Confessions of a Gunfighter (The Landon Saga Book 1) by Tell Cotten

His Pa gave him the ivory-handled Colt; Ben Kinrich taught him how to use it.

This, in his owns words, is the tale of Rondo Landon.

Rondo is a troubled gunfighter with quite a past. Recognized by his six-gun, he is known for robbing banks, stagecoaches, payrolls, and rustling cows. Now, locked in a jail, it looks like Rondo will be facing a long term prison term, or worse.

But, before that happens, Rondo has a few things to say…

Author: Tell Cotten

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
159 reviews

The Family DuMont (Book 1 of The Family Dumont Series) by Austin Wright and Adam Knox

Every family has secrets.  When it’s one of the most powerful families in history, secrets can have catastrophic consequences for the entire world.   __________________________________________________For hundreds of years they were the weapons of kings.  Now they work for themselves on the world’s behalf.But who is going to save them when a forgotten enemy returns?  __________________________________________________No other organization has had a greater impact on history through the lives they’ve saved and the lives they’ve taken. They are an extraordinary family whose quiet interventions in the world’s affairs have had important ramifications for centuries.  But every family has its drama…  Claire DuMont has been estranged from the family for the last five years, surviving on her own as an independent contractor. On Tuesday, she arrives in Dallas on an assignment for a detestable mob boss.  During her one night in town, she unexpectedly falls in love with an ordinary man who is willing to do something very surprising to catch her attention. That same day, her brother Julian pilots a dilapidated boat into Galveston harbor.  As he attempts to carry out his own mission at a seedy waterfront bar that is being monitored by law enforcement and a South American drug cartel, he meets a beautiful waitress who is not what she seems.   Meanwhile, their cousin Tait is attempting to finally become a family agent by hunting down a well-protected criminal.  When his first real mission nearly ends in disaster, it’s up to the heads of the American family to decide his fate before Tait’s father, the head of the European family, arrives and causes havoc.  The events of this day will begin an explosive chain reaction that will put in jeopardy the fate of fifteen-year-old Abbey, the DuMonts’ greatest hope for the future, who is about to begin her own harrowing journey that will lead her to the startling truth about the family. _____________________________________________________AboutTHE FAMILY DUMONT is the first part in the Family DuMont series.  Authors Austin Wright and Adam Knox have created a complex family drama that follows the members on a worldwide adventure.  The multi-generational family experiences action, romance, political intrigue, revenge and unthinkable danger on a global scale.  Note: The Family DuMont: Façades (Book 2 in the series) will be available April 18th, 2014.  

Author: Austin Wright and Adam Knox

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
52 reviews

MAGIC (Dog Mysteries Book 1) by Edmond Humm

Frankenstein meets Lassie.

Two decades of genetic research and experimentation, subsidized by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, produces an amazing animal of the sub species Canis Lupus Familiaris. It appears to be a large golden retriever; however, it has one salient attribute that separates it from the rest of the canine world, it possesses the intelligence of an adult human being. Named Magic by the Marine whose life he saves, he travels from war torn Iraq to America and beyond.

Author: Edmond Humm

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
110 reviews

The Other Sister (Sister Series, #1) by Leanne Davis

General Travis Bains has two daughters, one who is good, and one who is bad. Everyone knows Lindsey is the good one, and Jessie is the bad one.

Jessie Bains is the other sister, the bad sister, which she has proven more often than not, until the day she gets kidnapped and brutally raped. Will Hendricks, one of her father’s soldiers, rescues her and brings her home, but fears she may be nearly destroyed by what is done to her. The most important thing, however, is that no one can know, per the general’s orders.

Jessie’s life was always far from normal as the daughter of one of the most revered generals in the world. No one sees what the general does to Jessie, except Will. When Will discovers the danger Jessie is living in at her father’s hand, he once again rescues her. Will has survived the horrors of war, but is now engaged in a battle that has become far more personal and far more deadly. Will alone realizes what the general has done and will do to destroy his “other” daughter.

**Due to mature subject matter and language this is recommended for readers aged 17+**

I hate you for this, soldier.
He looked into her eyes and saw the opposite. I know.
He surprised her, as well as Lindsey, when he lifted her off her feet, and held her to him. In his arms. Next to his face. Her arms encircled him, and he held her. He leaned down and his lips touched hers in a soft, gentle, closed-mouth kiss that spoke of leaving and longing and all the other things he couldnt tell Jessie.
I told you a long time ago, someday, things would be different for you. This is the only way I know how to fulfill that promise for you.
With that, he released her and watched her eyes filling with tears as she nearly collapsed on the couch. Lindsey came over to her and they awkwardly figured out how to hug each other. Will leaned down and gathered his bag. As he turned to leave, he saw the two sisters huddled together, tears falling from their eyes.
Goodbye, Jessie, he said as he turned and left her.

Author: Leanne Davis

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
386 reviews

The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy Book 2) by James Morcan and Lance Morcan

An epic, atmospheric story that begins with twenty three genetically superior orphans being groomed to become elite spies in Chicago’s Pedemont Orphanage and concludes with a political assassination deep in the Amazon jungle.The Orphan Factory, a coming-of-age spy thriller novel, is book two in The Orphan Trilogy and a prequel to The Ninth Orphan. Go on another frenetic journey with the ninth-born orphan as he busts out of the clandestine orphanage he knew as home and goes on the run across America.In the late 1970’s, in Chicago, Illinois, the secretive Omega Agency initiates the Pedemont Project – a radical experiment utilizing genetic engineering technologies – to create twenty three orphan babies with the plan to turn them into the world’s most effective assassins. One of the prodigies will rebel: meet Number Nine, an orphan with a mind of his own.In 1998, when Nine reaches adulthood and graduates with honors from the Pedemont Orphanage, he is already an adept of the deadly espionage arts. Ordered by his Omega masters to assassinate a survivor of the Jonestown tragedy in Guyana’s Amazon rainforest, Nine is forced to draw upon all of his advanced training just to stay alive.Written by father-and-son writing team Lance & James Morcan (authors of The Ninth Orphan and The World Duology), The Orphan Factory is the second book in The Orphan Trilogy. A feature film adaptation of The Ninth Orphan is also currently being developed.

Author: James Morcan and Lance Morcan

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
55 reviews

Kids Book: Say What Now about Italy (Kids Picture Book and Italy Book for Kids) Self-Read Kids Book and Kids Chapter… by D. R. Tara

When Allie and Brandon are told by their mother that they would be spending yet another summer on their grandparents farm in Georgia there are no happy campers in sight. Who wants to spend their summer milking cows and feeding chicken on a boring old farm?

But then Grandma Powers has a special treat in store for them which she reveals as she takes them on a trip to Italy through unconventional means. There, they experience the magic that Italy has to offer. They visit a church made of human bones, a tower that seems like it’s about to turn over and re-live the famous Pinocchio story all in one day. Join Allie, Brandon and Grandma Powers as they explore Italy’s finest locations in Say What Now about Italy.

Author: D. R. Tara

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
37 reviews

Amazing Matilda by Bette A. Stevens

Inspire the Kids in Your Life to Meet Challenges with Patience and Persistence!This inspirational tale of a Monarch butterfly and her meadowland friends is the second children’s book written and illustrated by Bette A. Stevens.Story follows the life cycle of the threatened monarch butterfly.Award-winning Picture Book Excellence in Children’s Literature2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Children’s Literature 6+TOP 10 GITTLE LIST 2013 Children’s Picture BooksSUMMARY: Unlike her meadowland friends, Matilda doesn’t wantto leap onto ledges or bound across fields, she only wants to fly. At first,Matilda’s friends laugh at her because she doesn’t have wings. They wonder: Howcan a creature without wings ever hope to fly? While Matilda progresses throughthe various stages of her metamorphosis from egg to butterfly, her friendsrecall how they felt before they were able to do all of the things they haddreamed of doing and how hard they had to keep trying to do all of thosethings. Encouraged by her meadowland friends, MATILDA learns that if she trieshard enough and long enough, she can do anything that she really wants to do.

Author: Bette A. Stevens

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
53 reviews

In An Aquarium: The Magical Globe Adventures – No 2 in the series of kid’s illustrated, read to me, bedtime stories… by Elliot Gight

This is the second book in the “Magical Globe Adventure” series of illustrated bedtime adventure stories for young children, written by Elliot Gight. In this episode, brother and sister, Coen and Calleigh have another escapade together after visiting their grandfathers old bookshop and accidentally touching his Magical Globe.
This adventure takes them to an aquarium where they find they have the ability to breathe under water and can talk to the fishes and other sea creatures who live in the aquarium. The children are fascinated by everything they see in the aquarium and have numerous strange and wonderful adventures. Eventually they are attacked by a shark and manage to escape through an underwater cave and get safely back to their grandfathers bookshop.
The books in the Magical Globe Adventure series are a set of exciting and mysterious adventures experienced by Coen and Calleigh, where the children find themselves in intriguing and unexpected situations before (always) finding a way of getting safely back to their grandfather.
The author of the series is Elliot Gight – an acclaimed childrens writer who describes her writing style as being one of letting her “imaginative eccentricities” run riot and then converting the results into children’s adventures.
We hope you enjoy this, the second episode in the Magical Globe Adventure series.

Author: Elliot Gight

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
33 reviews

Children’s Book: Michael the Grumpy Little Boy (Preschool Books) Children’s books about how to deal with friendship… by Yael Aharoni

“Friends are like diamonds”
It is a Must for all children and parents, teachers, and coaches.
A children’s book that gives unique and creative tools for dealing with the issue of friendship and good behavior among young children, a matter that comes in almost every family.
It raises the problem – how to deal with a grumpy child quarreled with everyone – and offers a creative solution, unexpected leaves the children and their parents surprised…
“Michael the Grumpy Little Boy” is a short and inspiring story written to depict how being nasty to your friends, whether verbally or physically, has a lasting impact.
“Michael the Grumpy Little Boy” seeks to gain his friend’s trust back and allow him to play with them again.
This short story is both encouraging and thought-provoking.

Author: Yael Aharoni

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
41 reviews

The Best Friend (Sister Series, #3) by Leanne Davis

Gretchen Hendricks spent half her life in love with a man who ended up more dedicated to his job than her. After a divorce that left her devastated she put all her energies into building up her career as a psychologist. Now, well into her thirties she has achieved professional success, and leads a model life. She has tried to let go of her girlhood dreams of a marriage and kids to complement her career. After being burned so thoroughly by the boy she’d given her young, girlish heart to, she is happier alone.

Until one day she runs into her adolescent friend, Tony Lindstrom and realizes the catastrophic circumstances that have ended his service in the United States Army. It has been two years since the end of Tony’s professional career, and life as he knew it. But he has done nothing to accept what happened to him, or even begun to learn how to live with it. He is holed up in his parents’ house, without a job or prospects of any kind, and the thing is: he’s just fine with that. He figures he’s paid his dues to society more than the average person; doesn’t he deserve to be left alone to deal with things how he wants?

But then he runs into the one woman he always loved, and could never have, because she was always his best friend’s girl. Gretchen will not accept who Tony has become, or that he has completely given up on living a worthwhile life. But Tony can’t contemplate anything with Gretchen because to him, what good is a man who is incomplete on the outside, but completely broken inside?

**Please be warned that all my titles contain explicit profanity, sexual situations, mature content matter and often mild violence. Mature audiences ONLY**

No Cliffhangers
Recommended Reading Order for The Sister Series:
The Other Sister
The Years Between (Jessie & Will)
The Good Sister
The Best Friend
The Wrong Sister
The Years After

Author: Leanne Davis

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
54 reviews