Nightfall (Heart of the Alpha – A Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 1) by Evelyn Glass

Roxanne Howell’s life in Sweetwater is about to change in ways she can’t imagine.
An E.R. nurse to this quaint little corner of paradise tucked away in East Texas, Roxanne knows just about everything and everyone in Sweetwater, a town without equal in the South. But her knowledge of everyone in town has left her with a profoundly boring love life. Aching for a spark to kindle a fire deep inside, Roxanne’s world is about to be turend upside down when a mysterious stranger makes his way into town.

Julian Greer is a stranger with no business in Sweetwater.
At least, that’s what it seems like when Julian Greer shows up in the E.R. with wounds all over him and no good explanation for any of them. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Roxanne stays by his side as he recovers. But there’s something different about Julian and the extent of his injuries, something wild. And as Roxanne helps him towards recovery, she’ll discover that the wildness in Julian is more than what meets the eye–it’s a wildness that she can’t quite put her finger on.

A wildness that she can’t quite enough of.

Something foul and terrible is about to fall upon the innocent town of Sweetwater
When an unforseen series of events leaves Roxanne with more questions than answers, when her curiosity for the handsome stranger transforms into a feral passionate desire, when stories meant to frighten children start bleeding into the real world, Roxanne will find herself caught in the midst of a struggle that she has no hopes of understanding, no hopes of winning–a struggle where her only chance of getting to the bottom of it all is to put her trust in the handsome and mysterious Julian Greer.


“Do you love me?”

She sighed, rubbing at her temples with her free hand. “I don’t even know. That’s the part I hate. I don’t know what I feel about you. I don’t think I’ve had a chance to decide. To really figure it out. It’s been a handful of days since I met you? It feels like a lifetime, and it also feels like five minutes. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I want to run for the hills.”

He smiled, but the expression didn’t light his eyes. “What can I do for you, Roxanne? How can I help to make this easier?”

“Kiss me,” she said, pushing the hesitation out of her mind. “I want to be yours tonight. The rest— I don’t know. I can’t promise you anything.”

“I don’t need you to.”

Author: Evelyn Glass

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
37 reviews

Lost Until You (Until You Series Book 1) by J.R. Grant

From Bestselling author of Shattered Promises
Book One in the Until You Series~ Brax and Jazz’s Story
***Contains sexual content and strong language. Mature readers age 18+***

The Until You series can be read as a standalone or together. Each book will start and end with two different characters.

They had it all.There wasn’t anything they could do to make their lives better.Their relationship was thriving.Their daughter was perfect. The adoration they had for one another was indescribable.They were surrounded by family and friends who loved them unconditionally.
There wasn’t a time Brax and Jazz lived with any regret, until Jazz started digging into her past.And now the happy life they once shared, has crumbled before their eyes, forcing their family through a whirlwind of emotions and pain. What do you do if your marriage gets hit with the one thing you’d never expect? Can you stand the test of time and move forward as one? Or would you throw away everything you’ve spent years building, because it’s the moral thing to do?
Relationships are handed different obstacles to face, but in this case, two people are left pondering what society says is correct. If you love someone with your whole heart, more than anything in the world, they become worth the fight. They are lost until you.

Book Two~ Broken Until You
Coming Spring 2015~

Books Over Bro’s Book Blog:
Lost until you GUTTED ME! It was so beautifully written and had a unique story line that will keep you glued to the book. JR Grants first book was amazing but LUY is her best work to date. I was blown away! These characters will always be in my heart!

We Stole Your Book Boyfriend:
WOW I cannot say enough, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK !! You will laugh , cry, feel love, despair and probably a ton of anger!! But you will feel and be hooked and need to now how it plays out!! This is why this is a 5 star read, HOT DAMN I could not put it down. And while I am saying HOT DAMN !! Brax is a total book boyfriend, swoon worthy, hot, alpha, he takes care of his family, OMG I cannot say enough about him !! I can only imagine his brothers are just as dreamy !!!!! MORE MORE MORE of these brothers PLEASE!!

Give Me Books Blog:
What a beautiful story about forgiving, moving forward and loving those who are dear to your heart with a fierce passion!!

Battery Operated Book Blog:
I absolutely loved this book!!! JR Grant writes amazing stories, but this one is one that will pull at your heart strings. I can not even begin to imagine being put into the situation that Brax and Jazz are thrown into. The twist and turns that this story takes will have you praying that the better man wins.

Author: J.R. Grant

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
61 reviews

The Falling of Love (The Falling Series Book 1) by Marisa Oldham

You will never forget your first date, your first kiss, or your first love. You’ll also never forget how it felt when it was torn apart.

Seventeen-year old Grace Hathaway does not give much thought to falling in love, until the day that Ian Taylor, rebel and misfit walks into her math class. From their first conversation, Grace is mesmerized by Ian’s charisma and rock star façade.

Ian Taylor, a seventeen-year old kid from the wrong side of the tracks tries to ignore the feelings he has for Grace, but is captured by her caring, non-judgmental personality from the moment they meet. Grace becomes Ian’s everything and there is nothing he will not do for her. Hurting her was never part of his plan.

***Recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and strong language.***
Reviews for “The Falling of Love”:

“This book was emotionally wrenching and really pulls at you. You get angry, you get furious and you definitely feel sad, but you also feel and see the love between Marisa’s characters and you see the confusion her characters are experiencing because of the various hurdles. This is a book you don’t want to miss!! The ending is in a word … POWERFUL!!! I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it and will definitely be in my to be read again list!”

“The reality of the story was intense and the emotions that it stirred were immense. Looking forward to more from this author!”

The Falling of Love is the first novel in a series of novels that will follow Grace Hathaway’s life and personal struggles. Everyone has a beginning to their story and an end…
This is the beginning of Grace’s story.

The Falling series
The Falling of Love – Falling 1
The Falling of Grace – Falling 2 (Coming soon)
The Falling of Hope – Falling 3 (Final book in the series – Coming soon)
Michelle’s book – A Falling series spinoff (coming soon)

Please visit our Facebook page for updates on the series or to ask questions. Search for The Falling series of novels – by Marisa Oldham

Author: Marisa Oldham

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
83 reviews

Bound (Forbidden Series – Book 1) by Melody Anne

Relinquish Control has just opened its doors in Seattle, and already we are not shy for customers. Relinquish Control is an exclusive escort service catering to the most distinguished customers, from business magnates to foreign royalty. This proven and well-established international business offers an elite selection of women who are ready and willing to attend to your every need with no questions asked. Confidentiality is our special obligation.

Jewell Weston is homeless and desperate at age twenty-four. Two years ago, she quit her job to care for her ailing mother and her young brother; the medical bills incurred because of the cancer that killed her mother two months ago took everything the family had, and the state then took away her brother, now age fourteen. The only way for her to get the boy back is by finding a job and securing a home.

When she’s approached by a woman in cashmere and pearls who tells her she can change her life, and is handed a card with the business name Relinquish Control on it, she thinks she has nothing to lose by calling the phone number. Maybe this will be the answer to her prayers, a way to save her little brother from the nightmarish foster home he’s been placed in.

Blake Knight, known to the world as cold and without a heart, is given an exclusive membership to Relinquish Control by his devilish younger brother, who thinks it would be amusing to make his staid brother squirm. Little does this brother realize that Blake does indeed have unusual desires that Relinquish Control can cater to perfectly. What started as a joke turns out to be just what Blake needs. Though the world sees this man as deliberate and emotionless, it’s nothing but a façade. What lies underneath would shock all those who know him.

When he and his two brothers were six, eight and ten, they were tied up and forced to watch while their parents were murdered. The image has been burned into their minds, though they’ve tried to forget, leaving each of them guarded and unwilling to give their trust to anyone other than each other. No one is allowed to have their hearts. The brothers would never think of letting down their guard with anyone else, certainly not with a woman.

Follow Blake and Jewell’s journey and see if they can find a happily ever after…

Author: Melody Anne

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
269 reviews

The Passion Thief by Anne McCarthy Strauss

The tumble between the sheets can get a little stale and infrequent in some marriages. At least that’s what Betty Boomer tells herself at night, while Stan, her husband of two decades, snores upright on the couch. Emboldened by too much Chardonnay, she searches the Internet for her college boyfriend Michael, the proverbial one who got away. Memories of their youthful passion reignite a lust Betty thought had dried up long ago.Michael responds to Betty’s cyber message, and temptation calls this globe-trotting freelance journalist. While Stan’s idea of excitement is staying up past ten o’clock on a Saturday night, Michael has evolved into a flashy Las Vegas casino manager with three ex-wives. Which man offers stimulation and which one brings monotony coupled with reliability is vividly clear.Written with the yearning and struggle many women feel, Betty Boomer is not alone when she asks, “Is this all I need or should I take another shot at passion?” Author Anne McCarthy Strauss brings us her latest women’s fiction coupled with a large dose of romantic comedy and a dozen long-stemmed roses.

Author: Anne McCarthy Strauss

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
16 reviews

HERO OF HER HEART by Lindsey Brookes

From the moment Bethany Warner was born, Sheriff Tanner Montgomery was on the run. And he was only four at the time. Their mothers’ matchmaking efforts finally ended when Bethany’s family moved away. Now, ten years later, she’s coming back to Ruby Creek and his mother is up to her old tricks again.

Tanner is happy with his life just the way it is. No emotional entanglements. No wife or child to worry about leaving behind if something should happen to him in the line of duty. Then Bethany returns, all grown up and sexier than sin. Now he’s on the run for a whole new reason.

Growing up, Bethany idolized Tanner. He was the HERO OF HER HEART. But to him she’d been nothing more than a tag-a-long little kid. Too tall, too thin, with unruly curls and teeth she could whistle through.

That was then. Now she’s coming back to Ruby Creek, a successful, confident businesswoman, and no longer the ugly duckling she had once been. Can Bethany convince Tanner to give love a chance? And if she does, will it be everything she had always dreamt it would be?

Author: Lindsey Brookes

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
131 reviews

Showdown (Aspen Eyes Book 3) by Amy Elizabeth

* This is the third and final book in the Aspen Eyes Series. It’s recommended to read the books in sequence (Cut and Run, Indian Summer, and Showdown) to best understand the characters and story line. *

Alec’s life is at a stand-still. In the wake of his father’s death, he has withdrawn from everything and everyone around him. It’s all he can do to get out of bed each morning, let alone focus his energy on his wife, his business, or his best friend’s upcoming wedding. But his grief isn’t the only thing keeping him down. He’s also struggling to make a weighty decision…undoubtedly the most difficult decision he’s ever faced.

Rebecca thought she was doing the right thing by giving Alec his space. She’d hoped that once he worked through the pain of his loss, their marriage would be stronger than ever. But the more she tries to reestablish their connection, the more he seems to pull away from her. When he finally reveals what’s on his mind–a vision of their future that couldn’t be more different than hers–Rebecca realizes that she has her own choice to make.

The only thing that’s certain is that everything on the Flying W is about to change. Especially since the greatest test of their relationship is still to come, from a source neither of them would have ever imagined…

Author: Amy Elizabeth

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
23 reviews

SLOW BURN by Nicole Christie

Contains mature/adult situations and language.  For readers 17 and older.It’s the beginning of senior year, and seventeen year old Juliet Somers has made the rash decision to transfer to her boyfriend’s school in an effort to spend more time with him. Sexy bad boy Johnny Parker is a legend at Leclare Academy, and Juliet still can’t believe that an average girl like her was able to tame his wild ways. She can’t wait to start her new school with him by her side.But one night, Johnny’s self-destructive habits lead to a stunning betrayal–and Juliet realizes she’s made a huge mistake. Now she’s stuck at a school where she doesn’t fit in, and all the girls seem to hate her guts. Even worse, Johnny is determined to get her back, pulling crazy stunts to win her forgiveness. Juliet is resigned to being an outcast for the rest of her senior year, with no friends, and no clue what she wants to do with her life.Things start to look up when she gets to know some of Johnny’s friends, and finds that some of them are really good guys. With the help of an unlikely ally at her side, Juliet begins to think her situation is not as bad as it seems. As the school year rolls on, she opens herself up to new experiences, makes some huge mistakes, and discovers things about herself she’s not sure she likes.Juliet resolves to stay strong against Johnny’s seductive tactics, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to deny she still has feelings for him. Will she risk her heart to him again–or will a hot contender manage to sweep her off her feet?

Author: Nicole Christie

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
72 reviews

Her Father’s Last Request by C. P. Stringham and B. Mingos

She walked away from her family’s world until…Her Father’s Last Request.Forty year-old Charlotte Hawthorne wasn’t your typical silver spoon heiress. While growing up the daughter of a prominent Connecticut family, she decided the trappings of the rich and famous lifestyle weren’t for her. Charlotte’s independent nature and liberal views were all too often an area of contention with her parents, Harrison and Regina Hawthorne. Family gatherings brought on raised tempers and ended in heated arguments. Attempts to remind their defiant daughter of her family obligations only proved to push Charlotte further away from them. Unlike her publicity-loving family, who were always ready for the perfect photo op or interview to promote their latest corporate victories or charitable good deeds, the introverted Charlotte avoided the public eye at all costs. She was happy with her simple life, working for a non-profit organization, and making a comfortable home for herself in her Upper Eastside Manhattan apartment. She’d even found a way to work around her marital status to start a family. And then, one morning, everything changed.While dealing with her own personal heartache, Charlotte suddenly finds herself immersed in the middle of an unprecedented scandal that leaves the entire Hawthorne family reeling and scrambling for containment. As the self-imposed outsider, Charlotte is entirely blind-sided as family secrets are revealed by the media to the all too eager public. The most shocking element comes about through her father’s last request. Uncertainty plagues Charlotte as she weighs her options and their possible outcomes. Should she grant her father his request or simply walk away like she’s always done? Beyond disagreeing with her family’s greed and over-the-top ways, Charlotte blames her parents for chasing away the man she had hoped to marry. Left with choosing one of three possible options, she knows that, no matter what she decides, she won’t be able to make everyone happy. Will she choose family or the most unlikely ally or refuse to get involved at all? As Charlotte enters into the unknown, an opportunity presents itself; will she take a chance on love again? Find out with Her Father’s Last Request.

Author: C. P. Stringham and B. Mingos

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
57 reviews

Seventy-Two Hours by C. P. Stringham and Ali Bennett

In Seventy-Two Hours… a marriage could end. When junior Jennifer Sloan fell in love with her high school sweetheart, senior Christopher Gardner, they shared the same hopes and dreams for an idyllic future together living in their small, rural Pennsylvania town. Jen set her sights on a career in education and returned to their old alma mater as a history teacher. Chris, with his strong work ethic and brilliant mind, made a name for himself as a scientific engineer. As Jen’s parents were always quick to point out, kind and generous Chris would always be a good provider for Jen.Even with the best planning, the future doesn’t always turn out the way people envisioned it. Jen learns this lesson quickly. While Chris has turned out to be the “good provider “ everyone thought he would be, he isn’t available to Jen and their children as much as he should be. Jen finds out a good provider is about being more than a financial provider. Jen’s responsibilities with work, home, and family keep mounting onto her broad, organized shoulders…until she reaches her breaking point.Feeling alone and unwanted in her marriage, Jen commits the ultimate betrayal. In light of her recent behavior and what drove her to it, she assumes there is no going back. When she decides it’s time to tell Chris she wants a divorce, she finds out he has something else in mind. A surprise holiday weekend getaway at a lakeside cottage could be the best medicine for their failing marriage. At least that is what Chris tells her his intentions are when the weekend begins. Will this last-ditch effort remind them of why they fell in love or will it only force them to accept the reality of a lost cause? Recent events make their future seem hopelessly bleak. While Jen and Chris endeavor to confront their relationship issues, memories from their past reveal the events that helped shape their lives.Set in the picturesque Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania and Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes wine country, will Seventy-Two Hours be enough time for two people to fall in love all over again?

Author: C. P. Stringham and Ali Bennett

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
125 reviews