Tales Of The Babysitter Volume 4 (Older man younger woman, babysitter, short romance) by Claudia Chapman

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Keith Simms was the type of person people gravitated towards. Perhaps it was his chosen profession of advertising sales that caused him to be so outgoing and friendly. He had prided himself on being an honest, hard-working man whose integrity was more important then making sales. He believed in the goodness of people and it reflected in his face, his expressions, his body language and even in his voice.

The change to him was sudden, shocking, but not unexpected.

Tamara Simms made a stop at a convenience store on her way home from work. The weather was clear, the wind was cool on her skin, and the sun had just set. She needed to top off her tank, pick up a roll of paper towels, and get home in time to bake some Stromboli and get Keith and Ricky (their little boy) ready for the road trip they had scheduled for the next day.

The first shot rang out and hit her clavicle with enough force to spin her around. The items she was carrying strewn about, the second shot struck her at the base of her neck, disconnecting her spinal cord from her brain.

She was dead before she hit the floor.

The robber was a rookie, a 19 year-old kid trying to feed a heroin addiction. He was so wired, when she walked around the corner of the aisle, she startled him and he reacted on impulse. The result was the death of Keith Simms’ beautiful wife.

The killer had taken his eyes off of the clerk and by the time he fired his shot from the .44 Magnum hidden under the counter, it was just too late. It became too late for the killer as well. The clerk shot and his his mark, the left temporal lobe. Instantly dead.

Keith’s mourning had turned into full blown alcoholism and a lack of concern for anyone or anything, except for his sorrowful moments concerning his son, Ricky.
It had been difficult and almost killed him, leaving Ricky without a mother and in reality without a father too.

At the lowest point in his life, in stepped someone new, an angel. She despised Keith at first, but would she have the strength and patience to save him and his son from a fate worse than death? Would her love and adoration for a small innocent boy withstand the shrapnel from his self-destructive father? Will he wake up long enough to see the value of the gift he had been given?

She would either be his redemption, or his destruction…

*Warning* This book contains explicit contains intended for adults.

Author: Claudia Chapman

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

In Defense of Puppets by Anthony DiMatteo

An urgent question drives this book: what is it to speak for another? Technology today often makes us feel as if we can speak for or as another. But this is an illusion. It is crucial that we remain seriously and playfully alert to the active role our imaginings have in the shaping of what we think we know of ourselves and others. Poetry is vital to raising this awareness. “Art is puppet-like,” the poet Paul Celan observed. This collection of poems, some in formal, some in free verse, explores the ironies, humor, emotions, and visions produced by such multifaceted puppetry, its pleasures and dangers, its role in both grief and joy, in experience and recollection.

Author: Anthony DiMatteo

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

July’s Thick Kingdom by Kathleen Brewin Lewis

In prose poems and lineated poems, sonnets and free verse, Kathleen Brewin Lewis writes about the seasons—of the calendar year and of family life. JULY’S THICK KINGDOM moves the reader through snowstorms and thick pollen into summer’s bounty and the bittersweet beauty of fall, from her children’s childhood to her parents’ old age. “The words go on, a braided rope”—in her second chapbook, Lewis means to mark the passage of time.

Author: Kathleen Brewin Lewis

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Going Places by Elaine Fowler Palencia

In GOING PLACES, Elaine Fowler Palencia’s third poetry chapbook, she continues to explore the themes of her two collections of Appalachian fiction: identity rooted in place and family, exile and return, childhood, and lost Edens. Grounded in history and the western literary tradition, these poems bring together imagery from fairy tales, the Civil War, bluegrass music, spectral visits, Abraham Lincoln, mountaintop removal, regional speech, and Greek statuary to make surprising connections. The poetry is imbued with the grace, gentle irony, humor, and social concern of her distinctive storyteller’s voice.

Author: Elaine Fowler Palencia

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

All These Restless Ghosts by Robert J. Levy

Employing a clear, unflinching eye and a wry, affirmative humor, Robert J. Levy’s “All These Restless Ghosts” unfolds in a series of discursive meditations and vignettes – written in a mix of both free and formal verse – that seek to unearth the large in the small. With a meticulous intimacy and resonant music Levy mines the quotidian events of daily life, finding in the smallest of moments the most luminous of epiphanies. In lines tinged with gentle humor, he crafts poems that are at once refreshingly conversational and profoundly meditative. He engages our affectionate attention, leading us to wonder, astonishment and awe. In this volume Levy tackles the most monumental of concerns with a humane deftness, revealing an incomparable soul and a large, large heart.

Author: Robert J. Levy

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Dweller on Mountain White: An Accidental Love Story by R.J. Kenzie

An Accidental Love Story.

Beth Porter’s intent to relax and get her life in order on a personal ski trip is shattered when she makes a wrong turn, gets lost, and careened her car into a snow-filled ditch on Mountain White. Delirious, and half-unconscious, she is plucked from the brink of death by a mountain monster, or so she thought.
The mountain monster had a name, and it was Tyler Skov, a quiet mountain dweller who prefers books to television and walkie-talkies to cellphones. Accustomed to the silence and living alone, he is forced to adjust to Beth’s non-stop chatter and New York state of mind.
Learning to coexist, they discover that they have more in common than they realized and that an accidental car crash created more than a friendship, it created a bond that could not be broken, or forgotten.

Author: R.J. Kenzie

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Temperate Zone by T. Forrest

Temperate Zone is an edgy collection of poetry that takes a gritty look at the journey of personal growth. Likened to the development and aging of trees, each poem is woven together to take readers through the stages of Missing Rings, Whorls, and Growth Rings. Charged up and penned to stir the soul, these poems are far from the “sip a cup of tea” norm. Now that I have your attention, pull up a seat and settle in for an exhilarating journey through the Temperate Zone.Warning: Suitable for ages 16+. Reader discretion is advised.

Author: T. Forrest

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Monkey Screams by Robert Joe Stout

Monkey Screams thrusts the horrors, the idiosyncrasies, the fallacies of the War in Vietnam into the vividly personal reactions of participants whose fears, accomplishments and shame burst forth in descriptions that surpass journalism or propaganda. They are both confessions and recriminations, yearnings for home and struggles to make sense out of the senseless. In similar fashion the second section of these poetical narratives reflects the anxieties, conflicts, resolutions of the succeeding generation: life as it is contrasted with what life could or should be. Telephone linemen, football coaches, foreign-born account clerks wrestle limitations imposed by laws and society, proud of their achievements yet poignantly aware of what is missing in their lives.
The third and final section pushes into the present through the eyes, thoughts and imaginings of a journalist nearing the end of his career. Poems of acceptance, of remembrance, little details of life that never important before become planks between acceptance and eternity. Facts give way to dreams and dreams to definition of what his life has been and why. The factual world—lentil soup, the cat asleep—offsets perceptions of monstrous fish, a boyhood unicorn that only he could see as he experiences existence beyond that apparent to routines of daily life.
In Vietnam, the silence that followed battle was eerie, frightening, until the sounds of the jungle resumed—the monkey screams as one G.I. describes it. But the normal to which it returned was itself surreal, something to be apprehended intuitively, not understood by superficial observation. Throughout this book the intuitive pierces the commonplace, transforming the ordinary into something feared, loved, shared.

Author: Robert Joe Stout

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Unfounded by Michael Trocchia

Divided into three parts, Michael Trocchia’s debut collection of verse is a lyric study on the forms of fate, a haunting discourse on the linguistic fractures between one’s self and substance, and a set of shimmering images and meditations on the constant “guesswork” of understanding the world within us and beyond. The immediacy and sonic play of these poems are met by what is their gravity of thought and, in some, their philosophic irony. Attending to both the magic and logic of our language, Trocchia’s poetry draws the two together, renewing the wonder of existence with greater clarity.

Author: Michael Trocchia

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Romance in the Sunshine: A Short Story about Building Relationships FREE AUDIO by Terry Atkinson

A clean & wholesome romance. Genevieve is waiting for Ryan to meet her in the park on the old, stone bench. Then Holly arrives and throws Genevieve into doubt and uncertainty about her relationship with Ryan, testing her love and trust.

Terry Atkinson writes pure fiction romances, but her readers often comment that there are many self-help lessons to be learned in her books about love, romance and life. If you need a boost to give you motivation to weather the storms of life and relationships, treat yourself to this short read.

Author: Terry Atkinson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews