My History Teacher is a Leprechaun (Stewards of Light Book 3) by Duane L. Ostler

Book 3 of ‘The Stewards of Light’ series, and sequel to ‘My Math Teacher is a Vampire.’ Blake Drywater has a new history teacher–a leprechaun who escorts Blake to the underground time tunnels of his people. These tunnels are full of doors that open to different places and times, including the future. But then Blake discovers the real reason for his visit, and how it just might destroy the world!

Author: Duane L. Ostler

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Diary Book Minecraft Series – Skeleton Steve & the Noob Mobs Collection 1: Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction … Noob Mobs Series Diaries – Bundle Box by Skeleton Steve

Love MINECRAFT? **Over 57,000 words of kid-friendly fun, and original illustrations!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!
FOUR Minecraft Diary Books in ONE!!!

Book 1 – Diary of a Creeper King

Ever heard of the Creeper King, mighty Cth’ka?

Read the adventure diary of a young creeper who was looking for a way to protect himself without blowing up!

When Cth’ka the Creeper and Skeleton Steve leave the forest to ask the local witch for help, they are soon on a long and dangerous journey to find a secret artifact that will allow Cth’ka the power to move blocks with his mind! But will the difficulty of traveling across the Minecraft world, a village under attack, hiding from a fully-armored killer hero, and finding the way to a hidden stronghold be too much for a creeper and his skeleton companion to handle?

Book 2 – Diary of a Teenage Zombie Villager

Devdan wasn’t your typical teenager.
He was a Minecraft villager.
And he was a zombie.

He spent his days and nights doing zombie stuff.

The zombie Devdan couldn’t even remember his name anymore, that is, until he was visited by the pet cat he had when he was alive. Now, along with Skeleton Steve’s help, Devdan sets out with his long-lost kitty to remember who he is and find his village home. But how will he find the way? And what will he do if he gets there? Will Devdan be destined to roam the Minecraft world as a zombie villager forever?

Book 3 – Diary of a Chicken Jockey

When you think of the rare ‘Chicken Jockey’, have you ever heard the CHICKEN’S story?

Wild and free spirited, this chicken liked her normal life of eating seeds, running around in the grasslands, and playing in the river. But unlike the other chickens in her flock, she was bored!

Her life was about to change when a strange and small zombie knight named Sir Zebulon chose her to be his chicken battle steed and named her ‘Cluckington’. And now, this highly independent chicken would try everything to get rid of the zombie knight who took over her life. Would she ever find her freedom? Or would she grow to respect the gallant Sir Zebulon and his knight’s code?

Book 4 – Diary of a Lone Wolf

Dakota was a young wolf, happy with his life in a wolf pack in the taiga forest where he was born.

Almost fully-grown, Dakota was fast and loved to run. He had friends, loved his mother, respected his alpha, and had a crush on a young female pack-mate.

But his life was about to change forever when his pack was attacked by the Glitch, a mysterious and invincible horde of mobs that appeared and started killing everything in their path!

Now, he was a lone wolf. With the help of Skeleton Steve, would he ever belong to another pack again? Would they escape the Glitch and warn the rest of Diamodia?

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Author’s Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book.
Minecraft®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch

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Author: Skeleton Steve

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Algebra and Demons by Vik Azeem

After being put on academic probation, Eric Mckay is willing to do anything in order to pass Algebra including joining the math club. But he soon discovers that there is more going on in the math club than Algebra equations. A demon has targeted the school Homecoming Dance for destruction. And the math club is the school’s only chance at stopping the forces of evil! Algebra and Demons is a comedic adventure for all ages and is the second novel to take place in the fictional town of Dale Bridge.

Author: Vik Azeem

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Heartland Junk Part I: The End: A ZOMBIE Apocalypse Serial by Eli Nixon

It came at you first like an unexpected chill breeze on a warm day. Most people never had a chance to figure out what was happening before it was too late. Only the lucky ones, the ones already ruined, like me, were able to defend ourselves.The terrifying first installment of Heartland Junk, a zombie apocalypse serial novel! Part II: Sanctuary out now!–Rivet began pacing, tearing at his hair with both hands.”They’re in me, man. In my head. I can’t…all night, they’ve been talking…whispering…telling me things.””Who has?””These, I don’t even know, man, these voices. And like, I’m seeing this darkness. It’s so deep. I haven’t touched a needle in two days, but please, Ray, please. You gotta help me out.” He stopped pacing and turned to me, eyes pleading. He’d burst a blood vessel in his left eye and a tributary of red ran across the white from the pupil. He looked sick. I noticed his hands, now held out to me like a beggar’s, were shaking slightly.This wasn’t the Rivet I knew.”Give him some, Ray,” Jennie’s light voice floated up from the couch. I’d almost forgotten about her, watching Rivet carry on like this. It was frightening, in a way. “Can’t you see he needs it?””I, uh…yeah, yeah sure, man. Just let me…” I turned to look around the living room, searching among the overflowing ashtrays and crusted dishes for that little brown baggie filled with powder. Something pressed at the inside of my skull, like that feeling right before a killer headache. It was hard to think. I needed coffee, a cigarette, hell, a hit of my own wouldn’t go down too rough. “I uh…Jen, what’d we do with it last night?””Kitchen?” She sat up on the edge of the couch and let the quilt fall to her waist. Rivet had stopped pacing and was staring at her like a row of corn had sprouted from her forehead.”…Rivet?” Jennie said cautiously. “You okay, hun?”Rivet licked his lips. Then he calmly leaned down and bit Jennie’s ear off.Jennie screamed so loud it was almost like I didn’t even hear it. It was too shrill, too piercing, and my senses just let it pass over them like a surfer ducking under a wave he can’t take. All I could do was stand there while blood streamed down Jennie’s cheek and ran past the corner of her mouth. I could only watch while Rivet stood straight and bit down again on something that crunched like chicken gristle while he stared blankly at the wall in front of him and Jennie’s blood trickled down his chin and he chewed something that was exactly what I knew it was but couldn’t seem to make myself believe it. I could smell the blood, but I didn’t believe it.Then the world took over again and Jennie’s shriek was hammering at my ears and I lunged forward and pulled Rivet away from her, shouting at him. He just gave me a dumb look while his jaw kept working up and down and the wet pop of gristle slithered out of his mouth every time his teeth came together, and then he swallowed, used his tongue to clean a scrap of Jennie’s ear off his molar, and said, “What’s wrong, Ray?”I punched him so hard his nose shattered and sprayed little red droplets over the gray wall three feet away. I know now that he wasn’t completely gone, because something about that punch knocked him back into his own head. He writhed on the carpet, screaming again about voices in his head while I backed slowly away. I had no idea what to do. I looked at Jennie, hoping she could tell me something, but her eyes were wide and teary and just as confused as my own. She’d pressed a hand to her ear, and when she pulled it away now it made a sick shhlurrp sound and little slimy strings of blood trailed back to her head like spiderwebs.It might be a testament to our lifestyle back then that I didn’t even consider calling the cops. When you become a junkie, you learn to deal with your own problems.

Author: Eli Nixon

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Hard Law by Hank Madison

To move forward he must go back…When Federal Marshal Jay Elder is called to the town of Stove Pipe to get to the bottom of a number of robberies seizing hold of the County, he has no idea what awaits him.However, unlike any of Elder’s other assignments, Stove Pipe is the town he grew up in and was cruelly driven out of twenty years earlier.His memories of the place are bitter and he arrives with the assumption that little will have changed, but he soon finds out that he couldn’t be more wrong.It soon becomes clear that not everyone is happy to see him back in town and Elder suddenly sees old friends in a new and surprising light.With more enemies than allies and no one afraid to reach for their gun, does Elder have any hope of solving the spat of robberies and saving Stove Pipe from complete disrepair?Only one thing’s certain – after an absence of twenty years, the most difficult task lying before him will be facing up to his past…With tension mounting from the very first page, Hard Law is an action-packed western adventure with an ending that won’t disappoint.Praise for Hank Madison‘A classic of the genre.’- Tom Kasey, bestselling author of Trade Off. Hank Madison is a prolific writer of over 500 novels in a wide range of genres, from classic westerns, to historical thrillers. He wrote under many pseudonyms throughout his career. His other westerns include Frontier Law, Lawless Range, Fighting Mad, Bullet Justice and Wanted Dead or Alive.

Author: Hank Madison

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

A GRAY DAWNING: A Civil War Era Novella by Glenn Ogden

“A Gray Dawning” is the story of a soldier, unwillingly drafted into the Confederate army in 1862, who is a participant in an incident during battle that impacts his life through the end of the war and beyond. It’s about a man faced with numerous challenges and how he comes to terms with them during a violent period in our Country’s history.

Author: Glenn Ogden

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

A Piece of You: A Second Chance on Life by Marion Studer

Kaia Thomson’s life hasn’t been easy and she faces an uncertain future, but she’s always been a survivor.

After cheating death and surviving a life changing event, Kaia finds herself stranded in the wilderness. There, against all odds, she meets a handsome, intriguing soldier. They embark on a difficult journey together, but her instant attraction to him and his manly sex appeal make Kaia feel more alive than she ever has.

Can they survive the ordeal? Is there hope for them?

Due to mature subject matter and language this book is recommended for readers aged 17+.

Author: Marion Studer

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Air Pirate: Abridged and Edited, with Author Biography by Guy Thorne

•This book has been abridged and edited for today.•Added author biography.Writing in 1919, popular author Guy Thorne looks into the future, to the 1930s when massive seaplanes will be flying around the world, and private aircraft are everywhere. Without warning, a high speed seaplane attacks two of these huge transatlantic flying boats and kidnaps the fiancée of the British Chief of the Air Police, the Scotland Yard of the air. The Chief, Sir John Custance, sets out to track down and destroy the Air Pirates, and recover his fiancée, Constance Shepherd, Connie, a popular singer on the London stage. With expert assistance from a Japanese bodyguard, the exciting trail leads the Chief to the lonely Land’s End peninsular of South West England. Quoting a press report from the book, we read: “Sir John, though barely thirty years of age, is an official in every way worthy of his high position, an organizer of exceptional ability and a pilot of practical experience. Press and public are perfectly well aware that it is owing to his personal exertions that our magnificent Transatlantic airliners are no longer stricken down by the Night Terror of the immediate past.”

Author: Guy Thorne

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Life Estranged by Trevor Booth

Nathan Pierce was leading a normal life, he had a loving wife and two beautiful children, he was a partner of a failing business but he was happy, then it all changed, everything he knew was flipped upside down.

In the first episode of The Constant, Nathan finds himself separated from his family, stuck in the middle ages. Not only does he have to survive in this savage age, he also has to find a way back to his family.

How far would you go to find your family? What would you be willing to do to protect them?

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Author: Trevor Booth

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews