Desolation Run by James Snyder

70-something Oreny “Big” Johnson has a problem. Actually, he has two. Or maybe three. The first is that he’ll be dead from cancer, less than a year, which doesn’t particularly concern him: “Things I’ve been through, dying is just one more page in a long bad book.” But spending his last living days, taking his last living breath, behind steel bars does. That’s the second problem: Inmate #78903 in the notorious level-four Washington State prison known as Horseneck Bay.Then there’s the money. Two million dollars of stolen military payroll, supposedly buried in some remote and mysterious south-Texas mountain range called Los Despoblados, or The Uninhabited, which sounds to Oreny like one of those places his Mama Maybell always told him to avoid. But he’ll worry about that later. He has to get there first. Problem number three.That’s when he brings those two smoldering dynamite sticks he’s attached himself to–his Luke-boy and Jaime–on board to help his tired old body break out of Horseneck and go dig up that money and then hightail it across the border into Mexico. And when they do break out, and Luke decides to bring his girlfriend Lauren along, and her enraged ex comes after them, and then the manhunt starts multiplying faster around them than those cancer cells inside him, Oreny still thinks he can control them. The problems, that is. At least, until Cade arrives.Cade, the prison investigator Oreny knows is dangerous and unpredictable as a six-foot-two wolverine on eight gallons of adrenalin gone bad. And who won’t stop until he catches them and does to them what Cade does best.Cade, Oreny knows better than anything else, is their biggest problem of all. “No Country for Old Men meets Silence of the Lambs in the Tex-Mex badlands.””Simultaneously brutal, bloody and beatific, this is crime fiction done right. A relentlessly paced, unpredictable page-turner powered by well-developed characters.” Kirkus ReviewsDesolation Run has been awarded a place on the Awesome Indies list of quality independent fiction.

Author: James Snyder

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
169 reviews

Too Good To Be True by Shakela James

When something feels too good to be true, it usually is. Knowing this, how far will one go to get their happy ending? More importantly, who will they have to drag down in the process?Sherice is a gorgeous model-turned housewife who devotes her life to her husband Mr. Big and their 3 year old daughter. She knows her husband occasionally has other women but as long as her house is taken care of and the women know their place, she turns a blind eye. However, she has a huge choice to make when a shocking secret threatens to ruin what she has worked so hard to build.Mariah is a sexy, sassy business woman who can take care of herself. She has only one weakness: Mr. Big. When she fell in love with him two years ago, she had no idea that he would come with so much baggage. She will soon find herself at a crossroad when one event throws her life off course, and she is left with a decision that will surely change her world forever. In a world of lies, sex, and deceit… can you truly be happy or will it always be too good to be true?

Author: Shakela James

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
106 reviews

My Ratchet Secret: What you don’t know can hurt you by Midnite Love


I have a question for you ladies. What would you do to marry the man of your dreams? Would you be willing to risk everything for love? I did, the day I met my fiancé I knew he was my soul mate. And I was willing to do whatever it took to get him no matter what the cost. My name is Pebbles and this is my story.

Graphic/explicit sex scene

ATTENTION: This is a short story

Author: Midnite Love

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
316 reviews

In Love With The King Of Harlem by Jahquel J

Qua loves Wynner. Wynner loves Qua. Easy enough, right? But Wynner came with two brothers who couldn’t stand Qua with their baby sister. Qua couldn’t stand not having Wynner with him, even if he didn’t have his life together. With faith, his word and love, he grabs his love’s hand and marries her at the court house. Flash forward five years, and all the promises that Qua has made Wynner he has come through on them. To stay true, secure the bag & be her ace through all her pain. With Wynner always being sick, everyone babies her and is always worried about her. As a wife, she supposed to nurture and cater to her husband, but always being sick, she feels less than a wife. When Qua’s childhood friend comes to the city, she’s sure to shake things up between the couple. Will they take their vows to heart? Or will Uzi be making his baby sister a widow? Uzi is feared by everything with a beating heart in New York. He and his brother’s name ring bells in the New York City streets. If you and the Mcknight brother’s name are mentioned in the same breath, you know you won’t live to speak about it. With no time for a woman, Uzi usually slides in women and dip after. But, when a smart talking bartender at his favorite strip club catches his eyes he chases her like a lion does an antelope.Remi is so over men wasting her time & spitting game that she doesn’t want to play. Working two jobs, she doesn’t have time for games. When Uzi approaches her at work, both their words collide at full force. In a situationship, she continues to ignore Uzi until it becomes too much to handle. Will Uzi eventually shoot a arrow in her heart? Girl, take it all off cause I know you extra, Future’s words couldn’t ring truer for Remi’s younger sister, Tweeti. Being the heavier of the two, she’s was always overlooked as a child. Until now, where all the boys that played her for being plus sized, are same men chasing her. Tweeti doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. One week she wants to save lives then the next she wants to take them. When Jahquel rolls into her life, she’s taken back. Never being with a man in a wheel chair, she shuts him down. What happens when Jah eventually captures her heart?Jahquel used to run the same streets his older brother now owns. A gun shot to the back stopped that, but it didn’t stop his ruthless and rude demeanor. Being paralyzed limits some things, but when he runs into Tweeti, he feels like the sky is the limit. Tweeti couldn’t be less interested than being just friends. Never being one to give up, he continues to pursue Tweeti. Will he eventually wear her down? In New York where you gotta go hard, these kings need to reign with an iron fist, but will they do it with or without queens?

Author: Jahquel J

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
142 reviews

What Hurts the Most by Tynessa

What hurts the most is letting go. Being in a relationship with ladies’ man, Jay’vion, Asia is ready to throw in the towel. Jay’vion is the true definition of the song ‘Can’t Raise a Man.’ Having a hard time being faithful and committing himself to Asia, he finds himself alone and lonesome. The last woman has approached Asia for the last time, and though letting go might be the hardest thing she’s ever had to endure, she knows it’s something she has to do.

What hurts the most is falling for another man when you already have one of your own. Tangela has always lived by the rule of loyalty, even if her man is serving a five-year sentence. When she meets irresistible, fresh out of prison Quintez, she knows to stay far away from his kind. Little does she know, whatever Quintez wants, he gets. That includes her. Will Tangela continue to be loyal to her man, or will Quintez be one temptation she will not be able to fight?

This is one rollercoaster ride you don’t want to miss.

Author: Tynessa

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
197 reviews

From the Pole to the Palace: A Love Nobody Expected by Diamond Johnson

Hoe. Slut. Skank. Those were all words that Ms. Dreka Hendrix has been called over the past few months ever since she landed her a job at Sin City. Sin City is a major strip club here in Miami Florida. While most people are there trying to showcase their talents, Dreka is there only because it is her last resort. She’s raising a six-year-old daughter by the name of Charisma, and doing whatever she has to do to provide for her and her child.In comes the new club manager, Seth Roberts. Seth immediately sees something in Dreka, but the only thing that keeps them apart is the fact that Seth is married. Will Seth give up on his marriage to pursue Dreka? Find out if Dreka has what it takes to go from the pole to the palace.

Author: Diamond Johnson

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
328 reviews

PI On A Hot Tin Roof : A New Orleans Cozy Mystery; Talba Wallis #4 (The Talba Wallis PI Series) by Julie Smith

The FOURTH mystery in Edgar-winning author Julie Smith’s Talba Wallis series.

“…the fun, frenetic pace of a typical Talba Wallis caper. This is an effective mix of household drama, political corruption, and old-style murder mystery.” -Booklist

“This spicy gumbo of steamy mystery, saucy humor and piquant social commentary should appeal to discriminating crime fans.” -Publishers Weekly

“If you haven’t read Smith before, this is the time to start. If you’re a fan, you’re in for yet another tread.” – Marcia Muller, bestselling author of Dead Midnight

Your lawyer needs you to bail her out? Isn’t that kind of backwards?

So thinks PI Talba Wallis, on her way to Parish Prison—and indeed something’s badly amiss.

New Orleans’ most dynamic detective duo, poet/computer genius Talba and street-savvy Luddite Eddie Valentino, have a personal interest in this one—Eddie’s lawyer daughter Angie’s been set up for a drug bust.

Prominent Judge Buddy Champagne’s the obvious perp and Talba’s so mad she embeds herself in his house as a spy—but she doesn’t count on ending up with a family straight out of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; nor did she realize how involved she was going to get—especially with Buddy’s 14-year-old daughter Lucy.

It works, though, She uncovers plenty of evidence the judge is dirty. And then things get ugly: Somebody kills Buddy and Talba’s true identity comes to light. The Champagnes hate her at this point, but guess what? They hire her to solve the case.

There are plenty of mysterious twists and turns on the way to an ending guaranteed to surprise—but the real joy here is in the relationships, especially Talba’s with Lucy, who, it turns out, is a budding poet. And with another little girl, her boy friend’s bratty daughter Raisa. She’s SO not prepared for quasi-motherhood!

“(Talba) Wallis is fine fun to get to know… a consistently interesting and likable woman of depth and complexity.” -The Washington Post on Louisiana Bigshot

Author: Julie Smith

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
297 reviews

In Love With A Brooklyn Thug 3 by Nako

Love continues to fail Nia and with the arrival of her daughter she doesn’t have the time or energy to pour into her failing relationship with East. Money is no longer the only thing on her mind; her daughter is. Nia realizes that family is above everything else and so she steps back from the demands of being a boss and running her own company. Torn between pride and his past, East uses the poor excuse of “not being enough” for his beloved Nia as the reason why he’s not around. Nia could care less about how East feels or what he’s going through, the back and forth games are beneath her and without blinking an eye she leaves the engagement ring on the nightstand and is gone with the wind.With the greatest support system, Nia is able to refocus on her brand and prepare for New York Fashion Week while East is still trying to make a name for himself in new territory.In Love with a Brooklyn Thug III is an emotional roller coaster, with two stubborn fools as parents, Eden is constantly going from the West to the East coast. Nia is finally able to accept Biggs death once she discovers the truth of who was behind the trigger and why. East finally swallows his pride and gets back on one knee but the question is will Nia be so quick to say, “yes” as she was the first time? Is marriage on the horizon for the couple? Or will her ambition overcrowd the idea of happily ever after? In Love with a Brooklyn Thug III allows readers to answer one question all on their own, Does Love Prevail or will East have to deal with watching the best thing that ever happened to him walk away?

Author: Nako

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
257 reviews