Everything Comes With A Price 2 by STEPHANIE ACON

In the aftermath of five murders, including her best friend’s, it was Island who’d walked away breathing, and bearing in her arms a new baby, and well… a new life. A new life, plus a new ring on her finger. It was she who’d arose from the smoke of everything that went up in flames. And, it was she who’d emerged from the brink of death with the love of her life—Joi—at her side.Now life is good. Life is very good.’Til that good life takes a screeching turn into another dark corner of reality, where Island realizes for the last time, that everything comes with a price…. including Joi.


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Love Was the Alibi 2 by Tiff Smitty

Dawson and Davita are still in love and living happily ever after. Old acquaintances resurface and new friends want to get acquainted as Dawson gets on his grown man. Davita makes a big mistake that could cut her off like he did his ex, or can she redeem herself? Rick is dealing with the loss of his brothers and has ran into some trouble. How deep does his love go for his best friend Davita? Davon is a force to be reckoned with. He looks up to his boss as the big brother he never had, which would be ok if his boss wasn’t a contract killer. What’s a young unstable brother to do when the girl he loves falls for someone else? Love once again becomes the alibi.

Author: Tiff Smitty

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Ratchet Wives Club: Atlanta Edition by N’Dia Rae

Side Chicks.Infidelity.Greed.Wives of Atlanta’s Biggest Ballers…All holding dark secrets…they’re ratchet!AriaMarried to ATL’s biggest kingpin Czar, she is a paraplegic confined to the wheelchair for life after one of her husband’s rivals shoots her. Still bitter about her predicament she cheats on Czar with Nokio, her husband’s corner boy, and plots to take over his empire. Cipirana.Gorgeous BBW that’s not appreciated by her husband Braxton, who is soon to be the mayor of Atlanta. After years of neglect, disrespect and abuse from Braxton she she takes comfort in Javi, Czar’s right hand man. Apryl.She is Cipriana’s little sister and an undercover detective cop. Apryl is also the wife of a former cop turned law school student by the name of Kazman. When Kazman is struck in a car accident and placed in a coma, Apryl is left to pay all of their bills. To help she takes on extra undercover work, investigating Czar. When she meets Czar she is immediately attracted to the powerful kingpin. But what about her husband in the coma?MayekaIs a former stripper turned baby mama to one of the city’s most powerful men, Braxton Nicks. Braxton Nicks is a councilman running for mayor who is also married to Cipriana. As Mayeka’s son get’s older the more she wants Braxton all to her self but she she is hiding a dark secret from him too. All four women’s lives are entangled in this juicy tale of drama, lust and secrets. Are you ready for this crazy rollercoaster ride?

Author: N’Dia Rae

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

Vampz Macabre: Malcolm Hex Book One by N.R. Larry

Putting the URBAN in urban fantasy…No vamp is crazy enough to hunt in The Heights. After all, it’s under the protection of Malcolm Hex, known for taking down not only vampires, but every other supernatural creature that threatens the neighborhood. So, when a blood-drinker goes after one of her foster kids in their own home, Mal knows there must be something new about these vamps. Something dangerous. She’s right. They are jiangshi, Chinese vampires, and they just might be powerful enough to take Mal out for good. Not only that, Bao, the vampire child in her care, starts changing with these new attacks, and it’s no coincidence—Mal learns that these new vamps will stop at nothing until Bao goes with them. Mal isn’t having that. No one messes with her kids.And no one messes with Malcolm Hex.

Author: N.R. Larry

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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Loose Ends (Soul Love Series Book 2) by L.S. Bergman

Less than a year ago, Indieauthor Alma Grant had it all, best-seller success, a film-deal, but a personal life, of her choosing, which had remained closed-off and stubbornly single.

Now, engaged and mid-term through a twin pregnancy, Alma’s life could not have looked more different. She could never have predicted to be on the verge of sealing her happiness with a marriage to one of the hottest celebrity bachelors, ex-rapper and film star, Spade.

Coming out to LA, Sharon Philips, Alma’s competent British assistant and long-time friend, has been thrust into the role of organizing, what is billed to be, one of the biggest weddings of the year. A highly efficient workaholic, with buried talents of her own; Sharon is determined to pull -off the wedding without a hitch.

Little did Sharon expect to be working together with Raymond Parks, Spade’s right hand. Their initial efforts feel more like a frustrated clash of working styles, cultures, and smoldering vibes.

But although the wedding plans remain on track, things where Spade is concerned rarely seem to run smoothly.

As new evidence comes to light, the legal investigation into the shootings at the Soultronics Label is resurrected, under the lead of a persistent Detective Woods, effectively unleashing a storm of far-reaching repercussions. In the midst of the fall-out; while forces seem intent on tearing Alma and Spade’s world apart, the prospect of their wedding right along with it; Sharon and Ray are forced to dig deep.

An emotional roller-coaster ride; Loose Ends is the third, stand alone, installment in LS Bergman’s Soul Love Series.

Author: L.S. Bergman

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

FOUND BY YOU: A BWWM Interracial Billionaire Romance Book Collection (African American Interracial Series by Scribble XO Books

A BWWM BILLIONAIRE BAD BOY ROMANCE COLLECTION full of your favorite authors from the Scribble XO Book Club! Hunky billionaires, bad boys, models, military men and more! A fantastic collection full of sizzling pages of love, suspense and captivation romance. Inside is an extra gift just for you!

I haven’t done a lot of dating since my jerk fiancé cheated on me two years ago, but I have a very full life: a great family, a fulfilling job, and a home in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Then my big brother introduces me to his mysterious writer friend from LA… I’m falling fast, but I don’t know if I can risk my heart again. What if this gorgeous, sensitive guy isn’t what he seems to be?

Sade is incredible, but I’m afraid to let her know the truth. I’m a reformed playboy sitting on the billion dollars I got for my real estate empire, trying to find my center after a decade of living for parties and cheap sex. This woman is something seriously special, but I’m afraid she’ll reject me if she knows what a selfish prick I used to be. How can I be honest with her without losing her?

After David’s betrayal, the last thing I wanted to do was stay in Kansas. So I traded in my cheating husband for a one-way ticket to the land of gondolas, cobbled streets and…. sexy daring Italian men kissing me in doorways? Just one…one in particular…

I’m used to it. Fast cars, glitzy galas and a few knockout supermodels on each arm. But it’s time for me to put all that aside. What I’m not used to is the bronze beauty I caught resting in the sunlight. There’s something about the way she clings to me when I save her that makes me never want to let her go….

I’ve tried so hard to stay away. My boss is infuriating, unreadable and…drop dead gorgeous. All I want is to start my own business here in Venice and restart my life after my horrible past in the States. So when Alexander gives me a chance to do that and… make him mine for the weekend, how could I not say yes?

I’ve been silently and hopelessly in love with my assistant for months. And even after that sizzling kiss we shared, she still won’t have me. Something about me being arrogante… But now I have the perfect plan to give us what we both want. Yeah, I’ll have Samantha. Mind, body and soul.

.THREE handsome billionaires!

This collection includes romances from authors featured in the Scribble XO Book Club. They are standalone stories. No cliffhangers. Bonus Gift Inside! Intended for mature readers only.

Author: Scribble XO Books

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Basketball Prodigy: The Journey To The NBA by Terrence Richardson

“Hello I’m Prodigy”

This is the journey of a 13 year old teen named Prodigy who recently just moved to a small city due to the fact that his father serves in the military. Shortly after the family moved to a new Air Force base—the father gets into a motorcycle accident. This is a great tale of a teen and mom who are faced with the many challenges that life throws at us all. This first literature of the Richuals series, Prodigy is a riveting tale, exploring rage, hope, determination, and the daily practices of trying to attain wealth—all while being constantly tested to do what is morally right, even when all odds are against them. Now the family are faced with hard times that can alter the fate of their lives…

Author: Terrence Richardson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

All I Ever Wanted by Stephanie Hendry

Get ready for the thrill of your life. All I Ever Wanted is just like being on a roller coaster, filled with twists and turns that will give you an adrenaline rush and wanting more. So sit back and enjoy the ride!McKenzie Taylor has worked hard building his now successful architecture business from the ground up. After five years of marriage, he is ready to start a family, but his wife, Sharon feels a child would only complicate things; after all, he’s working all the time and is not spending time with her. As McKenzie struggles to try to make things right between them, Sharon begins living a double life. Noticing the changes in her, McKenzie hires a private investigator and finds out that she is not the woman he thought she was.Tired of being lonely, Sharon considers having an affair. She craves attention and since McKenzie isn’t giving it to her, she wants to find someone that will. When she meets one of McKenzie’s clients, Byron Jefferson, he sweeps her off her feet. He gives her all the pleasures she’s been longing for in her marriage, but, she will find out the grass is not always greener on the other side. Mercedes Wilkerson is a paralegal for James and Randall Law Firm. Single and alone, she finally meets the kind of man she’s been waiting for all of her life. Richard Madison seems to have the full package; the looks, a good job, money, and he’s single. However, she will discover looks can be deceiving….Both of these couples will find themselves in a web of lies, betrayal and deceit.

Author: Stephanie Hendry

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Stacy and Brandon: An Urban Love by C Horne

Fresh off a five year prison bid, Brandon Holiday returns home to Miami with scores to settle in both his personal and business lives. Before Brandon went to prison, several people owed him money, to the tune of over five million dollars. The time had come to pay up, and he was determined to collect what was owed to him by choice or by force. During Brandon’s incarceration, his girlfriend, Stacy, had held him down, even bringing their son to see him twice a month. Brandon had felt a change in Stacy during the last year and a half of his prison stint, and he wondered if she’d become involved with someone else. Although he hadn’t been a saint, Brandon wasn’t sure if he could forgive what he considered the ultimate betrayal.Stacy had loved Brandon since she was a young teenager, and she knew in her heart that she always would. Their life together hadn’t been easy, and long stretches of separation and uncertainty had caused her to fall weak to the affection of another. Now that Brandon has returned home, Stacy is ready to give up her temporary source of comfort and move on with Brandon and their son. Unfortunately, her lover is not willing to let her go without a fight, and Brandon seems to have given up on their love.

Author: C Horne

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews