Her Mother’s love (HER MOTHER’S LOVE Book 1) by Sha Cole

Shuntay Phillips is a seventeen year old senior dealing with the loss of her father from a car accident. She is slowly trying to put her life back together, but now that her father was gone that left a huge void in her life; not to mention leaving her with her now abusive mother. At times; this made her depressed and feel as if she was alone, with no real family. The only other person she felt was really there for her besides her best friend and her family; was her dad’s lawyer Bill Williams. For some reason he always went above and beyond for her.

As her 18th birthday is approaching, her mother’s behavior changes. This gives Shuntay hope, that maybe they can have the type of relationship she wants with her mother. Unforeseen events; has Shuntay leaning on her new boyfriend, but she’s unsure of how much to tell him, not wanting to burden him with her problems.

While getting closer to her new boyfriend and prom around the corner she spends less time worrying about her mother. Finally something she can get excited about; an evening with her boyfriend and her best friend. A few days before prom unexpected events that Shuntay never saw coming occurs, landing her in the hospital critically injured. As Shuntay lie in her hospital bed everyone is questioning why would someone hurt her? When a secret no one was prepared for was revealed leaving everyone shocked, but the real question was how will Shuntay handle this life changing information?

Author: Sha Cole

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
258 reviews

Wired In (Paradise Crime Book 1) by Toby Neal

Paradise has no protection from a hacker with a hidden agenda.***FINALIST: Best Mystery/Suspense 2016, International Book Awards*****Top 100 Notable Indie Book 2016, Shelf Unbound Magazine***Clue Award Finalist, Chanticleer Reviews, 2017*Special Agent Sophie Ang’s emotions are battered by a child kidnapping case that goes badly wrong. In tracking the criminal ring, her rogue data analysis program D.A.V.I.D. identifies an anomaly that leads her into a cat-and-mouse game online with a deadly enemy whose motives are unclear. The chase lures her through dark corridors of cyberspace into a confrontation with the violence from her past that sent her fleeing to the United States. She’ll need every skill she’s learned to defeat her worst nightmare–and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Can Sophie both defeat her past, and protect her heart from a fascinating cyber vigilante?”Toby Neal has created a wonderfully rounded action heroine..fans of the genre will love her.” Russell Blake, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

Author: Toby Neal

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
449 reviews

Saved By A Kingpin by Chase Sidora

Riley Washington is the epitome of a strong black woman; loving, free-hearted, and kind. Not only that, she is strikingly gorgeous, witty, and smart. But she is also damaged. No matter how many great qualities she possesses; Riley has ended up scorned by love time and time again. This time though, when love leaves her with absolutely nothing and she is ready to call it quits once and for all, she finds refuge in an unlikely place.Mason Moore is handsome, wealthy, and noble. But for every positive attribute there is an even stronger, much more ruthless quality hidden underneath the surface. Growing up the son of a street legend in Passaic, New Jersey’s Aspen Place Projects, Mase has been groomed for the street life ever since he could remember. So when Mase inherited his title of Kingpin along with all the burdens that came along with it when his father was murdered in cold blood he was up for the challenge. Along with his childhood friend Steele, Mase has prided himself on his ability to continue to build and grow the organization that was handed to him with ease… that is until money turns up missing and a new flame threatens to knock him off of his square.Riley and Mase hit it off instantly and seem to be made for each other but can they really trust the fairytale their connection appears to be? Is it real or is their love circumstantial? Are they entertaining the idea of something that isn’t meant to last? With both their pasts hell bent on being a part of their futures, falling in love with each other could cost Mase and Riley not only their relationship but also their lives.

Author: Chase Sidora

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
132 reviews

Love and the Come Up by Kellz Kimberly

For Every savage there is a beauty standing right next to him, ready to hold it down for him. She gives him one of the purest things known to man; LOVE and in return he gives her the world.Ezekiel better known as Zeke wants nothing more than to ensure that his sister Emanii never wants for nothing. With an older brother who died & a mother who can’t seem to get over the death of her first child; Zeke has no other choice than to step into the game that took his brother away. With help from his cousin Haze & two friends Liam and Drix, Zeke starts what is soon to be known to the streets as Young Savages.Young Savages are all about the come up until they meet the beauties that are more than interested in capturing their heart.Eniko’s fifteen-year-old heart skipped a couple of beats when she laid eyes on Zeke, the only problem is he has a girlfriend named Lemon. With Zeke being spoken for Eniko has no other choice than to find love elsewhere. Little does she know, someone is lurking in the shadows ready to change the rhythm her heart beats too.Macy is Eniko’s best friend who can’t wait to get her first boyfriend but she won’t just settle for anyone. When Macy and Haze hook up something beautiful is created but we all know beauty fades and so can love.Jump into a read where you get to witness love in it’s purest form and at the same time witness the come up of Young Savages’ in the game. They say it’s all fair in love & war, but in these streets it’s nothing but real in love & the come up.

Author: Kellz Kimberly

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
124 reviews

Mekhi & KoKo: A Ghetto Love Story by Sol

Why is it so hard to walk away from the one you love?Sexy, independent, single mother, KoKo, is attempting to place her past behind her, but she can’t seem to rid herself of the shameful grip that her son’s father, Homicide, has on her life. Moving into her own place was the start to self-sufficiency after a horrible split with him. His controlling ways trumped her confidence, and caused her to reject love in any form when expressed by a man. However, a fated encounter with a handsome stranger quickly changes her outlook and causes her hurdles to dwindle in size. Still, reservations and fear aided by Homicide’s existence lingers much longer than Koko would care to admit. Once the wifey of a plug, always the wifey of a plug, and Homicide is the street king of Dallas.Like a knight in shining armor, Mekhi rescues Koko, setting her heart on fire and putting her love in the air. Hustler turned business owner, Mekhi is a self-proclaimed boss, who’s put his street ways behind him. He could have any woman he wants, that is until KoKo walks into his life. She’s the complicated beauty with a lot of extra baggage, who is hell bent on giving him a run for his money. He’s got his work cut out with her but at what cost? How far is he willing to go to steal the dope man’s girl? Or will he get anywhere at all?Mesha, Koko’s well cared for and materialistic bestie, is at her wits end with the secrecy and denial of the relationship that she shares with her play brother, Nas. While Nas doesn’t want to ruin the bond they’ve created over the years, Mesha is searching for more. She finds it within Dutch, a new crewmember of the same organization that Nas is a part of, Cokeboyz. Against Mesha’s better judgment, she pursues a relationship that was tainted from the start, and places both herself and Nas in the line of fire. Between the pages of this fast-paced, grimy, yet, beautiful tale of hatred, love, and forgiveness, this Dallas crew appears to be bound for destruction. Gather your bearings as the chain of spiraling events causes you to wonder who you’re riding for, and if they’ll make it to see the light of day.

Author: Sol

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
180 reviews

Hard to Luv: Ridin’ For a Real One by KC Mills

MyZell is a force to be reckoned with, He’s handsome, paid and mysterious. He’s every woman’s dream. The fact that no one knows much about him, only makes women want him more. His only concern is making money and keeping his sister out of harm’s way. MyZell learned the hard lesson that the more people know, the more power they have.Ryan fell in love with the wrong man, she gave him her all, and all he gave her was four years of heartache. He loved her, but not in the way she needed or deserved to be loved. Polo blamed it on the fact that he was young and not ready, but she knew it was simply because he was selfish. The only way to escape his deadly love was to run and not look back. She ends up in Miami where she crosses paths with MyZell, who saves her from a bad situation and possibly her past, only he doesn’t know it yet. Ryan and MyZell both have pasts that haunt them, but when the find each other, will they be able to build a future together? Or will they get caught up trying to right their wrongs and never truly move on?

Author: KC Mills

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
166 reviews

Royal Majesty: A Dope Boy Love Story by Chrissy J

Royal only wanted to be loved, but that was short lived once she got her heart stomped on by Chinx. She gave up on love and the whole fairytale love story until Majesty walked into her life, showing her things no other man has done before… Will Royal let Majesty love her or will she push him away because she’s afraid of being hurt a second time?Majesty Swore off love after his ex-girlfriend did the unthinkable and walked out of his life. Majesty threw himself into his businesses and stayed clear from any kind of relationship, until he crossed paths with Royal. With both of their exes trying to come back in the picture, will both Royal and Majesty make it through the lies, drama and deceit that the people that they once loved try to throw at their relationship? Or will they go their separate ways? Find out in Royal Majesty: A Dope Boy Love Story

Author: Chrissy J

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
211 reviews

ADDICTED TO HIM by Linette King

Rashard Peterson is an all around perfect catch. For any woman that can tame him that is. He’s the quarterback for UMA and he’s both family and goal oriented. Rashard can have any woman he wants and makes sure to get a taste of each one. With the perfect package, it’s hard for Rashard to duck and dodge them because they always come back for more. His only problem is he’s living 2 different lives.
Tamia Anderson isn’t your average girl. She’s every girl’s role model letting nothing and no one stop her from achieving her goals. Tamia vowed to never give another man her heart after her first love, Amere broke it causing her to flee her home town with her best friend after killing a man. Her only problem is she’s fallen under Rashard’s radar and what Rashard Peterson wants, Rashard Peterson gets.
Armani Wright is every man’s dream including her mom’s boyfriend, Steve who took it upon himself to test the goods. After being raped night after night and with no help from her mom, she turned to the only friend she had left in the world, Tamia. Tamia concocted a plan to get rid of Steve altogether and once they eliminated him. that fled to the streets of Detroit leaving the coast a distant memory. Now Armani uses her body to get any and everything she wants. With sponsors galore, Armani has to figure out if her body is a blessing or a curse.
Michelle Melton is your average girl based on appearances. She is the definition of Plain Jane. Michelle is in love with a man she’ll never have completely. She’s tried everything she could think of to keep him with the help of her cousin Tiffany. Michelle knows she and Ray are meant to be together and nothing will stop her. At least that’s what she thought until a fatal accident sends her to the hospital.
Will Rashard be able to maintain living 2 different lives while juggling multiple women as he zooms in on his new target? Will Tamia accomplish what she’s set out to do or will Rashard come in and destroy another life? Will Armani slow her role or continue to use her body to get ahead possibly costing her, her life? Will Michelle’s love for Ray overcome all or is this fatal accident too much to come back from?

Author: Linette King

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
345 reviews

That Crazy, Dope, Hood Kinda Love by KC Mills

It’s hard being the best, but when you are, there’s no point in denying it. Even if you do, people still see it. That’s exactly the case with the Karsen brothers. Their name means everything in Philly, especially to those who run the streets that they control. The Karsens have officially acquired the last major territory in Philly, and they plan to keep the city on lock indefinitely. Fleet, Cooper, and Yasiin have their hands full with both their illegal and legal businesses, but that doesn’t stop them from living life to the fullest. Get money, maintain clout, and demand respect is what they live by, and everyone knows it. With women throwing themselves at them, there is no shortage of excitement and drama in their lives. When you add the fact that they now have total control of the city, there’s never a moments rest for these brothers. Hopefully, they can keep their heads on right and get things down, but even if they can’t, their father who’s a legend in his own right has made it clear that he will step in and do it himself. A family that hustles hard together, bonds strong together…. or do they?

Author: KC Mills

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
205 reviews