The Rebirth of Dino Earth by Pat Hatt and Ozzy Esha

It had been many years since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Suddenly, a few come back wanting a dinosaur rebirth. They escaped a Freaky Alien zoo, wanting to come home and live with me and you.

But the Freaky Aliens would not let that happen at all. They would have the dinosaurs back at their zoo hall. They come back to capture each one. This causes Dino Kazoo to run. He escapes their reach as the Freaky Aliens fix their breach. They capture all of his friends on their UFO. Dino Kazoo thinks he is too small to save them though.

Will Dino Kazoo save the day? Will the Freaky Aliens get away? Find out by following along with Dino Kazoo as he tries to save his friends from the Freaky Alien zoo.

Author: Pat Hatt and Ozzy Esha

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
85 reviews

Bounty (Hunted Love Book 2) by Aden Lowe

Bounty hunter Falon Harris is asked to go after outlaw biker Tom Kellen and tracks him to where he’s hiding out in Stags Leap, KY, laying low and waiting for the heat to pass. Rita James operates a busy tavern/grill and occasionally rents out the little camper trailer on her back lot. Figuring the tavern is the most logical place to watch for Kellen, Falon rents the trailer for a week. The first night, while he’s having dinner and watching everything, Kellen shows up and starts giving Rita a hard time. The bartender puts a stop to it, but Falon gets the idea it’s happened before. Knowing Kellen’s past, he knows the biker won’t take no for an answer for long.

Author: Aden Lowe

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
47 reviews

Stray (Touchstone Book 1) by Andrea K. Höst

Part 1 of the Touchstone trilogy.On her last day of high school, Cassandra Devlin walked out of exams and into a forest. Surrounded by the wrong sort of trees, and animals never featured in any nature documentary, Cass is only sure of one thing: alone, she will be lucky to survive. The sprawl of abandoned blockish buildings Cass discovers offers her only more puzzles. Where are the people? What is the intoxicating mist which drifts off the buildings in the moonlight? And why does she feel like she’s being watched? Increasingly unnerved, Cass is overjoyed at the arrival of the formidable Setari. Whisked to a world as technologically advanced as the first was primitive, where nanotech computers are grown inside people’s skulls, and few have any interest in venturing outside the enormous whitestone cities, Cass finds herself processed as a ‘stray’, a refugee displaced by the gates torn between worlds. Struggling with an unfamiliar language and culture, she must adapt to virtual classrooms, friends who can teleport, and the ingrained attitude that strays are backward and slow. Can Cass ever find her way home? And after the people of her new world discover her unexpected value, will they be willing to let her leave?

Author: Andrea K. Höst

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
361 reviews

Hollow Space: Venture – A Space Opera Adventure (Xantoverse Book 1) by C.F. Barnes and T.F. Grant

“What a ride! Loved it straight through. Consider me hooked for life. Hollow Space is my new jam.” — Aaron Sikes, Reviewer for SF Signal.”

A Space Opera Adventure Novel
Forced to hyperjump during a brutal ambush, Sara Lorelle, navigator of the Venture, the last human colony ship, discovers a terrible truth: they’ve jumped to somewhere that shouldn’t exist.

Trapped inside a pocket universe known only as Hollow Space, where technology inexplicably fails, Sara and her crew have to face the lethal politics of their only destination. Haven—a decrepit station, home to deadly aliens and rival factions that soon sees the Venture crew up to their necks in danger.

With their only hope placed in Tairon Cauder, a reckless scoundrel, they will battle impossible species, confront their fears, and uncover ancient and terrible secrets. In a place where those who shoot first live the longest, the Venture crew will have to push their limits if they are to save themselves and the human race from extinction.

Hollow Space: Venture, a Xantoverse novel, will delight those who relish high adventure, high stakes, and low morals. For fans of Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Deep Space Nine. Why wait? Click that buy button now and jump into the world of Hollow Space.

Author: C.F. Barnes and T.F. Grant

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
427 reviews

The Reborn (The Day Eight Series Part 1) by Ray Mazza

Present day: Secret technology. Genius millionaires. A simulated human. Hidden chambers. And in the middle of it all: Trevor Leighton.

When Trevor Leighton stumbles upon a distress note written by the daughter of multi-millionaire Damon Winters, he attempts to do the right thing: turn it in. But the note isn’t what it seems, and it leads Trevor on a dangerous path to uncover the most incredible technology the world has ever known: a super intelligent human being simulating inside a computer program. Not only did Trevor unwittingly have a hand in creating the simulated human, but his new work to alter it will push his life – and the world – one step closer to a catastrophic event.

Part I of the Day Eight series is just the beginning of Trevor’s thrilling adventure to prevent a disaster far worse than any ever conceived by humanity.

The Day Eight Series is an Amazon Best-Selling Technothriller serial novel.
Part I of The Day Eight Series serial novel: The Reborn
Part II of The Day Eight Series serial novel: Of Mice and Hitmen
Part III of The Day Eight Series serial novel (the conclusion): The Spiritual Singularity

Author: Ray Mazza

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
85 reviews

Confessions of a Gunfighter (The Landon Saga Book 1) by Tell Cotten

His Pa gave him the ivory-handled Colt; Ben Kinrich taught him how to use it.

This, in his owns words, is the tale of Rondo Landon.

Rondo is a troubled gunfighter with quite a past. Recognized by his six-gun, he is known for robbing banks, stagecoaches, payrolls, and rustling cows. Now, locked in a jail, it looks like Rondo will be facing a long term prison term, or worse.

But, before that happens, Rondo has a few things to say…

Author: Tell Cotten

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
159 reviews

The Family DuMont (Book 1 of The Family Dumont Series) by Austin Wright and Adam Knox

Every family has secrets.  When it’s one of the most powerful families in history, secrets can have catastrophic consequences for the entire world.   __________________________________________________For hundreds of years they were the weapons of kings.  Now they work for themselves on the world’s behalf.But who is going to save them when a forgotten enemy returns?  __________________________________________________No other organization has had a greater impact on history through the lives they’ve saved and the lives they’ve taken. They are an extraordinary family whose quiet interventions in the world’s affairs have had important ramifications for centuries.  But every family has its drama…  Claire DuMont has been estranged from the family for the last five years, surviving on her own as an independent contractor. On Tuesday, she arrives in Dallas on an assignment for a detestable mob boss.  During her one night in town, she unexpectedly falls in love with an ordinary man who is willing to do something very surprising to catch her attention. That same day, her brother Julian pilots a dilapidated boat into Galveston harbor.  As he attempts to carry out his own mission at a seedy waterfront bar that is being monitored by law enforcement and a South American drug cartel, he meets a beautiful waitress who is not what she seems.   Meanwhile, their cousin Tait is attempting to finally become a family agent by hunting down a well-protected criminal.  When his first real mission nearly ends in disaster, it’s up to the heads of the American family to decide his fate before Tait’s father, the head of the European family, arrives and causes havoc.  The events of this day will begin an explosive chain reaction that will put in jeopardy the fate of fifteen-year-old Abbey, the DuMonts’ greatest hope for the future, who is about to begin her own harrowing journey that will lead her to the startling truth about the family. _____________________________________________________AboutTHE FAMILY DUMONT is the first part in the Family DuMont series.  Authors Austin Wright and Adam Knox have created a complex family drama that follows the members on a worldwide adventure.  The multi-generational family experiences action, romance, political intrigue, revenge and unthinkable danger on a global scale.  Note: The Family DuMont: Façades (Book 2 in the series) will be available April 18th, 2014.  

Author: Austin Wright and Adam Knox

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
52 reviews

MAGIC (Dog Mysteries Book 1) by Edmond Humm

Frankenstein meets Lassie.

Two decades of genetic research and experimentation, subsidized by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, produces an amazing animal of the sub species Canis Lupus Familiaris. It appears to be a large golden retriever; however, it has one salient attribute that separates it from the rest of the canine world, it possesses the intelligence of an adult human being. Named Magic by the Marine whose life he saves, he travels from war torn Iraq to America and beyond.

Author: Edmond Humm

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
110 reviews

The Other Sister (Sister Series, #1) by Leanne Davis

General Travis Bains has two daughters, one who is good, and one who is bad. Everyone knows Lindsey is the good one, and Jessie is the bad one.

Jessie Bains is the other sister, the bad sister, which she has proven more often than not, until the day she gets kidnapped and brutally raped. Will Hendricks, one of her father’s soldiers, rescues her and brings her home, but fears she may be nearly destroyed by what is done to her. The most important thing, however, is that no one can know, per the general’s orders.

Jessie’s life was always far from normal as the daughter of one of the most revered generals in the world. No one sees what the general does to Jessie, except Will. When Will discovers the danger Jessie is living in at her father’s hand, he once again rescues her. Will has survived the horrors of war, but is now engaged in a battle that has become far more personal and far more deadly. Will alone realizes what the general has done and will do to destroy his “other” daughter.

**Due to mature subject matter and language this is recommended for readers aged 17+**

I hate you for this, soldier.
He looked into her eyes and saw the opposite. I know.
He surprised her, as well as Lindsey, when he lifted her off her feet, and held her to him. In his arms. Next to his face. Her arms encircled him, and he held her. He leaned down and his lips touched hers in a soft, gentle, closed-mouth kiss that spoke of leaving and longing and all the other things he couldnt tell Jessie.
I told you a long time ago, someday, things would be different for you. This is the only way I know how to fulfill that promise for you.
With that, he released her and watched her eyes filling with tears as she nearly collapsed on the couch. Lindsey came over to her and they awkwardly figured out how to hug each other. Will leaned down and gathered his bag. As he turned to leave, he saw the two sisters huddled together, tears falling from their eyes.
Goodbye, Jessie, he said as he turned and left her.

Author: Leanne Davis

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
386 reviews