The Bridge: Crossing Over Into the Fullness of Covenant Life by Tyler Dawn Rosenquist and Darlene Dine

Everything of any importance in our lives as believers has to boil down to our relationship with our Creator, and yet we have been taught to settle for something lukewarm. We have relegated our walk with God to little more than a hobby, when the Scriptures plainly show us that God Himself is passionately in love with His people. He has revealed Himself as Father, Husband, King, Master and has called us to become child, bride, ambassador and servant. How do we meet His level of commitment in a way that honors Him and proclaims His glory and truth to the world? It starts with understanding who He is, what He deserves, what He expects – and how it is all meant to manifest in our lives as the fulfillment of the two great commandments to love Him and our neighbors. The Bridge is going to challenge everything you think you know about God the Father, it is going to deepen your appreciation for Him, and I pray it will revive your first love. Through the revealed character of Jesus the Messiah of Israel, and through the writings of the Prophets and Apostles, I want to teach you how to live a life that is pleasing to God, a life that He rewards in the here and now, a life that He has promised to bless from Genesis through Revelation.

Author: Tyler Dawn Rosenquist and Darlene Dine

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
46 reviews

A Lancaster Amish Home For Jacob by Rachel Stoltzfus

NEW RELEASE FROM AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR — MUST READ FOR AMISH FICTION LOVERS!Will orphaned teen Jacob Marshall overcome his troubled past and find love and acceptance in Lancaster County?When orphaned Philadelphia teen Jacob Marshall gets in trouble with the police, he has two options – go to juvenile detention or work on a farm outside of the city. But when he chooses the latter, Jacob gets more than he bargained for as he struggles to find his place in an Old Order Amish community in Lancaster County and with Thomas Mast, the straight laced Amish family man who is charged with keeping Jacob in line. Caught between the light and dark, will Jacob be able to face his demons and put his past behind him and become simply Amish, or will his pain prove stronger than the faith of the Amish community he’s grown to love? Check out if Jacob can avoid being thrown to the wolves in this Lancaster Amish Home Series. It is one of the Christian fiction best sellers.If you love Amish fiction books, scroll up and grab a copy today.

Author: Rachel Stoltzfus

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
192 reviews

Don’t Rescue Me, God’s Molding Me (The Snow Series Book 2) by Marita Kinney

Savannah is a sophisticated single mother who has had her share of growing pains. From rags to riches, back to rags, Savannah is determined to change her circumstance through her faith and perseverance. As she struggles to keep her head above water, her new vindictive neighbors, try her patience and her faith. She desperately desires for God to rescue her from her new life of struggle.

Author: Marita Kinney

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
93 reviews

Deeply Devoted (The Blue Willow Brides Book #1): A Novel: Volume 1 by Maggie Brendan

She is staking her future on a man she’s never met. Can she learn to love him?When Catharine Olsen leaves Holland for Wyoming as a mail-order bride, she brings some extra baggage with her: two sisters, her mother’s set of Blue Willow china, and a tragic past. As she steps off the train, Peter Andersen is glad to see that she is everything her letters showed her to be. But he is a bit perturbed by her unexpected companions. How will he support them all? And what other secrets might Catharine be keeping from him?Filled with sweet romance and vivid characters, Deeply Devoted highlights a clash of cultures as a highborn European and a simple wheat farmer learn to love one another and trust God with the past–and the future.”Maggie Brendan has done it again. As gentle as a prairie breeze and as delicate as the Blue Willow china for which the series is named, Deeply Devoted is a tender and haunting tale that stirs heart and soul deeply–well beyond the last page.”–Julie Lessman, author of the Daughters of Boston series and the Winds of Change seriesMaggie Brendan is the bestselling author of several books, including the Heart of the West series and The Blue Willow Brides series. She was a 2013 finalist for the Published Maggie Award of Excellence, a 2013 finalist for the Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Award, a 2012 finalist for Inspirational Reader’s Choice award, and a recipient of the 2004 ACW Persistence Award in Atlanta. She is a member of the Author’s Guild; Romance Writers of America; Faith, Hope, and Love; and Georgia Romance Writers. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, researching for her novels, and spending time with her family. You can follow her at her website, her blog, and on Facebook and Twitter @MaggieBrendan.

Author: Maggie Brendan

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
171 reviews

The Dance (The Restoration Series Book #1): A Novel by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

Jim Anderson is a successful businessman, and his wife, Marilyn, is the perfect wife. And why wouldn’t she be? He gives her everything she needs. That’s why Jim never expected to come home one day and find Marilyn gone.After 27 years of marriage, Marilyn has had enough of feeling unloved and neglected. She wants to experience some measure of happiness before she’s too old to enjoy it, even signing up for dance lessons, something Jim would never do. What will it take for Jim to finally become the man Marilyn needs him to be?Combining the literary talents of bestselling author Dan Walsh and the relationship expertise of bestselling author Gary Smalley, The Dance is the romantic first novel in The Restoration Series. Readers will get caught up in these flawed but earnest characters as they rediscover genuine love and start a transformation that will ultimately affect their whole family.

Author: Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
220 reviews

Summer Beach Vets: Playing for Love: (A sweet clean small town beach romance set Down Under) ~ Book 1 by H.Y. Hanna

escape Down Under…and find love in Summer Beach, where cold noses touch warm hearts!Sara needs to escape – and an idyllic seaside town on the other side of the world seems like the perfect place. She’d always wanted to visit Australia, but the first thing she meets is not a kangaroo but a wounded, lost Beagle! Veterinarian Dr Craig Murray can’t get the beautiful American out of his mind. They may come from different cultures – and even speak different “English” sometimes – but he knows they can have a future together. Can he convince Sara that this is more than just a vacation fling?Then Sara discovers that Craig isn’t quite what he seems and the past that she’s been running away from comes back to haunt her. Now she needs to decide if she can risk it all again for another chance at love…* EACH BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE, or read them in order for more fun! Characters you loved from past books often return to delight again in this sweet romance series set in Summer Beach, Australia.Playing for Love (Summer Beach Vets #1) ~ Sara & Craig Playing to Win (Summer Beach Vets #2) ~ Ellie & Dan Playing by Heart (Summer Beach Vets #3) ~ Pippa & Matt Playing the Fool (Summer Beach Vets #4) ~ Charlie & ToddPlaying Santa (Summer Beach Vets Christmas Special) ~ Holly & Nick 

Author: H.Y. Hanna

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
111 reviews

Transgression: A Time-Travel Suspense Novel (City of God Book 1) by R.S. Ingermanson

What If …?
What if you were studying for your Ph.D. in archaeology and decided to take a break from your crummy life by working on an archaeological dig in Israel?

What if you met a great guy in Jerusalem who happened to be a world-famous theoretical physicist working on a crazy idea to build a wormhole that might make time-travel possible … someday?

What if he had a nutball colleague who turned the theory into reality — and then decided to use YOU as a guinea pig to make sure it was safe?

What if the nutball had a gun and went on a crazy, impossible mission to hunt down and kill the apostle Paul?

It’s A.D. 57 when Rivka Meyers walks out of the wormhole into a world she’s only studied in books. Ancient Jerusalem is awesome! Rivka can’t believe her friend Ari Kazan’s theory actually worked. But when she runs into Ari’s whacko colleague, Damien West, in the Temple, Rivka starts to smell a rat.

When Ari discovers that Damien and Rivka have gone through a wormhole that’s on the edge of collapse, he has to make a horrible choice: Follow them and risk never coming back — or lose the woman of his dreams forever

About The Book
Transgression is a time-travel suspense novel that mixes science, history, religion, romance, and suspense. It’s about learning to stand up for yourself, when you just want to be let alone. It’s about making hard decisions. It’s about asking whether life has meaning and whether God exists — and becoming a badass fighter for justice, even if you don’t have the answers.

Transgression won the 2001 Christy award for best futuristic novel in Christian fiction.

Transgression will take you on a wretched, miserable, dangerous vacation through the filthy, bandit-ridden streets of first-century Jerusalem.

Transgression is the first novel in the City of God series:
Book 1: Transgression (A.D. 57)
Book 2: Premonition (A.D. 57-62)
Book 3: Retribution (A.D. 62-66)

Rivka turned and ran. “Ari!” she screamed. “Help!”

She raced outside into the sunlight, sprinted madly through a dark grove of trees with gnarled branches. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her ragged breath rasped in her ears. Was he following? Faster! Tears fogged her eyes. Her leather sandals tore at her feet. Trying to look back over her shoulder, she tripped and fell. Dust flew up all around her.

Coughing, she clambered to her feet and dared to look back. The man was nowhere in sight.

Rivka panted until she caught her breath. Her left wrist throbbed from the fall. She massaged it while she squinted into the trees, afraid that the man might be lurking in the shadows.

Nothing happened.

Finally, she turned around to get her bearings.

She blinked twice and then stared.

Across a small valley massive stone walls rose. Herodian masonry. Jerusalem limestone. Towering white walls. It looked like…

But that was impossible. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply three times, and opened them again. Absurd. Had she gone loony or something?

Rivka had visited the Temple Mount twice and studied hundreds of pictures during three years of graduate school. But she had never seen it looking like this.

So pure.

So spotless.

So new.

Author: R.S. Ingermanson

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
646 reviews

A Sugarcreek Amish Romance – Three Years Later (Amish of Sugarcreek Romance Series Book 2) by Anna Fisher

THE THIRD RELEASE IN A SUSPENSEFUL SERIES OF AMISH ROMANCE — A GREAT READ!Time doesn’t always heal the pain of love.. Or the pain of betrayal. Three years have passed since Willis’ tragic mistake that claimed the lives of one of his three best friends. Now, at his lowest point, Willis must find a way to forgive himself and reconnect with God.

Re-enter the world of Sugarcreek along with Willis to find out if he can find meaning to his life again in the face of tragedy. It’s a tale of four friends, and the circumstances that cause good, young Christian men and women to experience the pain of love and betrayal.

This is the third book in the serialized “Amish of Sugarcreek Romance” series. While it contains enough information to stand alone, it’s best enjoyed with the first book of the series! Please enjoy reading them both! Another Great Addition To The Amish Romance Genre, Pick Up Your Copy Today.

Author: Anna Fisher

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
37 reviews

Romance: New Beginnings – A Christian Romance as a Love Story: (Romance, Christian Romance, Romance Novel, Romance… by Morris Fenris

Sometimes the darkest hour is simply the end of the tunnel just before sunrise. Tragedy can either break you or make you, the end result is up to you.

Sara flees California, from her husband of a few days who wants her dead because she has stumbled across his dirty secret, and finds her soul mate in Montana.

After Jane’s husband is killed in action, she lets her dreams of becoming a famous chef, living by the ocean and having a family of her own die with him. However, she gets a second chance and finds the answer to her dreams in California.

When Grace’s husband is killed in action she gets the surprise of her life – her baby girl who she names Daniella. With her daughter’s life hanging in the balance, she takes a step of faith and realizes the resurrection of her dreams in California in the form of her perfect man.

And then there are Jackson and Tori. They meet in California, but Montana brings them truly together. Without a place to meet in Montana and an opportunity to get to know one another better, they won’t be planning a wedding. They truly are a couple that meet in two different places, but attain the same goal: someone who understands you to go through life with.

Our four couples realize that true love can come around twice, you just have to be willing to take a chance on “New Beginnings”.


Author: Morris Fenris

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
48 reviews