Wife of a Misfit: Book 8 of the Cameron Series by Jade Jones

YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS FROM “CAMERON 7” ARE BACK IN THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SPIN-OFFDiana’s entire life changed when she met Tariq Haddad aka Rico. With his suave demeanor and devilishly handsome looks, he was every girl’s dream and every father’s worst nightmare. Because he was a smooth-talking pimp, she knew the risk that came with getting involved with a man like him–and yet she still allowed him to pull her into his underworld…but now it may be too late for her to escape his deadly grasp. Roxie was simply trying to move on with her life when Kwon came along and helped her get over a broken heart. Sweet, charming, and charismatic, he’s seemingly a breath of fresh air and the exact opposite of her cheating no good ex, Magyc. Yet there’s only one problem…Kwon is hiding a deep, dark secret. One that could potentially put her and her daughter’s life in danger. With over 150 five star reviews, “Wife of a Misfit” is a rollicking ride full of drama, betrayal, and unexpected twists!

Author: Jade Jones

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
189 reviews

In Love with a New Orleans Savage by Londyn Lenz

Karlos is the oldest of his 2 brothers Kevin and Kalvin and of his cousin Kaylin. The four of them run New Orleans with an iron fist. With their father stepping down and handing the thrown to Karlos and his brothers they have to live up to everything Kaine has built. Karlos aka Killz is a straight Savage! He does not play about his family or their business that stretches from Louisiana to Miami. All about his business, and pretty much nothing in between, love was never in the agenda. As fate would have it, he has a change of heart when he meets the sexy, Kylee Ricci.Kylee is the oldest of her three sisters, Kimmora, Kelly and Keira. They are from Italy but moved to the states with their drug dealing father after their mother died giving birth to the twins Kelly and Keira. The sisters are head strong, smart, beautiful and extremely close. Life as they know it changes dramatically when Kylee finds herself unintentionally falling for Killz the Savage from New Orleans.When the Royals meet the Ricci’s, it is one hell of a ride! Infidelity, shoot outs, robberies and betrayal at an all-time high. Through it all, will love prevail? Or will the dangerous lives of the Royals fill the sisters hearts with regret? Find out what happens when the Royals give their hearts to New Orleans Savages in between the pages of this captivating read.

Author: Londyn Lenz

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
147 reviews

Dirty Laundry by Cherie Briggins

Meet Choice Little who resides in Miami, Fl. Miami is usually a place people go to have a vacation, but to Choice its pure hell. Choice is a young beautiful girl, who tries to make a better situation a little better for her and her little sister Kyree, but that seems futile with crackheads for parents. Things change when she lays eyes on Supreme. David Givens aka Supreme is from New York, he’s fresh outta prison. He moves to Miami to be close to family. With some of his friends following him from New York to Miami, Supreme makes a name for him and his crew selling drugs and running an underground dog fighting business called Da Cage. Supreme is also a ladies man and he vows to never settle down until he meets Choice. Everything is not what it always seems and sometimes family is foe. The word loyal doesn’t exist and in some cases the word mother doesn’t either.

Author: Cherie Briggins

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
731 reviews

That Church Life by Teresa Howell

The Church Gal Crew is leading the way to Salvation at Mt. Zion Holiness Church. Feisty Natalia Freemon is the “head” of the crew. Rebellious and outspoken, she has no problems challenging the church status quo. Years later however, her loss of faith will tragically impact her life. 
    Michelle Hanks, a country girl from a hardworking farm family is the peacemaker and “soul” of the crew. Although struggling with self-confidence she is wise beyond her years and can’t wait to escape the farm life and find success; even if it costs her soul.
    Missy Jones, the “heart” of the crew, has the face of an angel and a voice sent from heaven. A pastor’s daughter raised in the church, Missy loves the ministry and her place in it.  But the flesh is tempting, especially when it comes in the form of sexy church musician and Mt. Zion playboy Tommy.  
    In spite of her dedication to the word, Missy falls hard for Tommy, and then falls out of favor with the church. Trapped in a cycle of relationship abuse, Missy’s world is falling apart until Beanie, a reformed stick-up man turned Evangelist, shows her real love. But when tragedy strikes, Missy is torn between the truth, that could jeopardize every-thing she loves, or a lie that could be her damnation.
    These three best friends drift away from each other and the church but come back together through spiritual downfall, relationship crises, drug addiction, and even murder. Can the crew survive the drama involved in That Church Life?

Author: Teresa Howell

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
136 reviews

BLACKBONE by Caryn Lee

Being told that she was black and ugly was what Ciara was used to hearing. Growing up for seventeen year old Ciara was hard. Dealing with a alcoholic Mother who physically, mentally, and verbally abused her. Being sent to live in a group home was only the beginning of another nightmare. That is until she meets Eric aka Smooth and he turns her life from shit to sugar. It’s all good until the sweet turns bitter.
Growing up to fast and living in the streets was fine with Jasmine. She didn’t want to listen to anyone and loved to break rules. She later found out in life that all rules aren’t meant to be broken.
Stick and stones don’t break her bones. Kelly was a small girl from the block who wasn’t to be played with. She did what she had to do to survive. She meets Ant and he chills her heart. Things get hot and heavy when she has to deal with the consequences that comes with the lifestyle.

Author: Caryn Lee

Rating: Rating: 4.20 / 5
427 reviews

Fashionably Deceptive by Tonia

From the outside looking in, Kayla has everything a girl could desire. She’s a semester away from graduating at the top of her class, dresses to kill, and is dating Dareon Anderson: All-American, wide receiver, destined to go pro. However, the façade quickly fades away when Dareon commits an act of unforgivable callousness. Dareon’s deception pushes Kayla into unfamiliar territory and into the arms of a man that will set off a series of unfortunate events. All is fair in love and war, and Kayla just hopes that she walks away with her sanity and her life in a world that is just so Fashionably Deceptive.

Author: Tonia

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
80 reviews

Bitchery by Karmel Divine

Inhaling and then exhaling I place both of my hands on the hanger as Suki removes hers. I cant believe how far its pushed into Suki as I stare down at the blood pooling below her ass. The end of the hanger hangs out of her with only enough room leftfor both my hands.
Suki has her shirt stuffed into her mouth as she looks down into my sad eyes. She nods her head giving me permission to pull it out.
With my hands soaked in my sisters blood from the hanger, I pull the hanger out. Suki screams louder causing me to let go of the hanger and jump back, scared shitless.
Suki mumbles through her shirt and I place my hands back onto the hanger. Breathing deeply I push the hanger into my sisters vagina slowly. Suki yells are muffled through the shirt, then her screams stop and she closes her eyes.

Author: Karmel Divine

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
304 reviews

Tears of a Hustler PT 1 by Silk White

Ali is a drug dealer slash business man who tries to change the way the game is played by giving back to the community. But at the same time he has to keep a close eye on his childhood crime partner G-Money who has a strong hatred for the police. Alis life take a series turn when a local rival a crooked cop, his pregnant girlfriend and his little brother comes into the picture.Once again Silk White takes readers deep into an underworld and night life. A gritty street tale that everyone will enjoy.Now how it all begins!

Author: Silk White

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
594 reviews

Lil’ Mama Fell in Love with the Plug by Toy

Raheem, the sexy tatted successful businessman, was a woman’s dream and the street’ worst nightmare at the same time. Unbeknownst to most, Raheem was The Plug and ruled the streets with an iron fist alongside his best friend, Jabba. Raheem’s first priority was to have a hand in raising his four boys, keep the streets in a choke hold and find some peace in the only woman who had truly captured his heart, Yvette. However, co-parenting with the baby mother from hell, who refuses to let go, wreaks havoc on the relationship with Yvette.Terri is the epitome of wanting your cake and eat it too. Terri is not ready to let the security blanket of Raheem go, causing her to bring nothing but drama and more drama into the lives of Raheem and Yvette. Terri strings a web of lies and deceit in order to secure the bag, with no regard for the people who will get hurt along the way.Yvette is a young teacher who is determined not to fall in love again after a heartbreak she suffered while in college. Yvette couldn’t catch herself from falling once Raheem came in and snatched her soul. What was supposed to be a casual sexual relationship turned into her finding the love of her life. It appeared that Terri had won the war when one of her antics had Yvette running for the hills and leaving the man she had fallen in love with behind. She meets a man who wants nothing more than to have Yvette as his woman; however, nothing is certain when Lil Mama Falls For The Plug.

Author: Toy

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
127 reviews

Finding My Way Back to Love by Diamond Johnson

They were Miami’s favorite couple. Mustafa and Kennedy Strong. Their names rang bells in the streets of Miami. Before Mustafa and Kennedy were a married couple, they were once two six-year-old kids who were the best of friends. But from day one, they knew that they loved each other. Years later, they now have three beautiful children, but Mustafa’s occupation is dangerous and Kennedy want’s nothing more than for her husband to leave the streets alone. After Mustafa’s parents, the streets raised him next, so that’s all he knows. Will Mustafa’s stubbornness cause him to lose his family? Should he have listened to his wife? No doubt that the Strong family will take a major loss, but is it fixable is the question. This book will make you cry, laugh, smile, angry, and cry all over again. We just hope that with everything that Kennedy and Mustafa endures, that they will be able to find their way back to love.

Author: Diamond Johnson

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
194 reviews