Roping the Cowboy (Kester Ranch Cowboys Book 1) by Tori Kayson

”This was such a fun read. Who doesn’t love a handsome cowboy? The chemistry between the hero and heroine jumps off the page.” ~Amazon Reviewer

Can an ambitious oil executive rope a wounded cowboy’s heart?
Environmental Engineer Darby Brewster needs Kester Ranch to gain the coveted position of Vice President of Brewster Oil, and her father’s approval. She’s worked hard to get where she is, and she refuses to allow a cowboy, as good looking as he is, or the cute boy that comes with him, to derail her climb up the corporate ladder. But a woman could dream about having it all, couldn’t she?

Rancher Fargo Kester doesn’t appreciate Darby’s repeated attempts to persuade his family to allow an oil drilling rig on their property, but that doesn’t stop him from speculating on her other…qualities. Like how much his son adores her, or how well she blends into life on the ranch. He doesn’t have time for romance, though, not since his dad died three months ago leaving him responsible for his family’s livelihood. Nor the inclination. Jayce’s mother destroyed all trace of hope for that.

Can Fargo convince Darby that the ranch needs her more than a rusty old drill? That he needs her? Could she embrace a quiet life on the ranch and fuse her love for the cowboy with the career of her dreams?

“The first contemporary romance story I’ve read that was sexy without being dirty. Loved the characters and story line. A great story of healing deep wounds and finding true love, bringing family together, and mending relationships. It’ll keep your interest to the very last page.” ~Amazon Reviewer

A contemporary romance in a western setting, a cowboy hero who will make your heart stutter, Roping the Cowboy is a story of second chances and hope for new beginnings. You can read Fargo and Darby’s story as a standalone (no cliffhangers!), but you’ll probably want to scoop up the other two kindle romances in the series too!

Kester Ranch Cowboys series…cowboys, kids and kisses on a Texas ranch. Download Roping the Cowboy, a contemporary western romance, today! Check out the entire Kester Ranch Cowboys series, available in both ebook and print formats:

Roping the Cowboy #1
Roping the Marshal #2
Roping the Daddy #3, coming Fall 2016

Tori Kayson writes sweet romance that sizzles. She also writes romances with a faith element under the name Dora Hiers.

Author: Tori Kayson

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Putney Bridge by Helen Ryan

Martha has a comfortable, satisfying life with her partner, Gabe, a gentle American academic.

Her two daughters, from a previous relationship, are now both adult. Jo, ambitious and independent, is pursuing a career as a barrister. Jo’s younger sister is very different. Shelley, just 20, sweet natured, trusting and innocent, still lives at home and works at a local animal clinic.

They are a normal, happy family – and then Shelley meets Sam on the street and everything changes.

Martha struggles to accept Shelley’s choice of boyfriend as, with increasing anger, she witnesses the erosion of all Shelley’s values under Sam’s influence.

When Martha’s efforts to persuade Shelley to give Sam up fail, she decides on a more direct approach. The consequences of her actions are devastating for everyone and change the course of Martha’s life forever.

“After I’d gone up to bed that night, leaving Gabe amidst the carnage I had created in the living room, I formulated my plan. But it was pure chance that I met Sam on Putney Bridge some three weeks later and I went ahead with it.”

Author: Helen Ryan

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

She: A Woman’s journey through herself by David Nadolny

100 works of prose, honoring a Woman’s journey through ups, downs and the eventual finding of herself, her strength and her power. Each piece reflects moments of her life, her memories and things that have made her who she is today, while seeking to resonate with the reader. A collection of works dedicated to Fearless Females all over the World, and the strength, determination and endurance they display every day.A sacred project, undertaken by the author with great respect, honor and recognition of the Feminine Energy all across the globe, with a hope and desire to see that Energy thrive once again. Traveling through the rough times, the author honors those, as well as the times that bring growth, happiness and a sense of community and inclusiveness for the reader.The pieces touch on sensitive subjects such as abuse, neglect, self-harm and addiction, as well as positive examples of joy, healing, strength and a determination to grow and thrive.A book that is meant to be dog eared and highlighted, for reading again and again when life requires inspiration, hope or just a gentle reminder that you are not alone…

Author: David Nadolny

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

On The Road by Dean Moriarty

I walked into this story from a hard place as an old perspective of confusion crept in over the stone of silence I was singing and went for the heart of me as I was calibrating some another dream that was easy to forget under the big sky, and so was taken unawares.

Author: Dean Moriarty

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Death by Dumplings: A Garden Girls Cozy Mystery (Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 4) by Hope Callaghan

Death by Dumplings. Book 4 of the Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series

Upon returning home from her recent Smoky Mountain adventure, “Garden Girl” Gloria Rutherford wants nothing more than to relax and unwind on her farm. After a good night’s rest, she decides to catch up with her close friends, aka, The Garden Girls at their favorite hangout, Dot’s Restaurant.

There’s just one small problem. As Gloria pulls into the small town of Belhaven, she finds Dot’s place swarming with cops and the restaurant itself taped off with crime scene tape. Someone at the restaurant has been poisoned after eating Dot’s famous Chicken ‘n Dumplings!

Dot and her husband Ray, are devastated and now must try to clear their name. When they ask Gloria to help, she jumps right into detective-mode and is hot on the trail of another killer.

The list of suspects widens as Gloria uncovers a pile of motives – some from residents in their own little town.

Desperate to clear her good friends’ names, she discovers the killer may be a little too close for comfort.

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Author: Hope Callaghan

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

One More Page: A Fiction Sampler with Bonus Writing Advice from 17 Successful Novelists by Marilyn Brant

With the unbeatable combination of both compelling fiction and great insight on the writer’s journey, these award-winning and bestselling authors of the Girlfriends Book Club join together to bring you ONE MORE PAGE!

Enjoy 17 excerpts of outstanding fiction by authors Christa Allan (All They Want for Christmas), Judith Arnold (Changes), Marilyn Brant (The Road to You), Sylvie Fox (The Good Enough Husband), Jenny Gardiner (Something in the Heir), Maria Geraci (That Thing You Do), Tonya Kappes (Checkered Crime), Leslie Langtry (Merit Badge Murder), Leslie Lehr (Wife Goes On), Maggie Marr (One Night for Love), Ellen Meister (Dorothy Parker Drank Here), Ellyn Oaksmith (50 Acts of Kindness), Jess Riley (Mandatory Release), Saralee Rosenberg (Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead), Sara Rosett (Elusive), Wendy Tokunaga (His Wife and Daughters), and L.J. Wilson (Ruby Ink).

Also included in this book as a *special bonus* are 34 of the GBC’s most popular blog posts on the subject of writing craft and the writing life, which you won’t want to miss. So pick up this sampler, sit back, and get drawn into a wonderful world of unputdownable essays & stories!

Author: Marilyn Brant

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews