By Heart and Compass: Clean & Wholesome Romance by Danielle Thorne

Lacey Whitman is obsessed with a forgotten pirate of the Golden Age. When she discovers a hidden diary, she never dreams it will lead her back to the sea and into the arms of the dive bum she’d rather forget. Max Bertrand is jaded, conceited, and riddled with trust issues. He’s easy on the eyes, but hard on the heart. Unfortunately, he’s the only man in the Caribbean that has the answers she needs. Lacey’s habit of living in the past comes to an abrupt halt when Max and the diary of his ancestor take her on the quest of a lifetime: to discover and raise the lost privateer ship, Specter, and bring the treasure and legacy of a true hero home again. But will finding it cost her heart?

Author: Danielle Thorne

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Prey for Me by Mz. Demeanor

Garcielle Hawkins was the quintessential preacher’s wife. She was well-raised, well-read, and most of all spiritual. The man of her dreams would treat her like her father treated her mother; with honor and respect. When she met Beauford Prey, she had no idea that she would get her heart’s desire. Coming from a long line of ministers, Beauford was groomed for the position. He had the money, influence, and the message. The only thing he didn’t have………was the calling. Find out what happens when you play with God before the masses in….Prey for Me.

Author: Mz. Demeanor

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Fifty-Five: City Edition: A Collection of 55-Word Stories by Tearra Rhodes

City Moments, Mini Moments For lovers of short stories and flash fiction from a faith-based perspective, Fifty-Five: City Edition will entertain and inspire. Each mini tale, told in 55 words, captures both the bustle and tranquility of city living. Though brief, every story depicts a moment in the human experience where faith is at work and God is present.

Author: Tearra Rhodes

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Loved Of My Father by Terry Hare

Ray Kowalski is an average, fifty-something male: divorced, employed, alone. He’s doing his best to make his way in the world, working to keep his life together. One morning, everything changes for him with a single phone call.Kammi Harmon, reporter, has uncovered something incredible in Ray’s father’s past, and is asking for Ray’s help to unravel the mystery. Ray, however, has no desire to delve into that difficult part of his life and is reluctant to get involved.“Loved Of My Father” follows them as they forge an often uneasy relationship with each other while uncovering secrets from the past. Kammi’s news that Ray’s father was an intel codebreaker in World War II seems incredible…but that barely scratches the surface. Soon the long shadow of the top secret Linkstar project casts its pall over their lives, and Ray struggles to come to grips with his shocking new reality.Drawn in by Kammi’s beauty and fueled by her passion, Ray’s life is turned inside out. In short order he finds himself traveling cross country and over the ocean, all in pursuit of an elusive, incredible, truth. Through it all his long held views of his distant, unapproachable father are challenged in ways he never dreamed possible.In the end can Ray make peace with the memory of his dead father? And more importantly, can he finally be reconciled to his Heavenly Father?

Author: Terry Hare

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Charmed by an Earl (Hearts of London Book 1) by Belinda Atherton

Before Amy Cahill’s father died, he drank and gambled away every farthing. It’s now Amy’s first Season and her family is counting on her to marry well. When, on her very first night at Almacks, she is charmed by the dashing Major Hampton, it’s love at first sight, but what of her obligations to her family? Freddie is smitten by the lovely Miss Amy Cahill and would like nothing more than to offer her his hand in marriage. But, Freddie is not all that he seems. He also has obligations, not only to his regimen, but to his family title.Will Freddie reveal himself before it is too late and he loses Amy forever? What will Amy think of his deception when she learns Major Freddie Hampton is really Earl Frederick Havering?CHARMED BY THE EARL is a 20,000 word historical regency romance with an inspirational theme of sweet love. As always, it is clean and wholesome with no cliff-hangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after ending.

Author: Belinda Atherton

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
4 reviews

More Than a Tiara: A Christian Romance (Christmas in Montana Romance Book 1) by Valerie Comer

A delightful Christmas romance that will leave you cherishing the heart of Christmas!Marisa Hiller abandoned her modeling career to nurse a broken heart in Montana, far from the photographer who ruined everything. Her family farm is now part of a CSA program teaching gardening and cooking to single moms, but when the coordinator begs her to represent the program in the Miss Snowflake Pageant, Marisa balks.Jase Mackie has long regretted the hot accusations he’d flung at Marisa over two years before. God has forgiven him but hasn’t answered his prayer to bring Marisa back into his life… until Jase finds himself out West as the official photographer for a beauty pageant, face to face with the woman he’s never forgotten.Can Jase make amends for past mistakes and offer Marisa not only a tiara, but a partner in her crusade to help needy children and families?”Encouraging, challenging, and entertaining – a winning combination!””Oh my what an emotional book. I absolutely loved this one.”If you love Christian contemporary romance series that focus on engaging characters, strong communities, and deep faith — clean, wholesome, sweet, and inspirational romances — you’ve come to the right place!About the Christmas in Montana Romance SeriesWelcome to Helena, Montana, and fall in love at Christmas! Enjoy the rich heritage and innate charm of Montana’s capitol city in this Christmas romance series celebrating heart-warming stories of love and second chances as Marisa, Bren, and Heather discover love amid the glitz of beauty pageants.1. More Than a Tiara2. Other Than a Halo3. Better Than a CrownMore Christian Romance from USA Today bestselling author Valerie Comer!Urban Farm Fresh Romance Series0. Promise of Peppermint1. Secrets of Sunbeams 2. Breezes on Butterflies3. Memories of Mist4. Wishes on Wildflowers5. Flavors of ForeverMontana Ranches Christian Romance Series1. The Cowboy’s Christmas Reunion2. The Cowboy’s Mixed-Up MatchmakerFarm Fresh Romance Series1. Raspberries and Vinegar 2. Wild Mint Tea 3. Sweetened with Honey 4. Dandelions for Dinner 5. Plum Upside Down 6. Berry on TopGarden Grown Romance Series (part of Arcadia Valley Romance multi-author series)1. Sow in Love 2. Sprouts of Love3. Rooted in Love4. Harvest of LoveRiverbend Romance Novella Series1. Secretly Yours2. Pinky Promise3. Sweet Serenade4. Team Bride5. Merry KissesAll that’s for later. For now?Why not buy MORE THAN A TIARA today and enjoy a rural romance?

Author: Valerie Comer

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

Fussy Gussy and the Giant Broccoli: Adventure and Magic Picture Book For Young Picky Eaters by Hadas Korb

Is your child a FUSSY EATER? Is your toddler very picky when it comes to food?
The Fussy Gussy trilogy is for YOU AND YOUR CHILD!
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Augustine is a fussy eater. He is so fussy about food, that everyone calls him FUSSY GUSSY.
In this book, Gussy hears all about his great-grandfather grand adventure, in which broccoli play a huge role. Both Gussy and his great-grandfather are very picky eaters, and through the grandfather’s adventure Gussy learns that broccoli isn’t that bad.

Fussy Gussy and the Giant Broccoli is one out of 3 books that were written to help children familiarize with vegetables and try new food items.
Pick up your copy today!

Author: Hadas Korb

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Jordan and the Children of the Revolution: Freedom’s Worth–Book 2 by Rebecca Marshall

**Get the ebook for free from November 23-27!**Finding himself once again in the arms of a loving family, longed for peace seems to return to Jordan’s life, and his faith in the Lord strengthens. But as the heat of the Revolutionary War around his new life grows, he and his friends find themselves hazardously caught in the middle of a British raid on their new home—and are sold into slavery as prisoners-of-war. With the threats of a brutal overseer looming over him, Jordan clings to his trust in the Lord and where his true Freedom’s Worth lies. But will Jordan and his friends ever be able to escape, and could a secret tunnel and a kindhearted overseer be the answer to their problems?Illustrations included. Ages: 10-15 ** Get the ebook free with purchase of print edition using Kindle’s Matchbook discount! ** Author’s Bio:Rebecca Marshall is the firstborn of a rambunctious family of six children—plus a chihuahua. She was homeschooled since middle school. Writing and digital art has been her passion since high school, plus a bit of poetry. Although English wasn’t her early “specialty”, as a child, Rebecca oftentimes spent her time playing outside and “singing in the shower” telling stories while “talking to herself”—much to the bewilderment of her parents. Her ultimate goal is to create safe yet adventurous stories for tweens and teens that will entertain and teach them how to live a life that glorifies God. She currently resides in the hilly regions of southwestern Virginia, USA. Rebecca hopes that the Jordan and the Children of the Revolution series will teach tweens to trust in God through all hardships, even in the difficult ones, and live in a life of unconditional forgiveness—just like Jordan.You can contact her at her WordPress site: by email

Author: Rebecca Marshall

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

An Inspiration of Love: Western Romance by Wealth Publishing

Description : A Bride hunts LoveJess is devastated when her father dies, leaving her alone on a ranch she doesn’t know how to run. Ranching is hard work for a young woman. She tries to hire ranch hands but the Civil War is in full flow, all she ends up with is an aged Mexican and his granddaughter. Faced with a murderous neighbour, horrendous weather and stampeding cattle she realises she is no longer able to cope. The only answer: to find a husband. When Jess realises there are no eligible men in the East due to the raging war, she takes drastic action.She decided to go west and looking for a man who help maintain her ranch. Does she finds him? And Does he deals with her? Finally, she will maintain her ranch or not.Description : Texas LoveAT THE TENDER AGE OF NINETEEN, MARIE TURNER WAS FORCED TO LEAVE THE HOME OF HER PARENTS. SHE COULD NO LONGER ENDURE THE ABUSE FORCED UPON HER BY A ONCE-BELOVED UNCLE. TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, MARIE DIDN’T WANT TO TELL HER PARENTS WHAT WAS GOING ON. IT WOULD BREAK HER MOTHER’S HEART AND SHE WAS UNABLE TO DO SUCH A THING. INSTEAD, SHE GOES TO STAY WITH HER FRIEND MAGGIE, WHO CONVINCES HER TO GO TO CHURCH. MARIE IS RESISTANT AT FIRST, BUT EVENTUALLY AGREES. DOUGLAS WEAVER IS A CATTLE RANCHER IN EL PASO, TEXAS WHO HAS PLACED AN AD FOR A BRIDE IN SEVERAL CHURCH BULLETINS BACK EAST. WHEN HE RECEIVES A LETTER FROM MARIE, HE KNOWS SHE’S THE ONE GOD HAS LED TO HIM. MARIE FEELS A KINSHIP FOR DOUGLAS AND AGREES TO HIS MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. THE MOMENT SHE MEETS HIM IN PERSON, SHE KNOWS THIS WAS MEANT TO BE. THEY SEEM TO BE A HAPPY COUPLE, BUT SHE SOON WONDERS IF SHE SHOULD TELL HIM WHY SHE DECIDED TO LEAVE CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA. WOULD HE THINK LESS OF HER? THEN HER PAST COMES CALLING, AND SHE’S FORCED TO MAKE A DECISION. WILL HE DEFEND HER AND ALLOW HER TO STAY, OR WILL HE FEEL SHE DECEIVED HIM AND SEND HER AWAY? READ FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITEDDownload your copy today! This is a standalone short story with a HEA ending.

Author: Wealth Publishing

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews