Easter is a True Christian Love Story by James Thomas Lee Jr

When most people think about a true love story, they naturally envision a couple jumping into a bed and making mad passionate love to each other. If the scene is from a movie or from a television show, then they would probably see the two going into a bedroom together and then waking up the next day lying next to each other. However, while that in many cases might be an example of true love, it pales in comparison to the true love that God the Father had showed to human beings when He had offered His only begotten Son on the cross of Calvary. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” For one thing, the love that people see in the movies or on the television only presents a temporary kind of love that must cease when one of the two partners passes away. In fact, in many cases, that kind of love actually ceases long before the passing of one of the two partners.

But the love that God has expressed for ALL human beings is eternal. When Jesus had died on the cross to pay the sin debt for all people that will come to Him by faith in the right spirit and with the right attitude, then He had paved the way for them to be reconciled to Him and to have everlasting life in heaven with Him. So while that might not seem like such a big deal to many people, it will someday be a very big deal once those people have ended their time in this existence. Therefore, the purpose of this book will be to talk about the perfect love that God has showed for each person. In doing that, it will talk about the last week of the incarnated life of Jesus. That week had begun with His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on what has traditionally been recognized as Palm Sunday in many places of the world.

It will then talk about the fig tree that He had cursed. On the next day, He had gone into Jerusalem to teach some parables and some discourses in the temple. He had first spoken three slanderous truths against the ungodly spiritual leaders of Israel. After that, He had spoken about paying tribute money or taxes to the Roman authorities. He had spoken about the resurrection. He had spoken about the two greatest commandments by which all people should live. He had pointed out the extreme sacrificial offering of a poor widow and the extreme hypocrisy of the Pharisees. He had spoken about some of the events of the end of the Age. He had spoken about the preparedness of ten virgins. He had told a parable about the servant with ten talents. He had then concluded His discourses for the day by sharing with them a parable about the sheep and the goats. So, each of those twelve oratory remarks will be discussed chapters two through five of this text.

After those discussions, chapter six will examine the last hours before He had been taken into custody. Some of the events considered will be His last supper with His disciples, His high priestly prayer for those people that follow Him, His betrayal by Judas, and the six trials through which He had been rushed as the Jewish leaders had sought a quick execution. Chapter seven will discuss His having been scourged and His crucifixion. Chapter eight will discuss His seven statements from the cross. Then, chapter nine will conclude this text with a final look at God’s perfect love. The hope in writing this book is that all people will be drawn into a closer relationship with the Lord that had died for them on the cross. He is definitely worthy of all praise.

Author: James Thomas Lee Jr

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The Path to Spiritual Maturity (30 Day Devotional Series Book 5) by Mark J Musser

George Muller wrote, “The vigor of our spiritual life will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our life and thoughts.”A.W. Tozer once commented, “Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian.”Some devotionals offer you only a Scripture or two followed by a short blurb and a pithy quote. If you are looking for spiritual nourishment, that would be nothing more than a light snack. True spiritual sustenance requires much more.If you want a “full meal,” check out the following books in the 30 Day Devotional Series. Each devotional in this dynamic series will provide you with a portion of Scripture to read, a handful of questions to think through, suggested prayers to offer up, and action steps to apply God’s Word.The Path to Spiritual MaturityMany Christians live a “surface-life” existence, while all sorts of things are churning below the surface. They put on their Sunday best, show a fake smile, loudly sing songs of praise, say “Amen” at the end of prayers, and use all the right words while in church. But under the surface, there is unresolved hurt, excused sin, struggles, and unhealthy habits which are not being addressed. Can you relate? If so, spend the next 30 Days learning to dig deep and find healing.Who Am I: Understanding Who You Are in ChristDiscover who you are and all that you can be! Understand that, in Christ, you are so much more than you could ever imagine. Each day, dig into the Scriptures and learn more about God’s awesome plan and tremendous purpose for your life! Bonus: Six extra devotionals!Every Day Heroes: Changing the World through Your Faith in ChristEach day encounter average, ordinary people that God used in extraordinary ways. Be inspired and encouraged by their stories of bravery, sacrifice, commitment, and devotion. Know that the same God who worked mightily in and through them desires to do the same in and through you!God Unboxed: Experiencing God as He Truly IsHuman nature tends to put God in a box in an attempt to control or understand Him, but the Lord cannot be boxed! He is bigger, grander, mightier, and more amazing that we could ever imagine. Spend 30 Days opening up the box. When you meet God for who He truly is, you will be truly changed!Christmas: It’s Jesus’ Birthday, Not YoursOur culture has made Christmas all about us. We think only of what we plan to buy others and what we hope others are planning to buy us. Yet, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Because of that, the question we must ask ourselves this holiday is, “What does Jesus want for His birthday?” Not sure? Grab hold of this devotional and spend the next 30 Days discovering the answers.

Author: Mark J Musser

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How to Be Led by The Holy Spirit: 3 Time-Tested Biblical Principles to Enjoy Divine Guidance (Telling God-Stories) by Samson King

There is no substitute to divine guidance if you must achieve extraordinary success when it comes to Christian Living. In this book, Samson King reveals how to be led by the Holy Spirit. Among many ways a Christian can enjoy divine direction, Samson highlights 3 Time-Tested Biblical Principles that will enhance divine direction. If you love Purpose Driven Life, then you will surely enjoy Holy Spirit Driven Life as revealed in this book.

Author: Samson King

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The Brave River by Steven C. Westfield

“Have you ever wanted to be a hero to someone?”In 2008, Steve Westfield walked away from his comfortable life in the suburbs, heading for the violence and chaos of the United States/Mexico border, not knowing what he would encounter when he got there. He was on a quest for modern-day heroism; what he found was so much more. But first, he had to lose everything. Easy to read, hard to put down, The Brave River is a collection of journal entries following the author week-by-week through his grueling transformation into a federal law enforcement agent, and then his life-shattering arrival on the border afterward. Interspersed throughout are honest, nothing-held-back reflections on courage, manhood, duty, love, marriage, fidelity and forgiveness—a confession of the innermost thoughts, fears, and faults in a Christian’s life, speaking to the hearts of men and women alike.Ride along, as he leaves a cushy big-city job to become a new recruit, struggling through the rigors of the U.S. Border Patrol Academy; and then graduates to a full-fledged journeyman Border Patrol Agent, working alone in one of the scariest places in North America—the treacherous backcountry along the Rio Grande in Texas. But also listen in, as this would-be adventure takes a wrong turn and threatens to tear him apart from his adorable wife Katy, the love of his life and girl of his dreams, causing his formerly perfect life to unravel around him. And then root for him, as he begs God to put the pieces back together again.The Brave River is a true account, both a tragedy and a triumph—a one of a kind love story; a candid look inside the doubts, fears, and hopes in the hearts of men; a tale of destruction, and God’s faithfulness to carry his children through to the end of the story.

Author: Steven C. Westfield

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Blunt’s Scriptural Coincidences: Gospels and Acts by John J Blunt

This book will confirm (or restore) your faith in the Gospel records. Clearly the Gospels were not invented. There is too much unintentional agreement between them for this to be so. Undesigned coincidences are where writers tell the same account, but from a different viewpoint. Without conspiring together to get their accounts in agreement, they include unexpected (and often unnoticed) details that corroborate their records. Not only are these unexpected coincidences found within the Gospels, but sometimes a historical writer unknowingly and unintentionally confirms the Bible record.Within these pages you will see just how accurate were the memories of the Gospel writers — even of the smallest details which on casual reading can seem of little importance, yet clearly point to eyewitness accounts. J.J. Blunt spent many years investigating these coincidences. And here they are, as found in the four Gospels and Acts.

Author: John J Blunt

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Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons: Schedule a 10-game winning season to help develop your son into the man God intended him to be by Mark LaMaster

Finally, a Game Plan for dads to help develop their sons into the men God intended them to be.

Many fathers and sons crave a stronger connection with each other and with God. Unfortunately, most of the time, we’re not sure how. Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons provides an answer. Discover how to schedule a 10-Game Day season with your son. Each Game Day is designed to engage dads and their sons in conversation on topics ranging from faith and friends to prayer and purity.

Each Game Day includes:

· A Game Day Theme (character and integrity, work and money, service, and many more).

· God’s Key Play (Bible verse)

· A Scouting Report for dads

· Personalized Pre-and Post-Game Day Prayers

· A Pre-Game Planning Session for dads

· A Game Day activity for fathers and sons (laser tag, disc golf, and test-driving dream cars).

· Post-Game Day Analysis Questions and Press Conference

· Plus, many more father and son bonding experiences

Mark LaMaster’s purpose and passion is to help good dads become GREAT dads by providing intentional, biblically based activities to help them raise their sons to become godly young men. Mark is also the founder of Playoff Parenting, LLC, whose mission is to help transform well-intended, passive parents into active and intentional Playoff Parents who teach valuable, Christian-based lessons to their children.

Author: Mark LaMaster

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Perfect Fit Couples Edition: Workouts and Reflections for a Rock-Solid Relationship (Fitness for the Christian Lifestyle Book 2) by Diana Anderson-Tyler

Ecclesiastes 4:12 says that a cord of three braids is not easily broken. When you and your spouse have God at the center of your relationship, you become one such cord – sturdy, strong, and steadfast. In her sequel to Perfect Fit, Diana Anderson-Tyler draws from Scripture and personal experiences from her own marriage to inspire, encourage, and challenge couples to become stronger together in body, soul, and spirit.

This book is a month-long journey of faith and fitness for you and your spouse. Combining 31 devotionals with 24 partner workouts, Perfect Fit: Couples Edition is the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to recharge, reset, and refocus on what’s most important in your marriage. Each day, you will explore biblical truths concerning spiritual warfare, forgiveness and grace, the power in praying as a couple, the importance of healthy eating, and honoring your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. You will learn how to practically apply each of these truths – and more – to your daily walk with your spouse and be challenged to communicate openly with one another, shedding healing light on areas of darkness the enemy wants to keep buried.

In addition to 31 devotionals, Perfect Fit: Couples Edition contains easy-to-follow exercise photos and 24 fun and efficient workouts you can do at home with your spouse, with very little equipment. In just 30 minutes or less each day, you will be blessed by high-intensity workouts specially designed to invigorate, strengthen, and energize.

If your marriage is in superlative shape, this book will provide the motivation you need to stay strong and shine bright in a world striving to tear it apart. If, on the other hand, your marriage is languishing beneath the weight of doubts, fears, and dwindling faith, you will be reminded of God’s infinite, limitless power and His matchless love for the marriage covenant. With Him, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Author: Diana Anderson-Tyler

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Bible Stories for Kids: Jesus Is Risen Easter (AudioVideo "FeatherzHouse Bible Series" Elementary Edition Book 45) by Anne Perron

AGES 4-8

(27 Old Testament and 25 New Testament)
Elementary Edition (Ages 4-8) Intermediate Edition (Ages 8-Teen)
Interactive capabilities available on Kindle Fire and Upgraded Kindle Software or via downloaded optional links provided.

This Bible picture storybook is for children and parents. It is designed to bring you and your family closer to the Lord through the great stories of the Bible. Children will love the beautiful Big Picture illustrations with audio narration and sound effects. The stories are written in simple language that will excite each child. The Adventure “Life Application” chapter of each series is designed to create an atmosphere of fun Bible verse memorization packaged with lovable characters your child will enjoy. The “live puppet video” creates a fun way of memorizing Bible verses, while the animated Bible story video will bring lasting memories of the Bible story to your child. This unique Bible experience will open your child’s eyes to the great stories of the Bible and inspire excitement in Biblical exploration and faith.

If our children are going to be Jesus loving people, they must know the Jesus of the Bible. This book series is designed to teach Christian morals that are faith based rather than self based. I pray that you apply this truth in your own life and then use this material to teach it to your children.

40+ Pages Elementary Level
Big Picture Book with “Read-Along” Audio.
Adventure “Life Application” Story Book with Audio.
Fun-filled “Live” Puppet Video with Memory Verse.
Interactive Video Review Questions.
15 minute Animated Video of Bible Story Lesson from the Picture Book.
Downloadable Coloring Sheet of Bible Story.

#1 Old Testament

1 – The Beginning and Patriarchs (Lessons 1-7)
Adam and Eve – Cain and Abel – Noah – Sarah has a Baby -Abraham and Isaac – Jacob and Esau – The Plight of Job
2- Moses and the Promised Land (Lessons 8-13)
Baby Moses – Moses and the Burning Bush – The 10 Plagues – The Red Sea – The 10 Commandments -Manna from Heaven
3 – Rise of the Jewish Nation (Lessons 14-20)
Rahab and the Spies – Joshua and the Wall of Jericho – Samson – Samuel Hears God- Samuel Anoints David – David and Goliath – Old Testament Picture of Jesus The Redeemer (Story of Ruth)
4- Kings, Prophets and God’s Protection (Lessons 21-27)
Kind David is Kind – King Solomon is Wise – Daniel and the Lion’s Den – Elijah and Baal – Elijah Goes Home – Jonah and the Great Fish – Shadrach and the Fiery Furnace

# 2 New Testament

1 – Jesus’ Early Years (Lessons 28-34)
Zechariah and Gabriel – Mary and Gabriel – Jesus is Born – Anna and Simeon – The Wise Men –
Young Jesus in Egypt – 12yrs Old Jesus in Temple
2 – Jesus’ Ministry and Miracles (Lessons 35-40)
Jesus is Baptized – Jesus is Tempted – Jesus Heals Ten Lepers – Jesus Clears the Temple –
Jesus and Zacchaeus – Jesus Raises Lazarus
3 – Jesus’ Sacrifice and Salvation (Lessons 41-45)
Palm Sunday and Last Supper – Jesus Washes Disciples Feet – Garden Gethsemane – The Sacrifice –
Jesus Rises from the Dead-
4- Jesus’ Message and Early Church (Lessons 46-51)
Nicodemus Seeks Jesus – Prodigal Son – The Pentecost – Lame Man Healed – Apostle Paul is Converted – Peter Escapes Prison

This Series is adapted from The FeatherzHouse Children’s Bible program – proven effective in the field “live” for over 7 years and used successfully in a number of churches, missions worldwide.

FOR MORE TITLES AND SAMPLES VISIT – http://amazon.com/author/featherzhouse

Author: Anne Perron

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews