her sad feelings until she learns how a person can find something that has been lost, with a special technique. Luckily for her, lots of friends and family join her in the long search and are surprised when they find that Big Ears has had a great adventure. This story is most appropriate for kids aged 3 to 6. Everyone will enjoy the fun and details in Betsy West’s colorful illustrations. This book is meant to teach about cooperation and how to find something that was lost. It is best viewed on Kindle Fire and on other screens that show the rich color.

Author: Betty Mackey

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Polar Bowlers: A Story Without Words by Karl Beckstrand

(Arctic Humor, Russian) Polar Bowlers “Kids will delight” – Natasha Yim. The adventures of a polar bear who hitches a ride to Antarctica. He’s never seen penguins before; to him they look like something fun to play with. Children (ages 2 – 6) love to make up stories to go with clever pictures created by Ashley Sanborn (The Dancing Flamingos of Lake Chimichanga and If Cancer Was a Fish). Activities include finding and naming animals and cementing vocabulary by describing the action on the pages (see the next in this wordless picture book series: Butterfly Blink). Snow story by award-winning children’s author Karl Beckstrand (Mini-mysteries for Minors [multicultural/bilingual series]) hard or soft cover (also an ebook) gift book (Bowler in 20+ languages), 30-page, 8″x10″ kid’s bowling picture book, sports and outdoors with sea lion, set in the poles, Premio Publishing & Gozo Books (Stories Without Words series, worldwide rights © Nov. 2014), Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble/Nook, Brodart, Child Ingram, Amazon/Kindle, EBSCO, Flipkart, Follett, iBooks, Inktera, Kobo, Mackin, Seal, OverDrive, Oyster, SCRIBD, and txtr. LCCN: 2014947746, JUV002030, JUV030120, JUV019000, HUM001000, JUV010000, SPO007000, English Hard ISBN: 978-0985398835, Soft ISBN: 978-0692220962 (ebook: 9781311262097)

Author: Karl Beckstrand

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Am I small? አነ ንእሽተይ ድየ?: Bilingual Children’s Book English-Tigrinya (Dual Language/Bilingual Edition) (World Children’s Book 158) by Philipp Winterberg

Bilingual Edition English-Tigrinya“Am I small?” – Tamia is not sure and keeps asking various animals that she meets on her journey. Eventually she finds the surprising answer… Reviews”This is baby’s favorite book!” —Amazon Customer Review from the United States”for children who enjoy lingering over pages full of magical creatures and whimsical details […] told in simple and engaging words and imaginative pictures.”—Kirkus Reviews”This has been my daughter’s favourite book since she was 4 months old. The sentences are nice and short so she doesn’t lose interest in the pictures while I’m reading each page.” —Amazon Customer Review from the UK”Muito legal esse livro. Singelo, divertido e relacionado ao universo da criança. Bom pra desenvolver o vocabulário. As ilustrações são lindas. Meu filho adorou.” —Amazon Customer Review from Brazil”You are small or big depending on with what you relate to. A simple cute book which exactly portrays this message.” —Amazon Customer Review from India “Muy buen libro infantil. Dinámico, orgánico, perfecto para aprender en romaji. De fácil lectura y con una protagonista realmente encantadora” —Amazon Customer Review from Mexico”We are in love with this book! […] I highly recommend this book”—Amazon Customer Review from the United States”Mia figlia di due anni e mezzo è entusiasta dei disegni bellissimi e dei colori. Apprezza anche le vicende di una bimba nè grande nè piccola ma giusta così.” —Amazon Customer Review from Italy”My three year olds love it and the story’s concept will grow with them for several years to come making it a keeper.” —Amazon Customer Review from the U.S.”I got this book to read with my granddaughters, one from the US and one from Portugal. It is so incredibly cute! They loved it, and I did too. I highly recommend this book!” —Amazon Customer Review from the U.S.”My little boy loves this as a bedtime story. It’s colourful and quirky. […] I thought it would be uninteresting to a child, to be read to in another language, but he asks for ‘Bin ich klein’ and it melts my heart!” —Amazon Customer Review from the United Kingdom”I LOVED it. Lots of repetition to help ‘lil ones get used to structure and words! […] Most importantly, it sends a good message about how being unique and different is good.”—ESL Carissa”readers will emerge from this book feeling slightly more confident about themselves—whatever their size.”—ForeWord Clarion Reviews”This is done with simplicity at its finest. The art is whimsical, the message is clear and most of all my grandson loves it. I would recommend this book to any child provider as part of their reading library.” —Amazon Customer Review from the U.S.Important NoticeThis Kindle book is a children’s picture book – please use a device with a color display to read itThis Kindle book features magnification areas – please use the zoom function of your device to magnify the book’s text (usually activated by double-tap or double-click, take a look at the help pages of your device or reading app for details)This Kindle book is designed for large displays, e.g. tablets or computers – please use a device with a large display (free Kindle reading apps and Kindle Cloud Reader are available for every major tablet and computer)LanguagesAvailable for every country on earth in at least one official language.Please note: This book is a bilingual picture book with a 1:1 translation created by human translators (see translator’s credits for details).

Author: Philipp Winterberg

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Fearless Shark: Explore Animals and Opposites in English, Spanish, Chinese & Korean (Bilingual Kids Series Book 3) by David Ming

A fun multilingual book with four languages on every page. Teach your baby about Animals and Opposites in English or Spanish or Chinese or Korean. Four languages in one book. Compare a fearless shark (tiburón sin miedo / 无畏的鲨鱼 / 두려움 없는 상어) with a shy condor (cóndor tímido / 害羞的秃鹰 / 수줍은 콘드로가). Read about a noisy rooster (gallo ruidoso / 吵闹的公鸡 / 시끄러운 수탉이) vs. a quiet turtle (tortuga tranquilа / 安静的乌龟 / 조용한 거북이가). Enjoy many more animals and opposites.Help your baby learn a second language and become bilingual. Reading to your baby or toddler can accelerate an early vocabulary and mastery of basic concepts. It is never too early to start sharing books with your child and encouraging first words and phrases in any language.Inspired by his own multicultural family, David Ming wrote his Bilingual Kids Series to bring together children, parents, and grandparents across cultures and generations. Multiple languages in one book empowers more people to invest in story time with your little one.Yeh! Books. Explore words. Explore worlds.

Author: David Ming

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

A Very Snowy Night: A simple entertaining winter story with pictures for your child by Greer Alexis Bacon

Are you looking to offer your toddler an entertaining book with a short story that will make him curious about night snow and nature? Do you want your child to start being creative and get inspired from a children’s book? Greer Alexis Bacon has a beautiful collection of children stories, ready to captivate your child’s attention and curiosity! And this toddler book is exactly what your child may look for!The moon, the mountains, the snow and the nature gather so your toddler can enjoy a short bedtime story. The story is short, cute and perfect for children from 1 to 4 years.Greer Alexis Bacon has a beautiful collection of children stories ready to captivate your child’s attention and curiosity!Why is this book perfect for your child?Because even at a very young age, your little child can understand the meaning of this book, opening his creative mind for new challenges, and making him more curious about the universe, mountains, moon, snow and all his surroundings.This book is perfect as the first book your child will ever read, so why waiting? Order now this ebook and make the first step in your toddler’s reading adventures!

Author: Greer Alexis Bacon

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Praxx and the Ringing Robot by Paul Ian Cross and Andy Green

CROAK! BLEEP! RING! RING! Zobott wasn’t normally so noisy. Join Praxx as he discovers why his best friend is making such a racket. Zobott is…THE RINGING ROBOT!A fun sci-fi picture book – for children aged 2-6 – about how NOT to tidy the house! Your children will join Praxx and Zobott on a journey of discovery. Along the way, they will find out which things are making all those noises!Everybody loves Praxx, a young alien from the planet Ekkadora, and his best friend Zobott the robot.Advance Praise from Parents:”A really fun story, lovely illustrations and we haven’t seen anything quite like it before!”

Author: Paul Ian Cross and Andy Green

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
60 reviews