Love, Lies and Police Tape by Nika Michelle

Israel “Sassy” Grant has finally given up the pole. The twenty-four-year-old ex-stripper has become “Instafamous” by posting sexy pics and videos on social media, gaining her millions of followers. Typical, but she aspires to make a serious career out of modeling. Losing both her parents in a fatal car accident at the age of sixteen, she only has her older sister, Egypt, to call family. With ambitions not to be a statistic, she aims higher.In the midst of following her dream, Israel meets the man of her fantasies. Alijah Ramsey is a successful, handsome business man who says and does all the right things to get Israel in his clutches. She’s never been treated like a queen by a man before, and Alijah always shows up and shows out. Her past is riddled with one bad relationship after another, and after swearing off catching feelings, she finds herself in love again.The dilemma is, Alijah is not being one hundred percent truthful with her. Living a double life, he finesses the situation in his favor. That is until Israel becomes suspicious and starts doing some digging. When she gets to the truth, it ignites a raging inferno inside her that was once a slow burn. Love mixed with lies will only end up disastrous and Israel is bringing all the smoke. Who will be standing when it clears?

Author: Nika Michelle

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Shadow Ballet: Betrayal by Izabell Key

“I’m trapped. They want my blood. They want my head.I feel a rat walking on my corpse. The blood on my skin… I can smell the soil. There is a song in my ears disturbing with insolence the silence of the forest. It is not your beautiful voice. I want to cover my ears… but I can not move.”Jerry opens his eyes in a cell, accused of the murder of the most feared gangster in Atlantic City: His dad. On his way to jail, Jerry bursts out for vengeance, but whoever set him up placed a large bounty on his head. Head hunters, police and detectives on the payroll are after him. It is not very easy to survive the night. So, he does not. Jerry gets shot.A beautiful prostitute, Lin, finds Jerry and shelters him. However, she has no idea who Jerry is and what kind of trouble he brings. Jerry tears down the underground world, sacrificing his love and destroying the family which he longs for desperately, but very late he realizes:She was his family. She was his salvation. She was his hell.

Author: Izabell Key

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Dark Heart of Night by Vincent McCaffrey

1937. Murder before breakfast. A beer and a beating for lunch. Just don’t be late for dinner or a deadline.In the midst of their daily assignments covering murder and mayhem as well as the political machinations of LaGuardia’s New York, Hugh McNeill, a young press photographer for the New York Daily Mirror has fallen in love with Cass Green, a crusading reporter for the same paper.While pursuing a serial killer and possible prostitute apparently doing away with her clients one by one, they probe the supposed suicide of a young lawyer fighting anti-Semitism.Their city editor, The Boss, tries at first to separate them and then, giving that up as a lost cause, throws them together for the chase.Cass’s investigation of a high-end madam results in the attentions of a rogue mobster who has been moving in on the Lucky Luciano prostitution rackets and is now trying to kill her.An investigation of the German American Bund makes Cass a target of Nazi spies. Meanwhile, one after another, bodies continue to turn up, and Cass’s relentless investigation leads her ever closer to the probable killer, a psychotic Stalinist attempting to eliminate Trotskyite traitors to the cause of the Comintern.

Author: Vincent McCaffrey

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
4 reviews

Twisted: Nick Stryker Series, Book Two The Shallow End Gals by Vicki Graybosch

Catching killers may be the easy part!Chicago Homicide Detective, Nick Stryker, responds to a murder at a birthday party and finds himself in the middle of chaos. An aging hit man, Frankie, makes a simple mistake by inverting the numbers in an address. When he realizes he killed the wrong person, he panics. His attempts to cover it up start a mob war. Bodies are showing up everywhere. A chance encounter leads Nick and his team to discover an even greater threat has been unleashed on Chicago and on Nick personally; the secrets of Building D.Throughout the chaos, Frankie lies to survive and kills to protect the trophy he has guarded for forty years. No one can know what’s in the blue cooler. Lock the doors, feed the pets, and clear your calendar for a few hours. It’s going to get ugly…..

Author: Vicki Graybosch

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
5 reviews

The River Snakes by Adam Darby

The man’s plan is to smuggle ketamine lozenges down the Missouri River from Montana to Kansas City. All he needs now is a worthy captain for the voyage. Kidnapped outside a cornfield, Seth quickly learns it’s impossible to escape from the man. But after a few days, a couple bodies, a thousand miles or so of highway, he finds the line between captive and accomplice beginning to disappear. Seth’s not the first person the man ever kidnapped. There’s four of them now; just enough for the man’s plan. Not long after Seth meets the others, they’re paddling down the Missouri River in two canoes with packs of ketamine stacked between the seats. They’re given maps and instructions and sent off to trade drugs for cash across the Midwest.Seth’s hands are blistered, his skin sunburned. He doesn’t trust the others but has to count on them to survive. Danger lurks around every bend in the river. There’s storms to look out for, angry landowners, drug addicts, thieves and police. But the biggest danger lurking is what’ll happen if something goes wrong, if the man doesn’t get what he wants.

Author: Adam Darby

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

The Genoa Mafia Series by Ginger Ring

It’s about loyalty. It’s about blood. And it’s about power. When it comes to the mafia, there is no line that won’t get crossed. These men are ruthless, callous, bred to ruin and rule a world where violence is the only answer. But it’s the women who warm their beds who have the power to thaw their hearts. Have a taste for the wicked, and a craving for the taboo? Dive into this box set of four Mafia romance novels full mind-blowing suspense and explosive action. The Genoa Mafia series is about to give you more than you bargained for…

Author: Ginger Ring

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Hostage of Fear (Steve Case Thriller Book 3) by Phillip Strang

Boko Haram, the Islamic fundamentalist organisation, is waging a war to bring Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law to Nigeria. They have been successfully increasing their rule over large swathes of territory in the north-east of the country.

Christian schools, invariably female, have been attacked and the women taken. Most have ended up being forcibly converted to Islam and given to the Islamist fighters. Some have been sold across the border into Cameroon as brides to whoever would pay. The prettier females have been sold to ‘the trader’, a Chadian Sheikh who would sell them into the Middle East as a concubine if the price is right, or else a brothel on the East Coast of Africa.

As their attacks become more brazen, and with the Nigerian army effectively marginalised, the fundamentalists storm an American Baptist Mission.

Three Americans are to die – the Pastor Zebediah and his wife Mary in a blazing chapel, and Duncan Nicholson, gunned down whilst trying to defend them. Two young females, Kate McDonald, an American blonde, grieving over the death of her boyfriend Bill on the night she was going to give her virginity up to him, and Helen Campbell, whose life had been troubled by drugs and selling herself to survive in the North of England, are both taken by the attackers.

Kate is offered for sale to a slave trader who intends to sell her virginity to an Arab Prince. Helen, to ensure their survival and to save her friend, gives herself to the leader of the raid at the mission and the murderer of her three friends.
Steve Case, the CEO of CounterInsurgencies Ltd, a company specialising in hostage ransoms and rescues around the world, is brought in by Bob McDonald, Kate’s father, to affect the return of the two women.

Steve’s team, the beautiful and capable Yanny from Senegal, Harry Warburton, the blue-blooded and reluctant English Lord, and Phil Marshall, the ageing laconic Australian, are tasked with bringing the women back.

Initially busy with rescuing six Western senior managers for the Exxon oil company down in the oil-rich Niger Delta, they are soon involved in Northern Nigeria. Over a period of weeks, the location of both women is ascertained – Helen in the camp of Boko Haram, and Kate in the Sheikh’s compound in N’djamena, the capital of Chad.

With the initially reluctant assistance, and later appreciation, of the Nigerian military’s assistance, ambitious plans are put in place to rescue Helen and then to move onto Chad to secure Kate’s release.

The situation with Kate becomes complicated when the Sheikh hears of the attack on the Boko Haram camp, and then when the Prince brings in armed mercenaries, primarily to deal with the Sheikh’s duplicity in conducting an auction of such a valuable asset.

A battle at the Sheikh’s compound ensues to release the trapped Nigerian girls, a hectic rush back to the airport and a standoff at the airport for the release of Kate and Fatima.

Author: Phillip Strang

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
4 reviews

Grow School: An Adventure in Marijuana Growing and Weed Dealing by John Sharnetsky

Ronnie Harding never imagined that crooked cops and a dangerous criminal organization would be part of his college experience. The 26-year-old honors graduate student had his life lined up the way he wanted it. As a part of a distinguished professor’s university team, Ronnie had been recruited for his botany skills in growing a special breed of marijuana for a medical research project. This is where he honed his craft and expertise in growing the healthiest cannabis plants in the world. Because of his research assistant job, the financial burden of his education was lifted. For Ronnie, things couldn’t have been going better… With one decision, everything in his life changed when Ronnie elected to help out a troubled friend by cultivating the best new illegal strain of weed that ever hit the streets. Good intentions ran amuck and set in motion a series of highly unconventional events. The circumstances took a life of their own. Ronnie was now intertwined with gangsters, detectives, drag queens, and strippers just as he met the one girl he’d been waiting for his whole life. Now, with law enforcement and the heavy hitters of the criminal world closing in, Ronnie has to come up with a clever exit strategy while keeping up with his homework and getting ready for finals. This is the extracurricular life in the Grow School. A fun and easy read for new and college age adults. People, who are interested or curious in the marijuana issue, will find it intriguing as well as informative. The author’s writing style is simple but imaginatively descriptive. Complicated subjects become easier to understand. Reading this book is like watching a movie in your head.

Author: John Sharnetsky

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Murder Audit (Cynthia Webber Book 1) by Michelle Cornish

A gripping financial thriller where corporate greed and corruption abound . . .When widow and single parent Cynthia Webber discovers a body during the routine financial statement audit of a prestigious and controversial pipeline company, her whole world is turned upside down. Her career and life are threatened by her boss when he turns up unexpectedly at her son’s daycare, posing as her brother. When she ignores his threats and goes to the police, she finds herself alone and unjustly dismissed.Cynthia turns to her best friend Linda, an investigative reporter, to help uncover her boss’s true motivation and get her life back, just as a well-known environmental activist is found murdered on the pipeline company’s property.Book 1 in the Cynthia Webber series. Fans of The Firm and the Women’s Murder Club series will enjoy this fast-paced read*contains profanity, sex, and violence. Written in Canadian English.

Author: Michelle Cornish

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews