Mars Journey: Call to Action: Book 1: A SciFi Thriller Series by Bill Hargenrader

Get ready for an exciting, near-future SciFi thriller that will take you on an epic journey around the world and beyond… Mars Journey: Call to Action is the story that marks the beginning of humanity’s greatest adventure.

In the Mars Journey Series, Brent Carlson, a brilliant but disgraced former astronaut, is called upon to help lead a seemingly impossible international mission from Earth to Mars. Their primary directive is to become the first human pioneers to set foot on Martian soil and begin colonization of the red planet.

Now with the clock ticking down, they’ve entered into a dangerous race against time and a fight with humanity’s darker side just to survive long enough to see the launch.


The Mars Journey series delves into the science, technology, faith, drive, and determination of the human spirit to come together to overcome our greatest challenges.

“Want to know what it will take to send humans on their first manned mission to Mars? There has to be a coordinated multi-nation, multi-commercial organization, multi-NGO, and multi-nonprofit effort to get us there. No single nation or agency can make it happen. We need to be moving forward and looking ahead, while leveraging the existing technology to the utmost of its capacity. We need to practice excellent planning, and execute flawless engineering at the same time, we need to be stoking the fires of public awareness and support for the trip. Only then can we make a human mission to Mars happen. There’s only one thing for certain: It won’t be easy. But that’s never been a good enough reason before to stop us from tackling our toughest challenges. Ad Mars et Ultra.” –Brent Carlson

Author: Bill Hargenrader

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
369 reviews

Regret the Day I Said Yes: Too Late For Sorry by Regina Swanson

How much of yourself are you really willing to give up to keep a happy home? After catching her husband with a mouth full of someone else’s vagina, Janelle has to decide if she can forgive and forget. That thing called LOVE can turn your entire world upside down and knock you on your ass in the blink of an eye. Alan has done the unthinkable and just might have burned any chance of reconciliation with his wife after leaving her stranded and flown home with his mistress. Regret the Day I Said Yes: Too Late For Sorry is a story about a group of couples who think they have found the answer to having a happy lifelong marriage. Bailee & York and Tiffany & Damon have been secretly swinging for years. As they see their friends’ marriages on the brink of disaster they encourage them to give it a try to spice things up.While it all seems logical at first, time later reveals that every choice has a consequence; Good or bad, their actions can come back to haunt them. Can these marriages be saved? Can these friendships be rebuilt? Have you ever regretted the day you said yes? Sometimes it’s too late for sorry.

Author: Regina Swanson

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
156 reviews

The Wilds: The Wilds Book One by Donna Augustine

My name is Dahlia but I’m called a Plaguer, a person who survived the Bloody Death. When the virus first hit the world, it ravaged the human race. I thought I was lucky to survive it but survival comes at a cost. Ever since the sickness, I see things and I’m hunted for these visions.

Some seek me out because they want to keep their secrets safe. They don’t want the world to know the truth of what they are. Others, like Dax, want my knowledge. Dax has secrets of his own but as long as he helps me evade the Dark Walkers, he can keep them.

This book is for all the Plaguers, the truth sayers branded and marked as liars, often hunted and sometimes forgotten. This book is for the girl who was right.

Author: Donna Augustine

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
454 reviews

The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files: (Special Edition, Books 1 thru 5): Urban Fantasy Shifter Series (Smoke Special Edition) by Craig Halloran

Fans of the shows like the X-Files, Castle and Supernatural loves this series, perhaps you will as well …

Book 1 Smoke Rising
The unexpected begins … Agent Sidney Shaw is one of the FBI’s finest. Tough as nails with a calculating mind, she thought she was ready for anything. Enter John Smoke. His spirited arrest methods landed him hard time in prison. The decorated veteran, now branded an ex-con, just wants to serve his time in peace. The powers that be have other plans. When Sidney is assigned to be Smoke’s handler, both of their lives are turned upside down. She plays by the rules. He trusts his instincts. Fighting to control him, she finds herself chasing him down a secret, dark, supernatural path where a vast criminal network rears its head in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Book 2 I Smell Smoke
The unexpected continues … Just when Sidney thinks she’s gotten a handle on things, she finds herself at odds again with her annoying and unappreciative supervisor, Cyrus Tweel. To make matters worse, there’s been no talk about the Black Slate or the whereabouts of Smoke, leaving her in the dark and feeling more isolated than ever.

Book 3 – Where There’s Smoke
Unexpected happenings … Months after bringing down the last mark on the Black Slate, Sidney finds herself more isolated than ever. Buried in paperwork at the FBI her feelings about the Deep Black operation begin to fester. Just when she’s about to lose it, Section Chief, Ted Howard, intervenes. The Black Slate has another assignment. But there’s a problem. John Smoke is nowhere to be found.

Book 4 – Smoke on the Water
The unexpected never rests … Now that she’s no longer an FBI agent, Sidney is restless. She drops Megan off at Grandma and Grandpa’s so she can have some adult time, and then she goes to the shooting range. An old guy called Big Jake out-shoots her and then saves Sid from two huge goons who smell like the Drake. And then Big Jake turns up dead.

Book 5 – Smoke and Mirrors
Unexpected twists … With John Smoke now free from prison, Sidney Shaw’s life doesn’t get any easier. No longer an FBI agent and with the bills stacking up, she takes up the Bounty Hunter business. Together, her and Smoke, go after another villainous fiend on the Black Slate.
Months after bringing down the last mark on the Black Slate, Sidney finds herself more isolated than ever. Buried in paperwork at the FBI her feelings about the Deep Black operation begin to fester. Just when she’s about to lose it, Section Chief, Ted Howard, intervenes. The Black Slate has another assignment. But there’s a problem. John Smoke is nowhere to be found.

Author: Craig Halloran

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
165 reviews

The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

Book description *The Invisible Man is an 1897 science fiction novella by H.G. Wells. Wells’ novel was originally serialised in Pearson’s Magazine in 1897, and published as a novel the same year. The Invisible Man of the title is Griffin, a scientist who theorises that if a person’s refractive index is changed to exactly that of air and his body does not absorb or reflect light, then he will be invisible. He successfully carries out this procedure on himself, but cannot become visible again, becoming mentally unstable as a result.

Author: H.G. Wells

Rating: Rating: 4.10 / 5
778 reviews

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

“The Yellow Wallpaper” is a 6,000-word short story by American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, first published in January 1892 in New England Magazine. It is regarded as an important early work of American feminist literature, illustrating attitudes in the 19th century toward women’s physical and mental health.The story is written in the first person as a series of journal entries. The narrator is a woman whose husband — a physician — has confined her to the upstairs bedroom of a house he has rented for the summer. She is forbidden from working and has to hide her journal entries from him so that she can recuperate from what he has diagnosed as a “temporary nervous depression — a slight hysterical tendency;” a diagnosis common to women in that period. The windows of the room are barred, and there is a gate across the top of the stairs, allowing her husband to control her access to the rest of the house.

Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
510 reviews

Complete Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (The Reader’s Library Book 8) by Edgar Allan Poe and Neil Azevedo

A complete collection of the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. Poe was born on January 19th in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809, and died in his adopted home of Baltimore, Maryland on October 7th, 1849, making him the first American writer in this series.The critical estimation of Poe’s work has increased dramatically over the course of my lifetime, which has been satisfying to observe, as he was for me—as I believe for so many lovers of literature—an early favorite, particularly because of his verse, which is rich with sonic texture and gothic subject matter: insanity, darkness, ghosts, death, etc. It is also quite manageable to read in its entirety at 75 poems depending on how many of those of questionable authorship or in various stages of completion one is willing to include in the official oeuvre. (In fact, it has been some time since I’ve heard the old familiar slight that his popularity in France during the 19th century was perhaps due to his writing gaining something of substance from Charles Baudelaire’s translations.) While perhaps not quite as dramatically prescient in new utterance, form or philosophical depth as Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson, he certainly was as wise an observer of human nature, and equally brilliant at capturing the psychological nuances of passionate feeling and the frustrating process of understanding human experience. He also had an exquisite ear for language which has made his poems some of the most enjoyable to memorize and recite of all those in English-language verse: “The Raven” and “Annabelle Lee” immediately spring to mind, as does “The Bells,” once beautifully put to music by the American folk singer, Phil Ochs, to offer an example of the breadth of Poe’s influence and the joy with which generations of readers embrace his poems. And to be sure, beyond the varying critical estimation of his output, there is no questioning his popularity. How many 19th century writers get such unique accolades as the naming of a professional sport franchise’s mascot, or their very own bobble head, after all? And in that spirit I am delighted to offer these 75 selections as an official offering of his full poetic output for your personal assessment and, I am confidant, enjoyment.

Author: Edgar Allan Poe and Neil Azevedo

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
924 reviews

FRANKENSTEIN or The Modern Prometheus (The Revised 1831 Edition – Wisehouse Classics) by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

This is the Revised 1831 Edition of FRANKENSTEIN; OR, THE MODERN PROMETHEUS, a novel written by the English author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley about the young science student Victor Frankenstein, who creates a grotesque but sentient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was eighteen, and the novel was published when she was twenty. The first edition was published anonymously in London in 1818. Shelley’s name appears on the second edition, published in France in 1823. Shelley had travelled through Europe in 1814, journeying along the river Rhine in Germany with a stop in Gernsheim which is just 17 km away from Frankenstein Castle, where, two centuries before, an alchemist was engaged in experiments. Later, she travelled in the region of Geneva (Switzerland)-where much of the story takes place-and the topic of galvanism and other similar occult ideas were themes of conversation among her companions, particularly her lover and future husband, Percy Shelley. Mary, Percy, Lord Byron, and John Polidori decided to have a competition to see who could write the best horror story. After thinking for days, Shelley dreamt about a scientist who created life and was horrified by what he had made; her dream later evolved into the novel’s story.Shelley completed her writing in May 1817, and Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus was first published on 11 March 1818 by the small London publishing house of Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor, & Jones. The second edition of Frankenstein was published on 11 August 1822 in two volumes (by G. and W. B. Whittaker) following the success of the stage play Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein by Richard Brinsley Peake; this edition credited Mary Shelley as the author.On 31 October 1831, the first “popular” edition in one volume appeared, published by Henry Colburn & Richard Bentley. This edition was heavily revised by Mary Shelley, partially because of pressure to make the story more conservative, and included a new, longer preface by her, presenting a somewhat embellished version of the genesis of the story. This edition tends to be the one most widely read now, although editions containing the original 1818 text are still published. Many scholars prefer the 1818 text, arguing that it preserves the spirit of Shelley’s original publication.

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
2683 reviews

H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction by H. P. Lovecraft

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an American author who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction.This edition contains:The AlchemistAt the Mountains of MadnessAzathothThe Battle that Ended the CenturyThe Beast in the CaveBeyond the Wall of SleepThe BookThe Call of CthulhuThe Case of Charles Dexter WardThe Cats of UltharCelephaïsThe Challenge from BeyondCollapsing CosmosesThe Colour out of SpaceCool AirThe Crawling ChaosThe Curse of YigDagonThe DescendantThe Diary of Alonzo TyperThe DisintermentThe Doom That Came to SarnathThe Dream-Quest of Unknown KadathThe Dreams in the Witch HouseThe Dunwich HorrorThe Electric ExecutionerThe Evil ClergymanEx OblivioneFacts concerning the LateArthur Jermyn and His FamilyThe FestivalFrom BeyondThe Green MeadowThe Haunter of the DarkHeHerbert West—ReanimatorThe History of the NecronomiconThe Hoard of the Wizard-BeastThe Horror at Martin’s BeachThe Horror at Red HookThe Horror in the Burying-GroundThe Horror in the MuseumThe HoundHypnosIbidIn the VaultIn the Walls of EryxThe Last TestThe Little Glass BottleThe Lurking FearThe Man of StoneMedusa’s CoilMemoryThe Moon-BogThe MoundThe Music of Erich ZannThe Mysterious ShipThe Mystery of the Grave-Yard or “A Dead Man’s Revenge”The Nameless CityThe Night OceanNyarlathotepOld BugsThe Other GodsOut of the AeonsThe OutsiderPickman’s ModelThe Picture in the HousePoetry and the GodsPolarisThe Quest of IranonThe Rats in the WallsA Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel JohnsonThe Secret CaveThe Shadow out of TimeThe Shadow over InnsmouthDiscarded Draft of “The Shadow over Innsmouth”The Shunned HouseThe Silver KeyThe Slaying of the MonsterThe Statement of Randolph CarterThe Strange High House in the MistThe StreetSweet Ermengarde Or, the Heart of a Country GirlThe TempleThe Terrible Old ManH.P. Lovecraft’s “The Thing in the Moonlight”The Thing on the DoorstepThrough the Gates of the Silver Key“Till A’ the Seas”The TombThe Transition of Juan RomeroThe TrapThe TreeThe Tree on the HillTwo Black BottlesUnder the PyramidsThe UnnamableThe Very Old FolkWhat the Moon BringsThe Whisperer in DarknessThe White ShipWinged DeathPoetry An American to Mother EnglandThe Ancient TrackArcadiaAstrophobosThe CatsChristmasChristmas Greetings to Annie E. P. GamwellChristmas Greetings to Eugene B. Kuntz et al.Christmas Greetings to Felis (Frank Belknap Long’s cat)Christmas Greetings to Felis (Frank Belknap Long’s cat)Christmas Greetings to Laurie A. SawyerChristmas Greetings to Rheinhart KleinerChristmas Greetings to Sonia H. GreeneThe CityThe ConscriptDead Passion’s Flame A Poem by Blank FrailtyDespairFact and FancyFestivalFungi from YuggothA GardenHallowe’en in a SuburbThe HouseIn a Sequest

Author: H. P. Lovecraft

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
519 reviews