Sneaky Snow White (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 2) by Anita Valle

Cinderella killed my father.She thinks she can do anything because she’s the Evil Queen. And my stepmother. The only thing she truly loves is her Demon Mirror. But the more she gazes into that thing, the crazier she becomes.But I am no longer a child. I won’t allow the Evil Queen to poison my heart and my home. Although my skin is white as snow, my soul is far from pure. I will make Cinderella suffer for her sins.Sure as my name is Snow White.Book DetailsLength: Approx. 150 pagesGenre: Dark Fairy Tale RetellingMood: Dark/HumorousContent: Moderate violence. No sex scenes or erotica.Audience: Teens and Adults.Other Books by Anita ValleSINFUL CINDERELLA: Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 1MAELYN: The Nine Princesses Book 1 (FREE TO DOWNLOAD)CORALINA: The Nine Princesses Book 2HEIDEL: The Nine Princesses Book 3BRIETTE: The Nine Princesses Book 4 (Coming Soon!)MONSTER MANOR: A novel for kidsA dark fantasy for lovers of fairy tale retellings. Pre-Order so you don’t forget!

Author: Anita Valle

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
118 reviews

BloodLust: A Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy (Rise Of The Iliri Book 1) by Auryn Hadley

On a world where metal is nearly non-existent, a war for steel has waged for more than a decade. The front lines are populated by pallid iliri and iliri-human crossbreds. Seen as little more than beasts, their lives are cheap and easily replaced, destroying their culture as the body count rises. Being purebred, Salryc Luxx knows she will die, she just wants to make sure it counts. That’s why she applied for elite forces.

But becoming a Black Blade means that for the first time, humans will have to show her respect. This unit does the impossible, and the country calls them heroes. Military command just hasn’t realized it’s because the Blades have a secret. They’re all iliran crossbreds. Their innate abilities make them the perfect soldiers, even if they’re really nothing more than a pack of predators. It’s the reason the enemy wants to exterminate their species. The intercepted crate of ancient history proves it. So why was it heading to Parliament, not an enemy outpost?

The Black Blades are caught in the middle. The enemy wants to slaughter them. Their own country wants to enslave them. Their leader wants them to act human – but that’s impossible. They’re iliri. If military command finds out, the Black Blades will be disbanded, ripping apart the only family Sal has ever known. And now, the enemy is on their tail.

But there’s a chance she can save not only her pack but her entire species. History says iliri were perfected by men. Maybe it’s time for them to see the monster they created.

Author: Auryn Hadley

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
293 reviews

Karma (Karma Series Book 1) by Donna Augustine

People say karma’s a…well, you know. Personally, I don’t think I’m that bad.
It’s not like I wanted this job. I wasn’t even in my right mind when I accepted
the position.

Now, I’m surrounded by crazy coworkers like Lady Luck, who’s a bit of a tramp,
and Murphy’s Law, who’s a bumbling oaf. But the worst is Fate. He’s got a problem with transfers like myself, and I have to see him constantly. It’s unavoidable. We’re hunting the same man, my murderer.

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 72,000

Reading Order:

Dead Ink (A romantic spinoff, which can be read alone or after Fated to avoid spoilers)

Author: Donna Augustine

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
427 reviews

The Shadow Children (The Demon-Born Trilogy Book 1) by L.C. Hibbett

Everything you know is a lie…Eighteen-year-old Grace is sick of running. For over two thousand years the Angels have hunted the Half-Born, determined to maintain the barrier that conceals the magical world from Human eyes. Grace and her foster family have survived capture by living amongst humans, but the noose is tightening as the spell binding their magic begins to fail. When unexpected allies send Grace and her family crashing into the world of The Shadow Children, she finds herself at the epicentre of a battle to save those she loves. But who can she trust when everyone has the face of an angel?The Shadow Children is the first book in The Demon-Born Trilogy, an exhilarating series of Urban Fantasy novels. If you like action-packed fantasy that tugs at the heartstrings, then you’ll love L.C. Hibbett’s debut.1-Click now to read this captivating novel!Revised edition: This edition of The Shadow Children includes editorial revisions.

Author: L.C. Hibbett

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
216 reviews

The Demon-Born Trilogy: (Complete Series) by L.C. Hibbett

L.C. Hibbett’s best selling paranormal fantasy trilogy – The Shadow Children, The Shadow City, and The Shadow War – now available in a complete set!Magic, Secrets, Love, and Lies.Grace didn’t want to be different. Sam didn’t want to be a hero. But when a darkness that has been hidden for thousands of years threatens everything that is good in the world, the Shadow Children will do whatever it takes to protect the people they love. Even if it means risking their own lives.Even if it means sacrificing everything…Praise for The Demon-Born Trilogy”OMG!!! This was the BEST and most captivating book I’ve read in a long time, and I read a lot.” -Sunnyles ★★★★★”Would give it ten stars if I could! Absolutely could not put this book down! Wonderfully written, engaging characters, and the story kept me up all night reading until the end.” -Nikko M. ★★★★★”You won’t regret it! Captivating. I couldn’t put it down… The characters and plot are faultless.” -Kindle Reader ★★★★★” I was not expecting to be so captivated by it. The story had a lot of mystery… also had a lot of heart… I found myself in tears a few times.”-E. Lee ★★★★★” I couldn’t put it down, just had to read till the end… different and cool.” -ABcd ★★★★★

Author: L.C. Hibbett

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
92 reviews

Dark Secrets by Angela M Hudson

***Featured on I Love Vampire Novels’ Author Breakout***”….I can’t rave enough about the characters, they’re magnificent!….This book has got it going on! Young adults, romance, suspense, horror, and paranormal. If you like them all, or just a few, I’d definitely recommend this book to you.” ~The Book Harlot”…Wow… too much feelings here. But guys, you should read this book, because it’s not another vampire story, it’s much more and we have the strong feeling that you’re gonna love it….If you were looking for a vampire story with a fresh ending and plot this is your story. A. M. Hudson creates a strong, yet emotionally weak character that has suffer the loss of not one, but two loved ones…” ~The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan ClubRomance story with a vampire in it. Not a vampire story.How can you be attracted to a guy who just said he wants to kill you?Ara-Rose asks herself the same question. She’s been torn away from her old life, thrown into a new one in a new country, and in the midst of death, heartache and depression, she finds herself in love with a vampire–one who kills people with his teeth!But the vampire is forbidden to fall for this human, and at the point Ara-Rose decides she can’t live without him, he pulls away and leaves her falling back to the darkness he woke her from. She will be caught up in a century-old feud among brothers, and the fight for love becomes a fight for her life.The only question now is whether her beloved vampire will find her in time, or leave her to face a destiny he triggered with their first kiss.And you get TWO BOOKS for the price of ONE!This book replaces Tears of the Broken and The Knight of the Rose. It is delivered in Australian English.

Author: Angela M Hudson

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
628 reviews

Traitor (Ava Delaney Book 6) by Claire Farrell

The final book in the original Ava Delaney series.When Ava first saved Carl from a vampire, she had no idea what would happen next. Thrust into a world of magic, secrets, and betrayal, she’s barely managed to survive. All of the choices she’s made have led her deeper into trouble, and now, a year later, it’s time to grab some control again.Her enemies are making allies while Ava’s struggling to keep her friends. But even as the larger battles are fought, there’s another enemy creeping underneath, ready to plant distractions and take advantage of the aftermath.The dark days are coming, quicker than expected. It’s time for Ava to prove herself for the last time, but her final deal will prove the most costly.1. Thirst2. Taunt3. Tempt4. Taken5. Taste6. Traitor

Author: Claire Farrell

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
56 reviews

Nightblade: A Book of Underrealm (The Nightblade Epic 1) by Garrett Robinson

Loren dreams of escaping her cruel parents and becoming a great thief: Nightblade, a warrior of darkness and a champion of the light. Following the fugitive sorcerer Xain out of her forest home, she wears a stolen noble’s cloak of fine black cloth and carries a dagger the world has not seen in centuries—a blade that can turn enemies to allies when she least expects it.

Yet something keeps her from using that dagger to take a life.

Soon she crosses paths with the smuggler family of Yerrin, invoking their wrath by stealing their most precious treasure. Yerrin’s reach is long, and they will not stop until they silence Loren forever.

If she can survive, Loren may become the most infamous thief in the world. But if she fails, she will be only the first to burn in a war that threatens all the nine lands.

The Nightblade Epic is an epic fantasy best seller, hailed as one of the best new sword and sorcery books in years. Your journey begins here.


Author: Garrett Robinson

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
1705 reviews