The Millennials Guide to House Hacking: The Best Real Estate Investment Strategy to Get in the Game, Live for Free (or Nearly Free), and Turbocharge Your Journey to Financial Freedom by Ciro Affronti

The ultimate guide to one of the greatest real estate investing strategies for millennials and beginner investors. My personal guide to what I believe is the ultimate real estate investing strategy for beginning real estate investors. House hacking is a perfect strategy for a young and flexible hustler who is willing to maximize their living situation and profit from their home. It represents a shift in how we approach homeownership, turning your home from a liability into an asset. This short book is a great primer on house hacking, along with some of my favorite strategies and a guide to get started. It also goes into my personal experiences with house hacking and some top lessons about real estate investing I’ve learned over the years. Check it out today and get involved with me and this blog so we can spread and grow the community!Here is What You’ll Learn in This Book: House Hacking DefinedHouse Hacking StrategiesHouse Hacking Benefits Real World House Hacking Examples Real Estate Investing Beginner GuideYou will also learn: First Steps to Start Real Estate InvestingHow to Assemble Your Real Estate TeamReal Estate Investing Tips Financial Tips

Author: Ciro Affronti

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Africa’s Lions: Growth Traps and Opportunities for Six African Economies by Haroon Bhorat

Examining the economic forces that will shape Africa’s future.Africa’s Lions examines the economic growth experiences of six fast growing and/or economically dominant African countries. Expert African researchers offer unique perspectives into the challenges and issues in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and South Africa.Despite a growing body of research on African economies, very little has focused on the relationship between economic growth and employment outcomes at the detailed country level. A lack of empirical data has deprived policymakers of a robust evidence base on which to make informed decisions. By harnessing country-level household, firm, and national accounts data together with existing analytical country research—the authors have attempted to bridge this gap.The growth of the global working-age population to 2030 will be driven primarily by Africa, which means that the relationship between growth and employment should be understood within the context of each country’s projected demographic challenge and the associated implications for employment growth. A better understanding of the structure of each country’s workforce and the resulting implications for human capital development, the vulnerably employed, and the working poor, will be critical to informing the development policy agenda.As a group, the six countries profiled in Africa’s Lions will largely shape the continent’s future. Each country chapter focuses on the complex interactions between economic growth and employment outcomes, within the individual Africa’s Lions context.

Author: Haroon Bhorat

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How to Create and Use a Vision Board for Inspiration: Basics for Beginners (Business Basics for Beginners Book 56) by Annabelle Stevens

Vision boards can be one of the most useful personal and professional tools to help you set and achieve your goals. They stimulate, inspire and motivate. Best of all, they are YOURS. You get to create your own vision of what you would like your life to be like. Using the unique vision boards you can create, you’ll rarely be stuck for ideas again.

If you feel your energy getting low, a quick look at your vision boards on the wall or online can get you humming with renewed enthusiasm. If you’re feeling like the latest project for a new client is crawling along like a snail because you’re just not on the same page, a vision board could help.

In this guide, you will learn what a vision board is, what you need to create one, and what kind of items you include. Your vision boards will be a unique as you are. Harness their power to live the life you’ve been dreaming of by taking action to achieve your goals, with your vision boards as your guide.

word count=8447 words plus downloads, posters and other supporting materials


Table of Contents

What’s in This Guide


Chapter 1: What is a vision board?

Chapter 2: How to create a vision board

Chapter 3: How to use a vision board to get inspiration

Chapter 4: Harness the power and energy of #s

Chapter 5: How to use vision boards in every area of your life

Chapter 6: Online boards and vision board apps to try



Checklist of useful items for your vision board

Annabelle is a life coach who offers practical advice on health, careers and personal finance, giving her clients the skills they need to succeed personally and professionally. She is the author of more than 50 self-help guides

Eiver is part of a new generation of talented writers and bloggers on the topics of personal development and empowerment. This is her fifth book.

Author: Annabelle Stevens

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How the new business models in the digital age have evolved by Javier Celaya

This second edition of New Business Models in the Digital Age is full of updated, need-to-know information for anyone interested in this topic. Due to the outstanding reception the original report had in 2014, having been downloaded over 5,000 times, and because of all of the available new data and important developments, it was necessary to expand the report after just a year to include all of the changes that have taken place since then. Some of the biggest news in this year’s edition comes from the world of micropayments, namely the new and hotly debated “pay what you read” business model. The newest changes in subscription models, which are having a hard time taking hold in the book sector, are also discussed as is the surge in the number of new crowdfunding projects that have led to the consolidation of this business trend in the last year alone.

Author: Javier Celaya

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Fire, Aim…Ready: Management: The Start at the End Approach to Crushing Competition, Crafting Culture, and Cementing Relationships by Eliot Wagonheim

Over the course of my legal career, I have started companies, served as COO for a hugely successful software company, and started, managed, and run law firms. For 27 years, I have guided companies of every size and description — from Mom ‘n Pops to some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world. I have negotiated billions of dollars’ worth of contracts and I have helped clients buy and sell huge companies, as well as small, family-run concerns. I have negotiated countless employment agreements, strategic alliances, partnerships, and buy-outs.

In all of that time, and in all of those transactions, I have never found a better secret to success in business than the approach I have developed and taught as “Fire, Aim…Ready” or FAR. That’s the secret I share with you here.

Fire, Aim…Ready: Management shows you how to employ this strategy throughout every facet of your organization, from recruiting and onboarding to outstanding business development, marketing, and sales.

A FAR-sighted organization excels where its peers simply imitate each other. Using the Fire, Aim…Ready approach, management teams and owners can work more efficiently, more collaboratively, and more profitably. Written by an entrepreneurial lawyer in plain English, the lessons can be understood in the space of an evening, but will resonate for a lifetime.

Author: Eliot Wagonheim

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Manifesting The Keys: Changing My Paradigm by Luis Class

Have you been feeling stuck in your life and trying to desperately get out of the routine you are in? Take a journey into my life through my own self growth and personal development where I will share the essential keys I have had to go through towards my own awakening. I talk about how I stepped into my power and my true calling despite the paradigm I had. I learned how to break through my paradigm and want to help you do the same so that you too can step into your power. We create our reality and learning how to truly love ourselves and love others in the process is a huge key many are missing.

Author: Luis Class

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Writing Tips For Writers: A Writers Guide For Writers To Get Better At Writing (Authors Unite Book 2) by Tyler Wagner

Who’s Ready To Write?!Welcome to Book 2 of the Authors Unite series: Writing Tips For Writers. It’s the book where you’ll learn how to actually write the book that you prepared for in Book 1: The Big Idea. You’re starting this book with a handful of ideas and a plan. You’re going to finish it with a physical result in your hands. You’ll have a fully written first draft of your book, ready to be edited and published. That might sound too good to be true. And I do want to say that just reading this book won’t put a book in your hands. But if you read it and follow its directions, by the time you’re done you will in fact have your first draft ready to go.Like in Book 1, this book will have Enjoyable Tasks for you to do at the end of many chapters. Each of these tasks will take you a step or two closer to finishing your first draft.Unlike in Book 1, a few of these Enjoyable Tasks will be ongoing. You won’t just do them once, you’ll repeat them several times or make them part of a routine. Why?Because writing a book means sitting down and writing. Not just once, but many times. As many times as it takes till the book’s done. It also means preparing yourself for success by adapting to new ideas, new processes, and situations where you need to react quickly. The best way to do that is by setting up habits and routines for yourself now. Do those things sound scary? Does it all seem overwhelming? That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with feeling some fear now. Feeling and facing fear is part of the process, too. Remember that the fear you’re feeling is just a limiting belief–a belief we’re already starting to reframe and process through. Remember to trust the process.Don’t worry. This book is designed to make the process painless. I’ll be there with you every step of the way. And you’ve got the support of the whole AU community behind you. You’re not alone. And you’re gonna do just fine. One more thing. This book has a break in it. After the first 7 chapters or so, you’re going to stop reading and start writing. That’s right. You’re going to write your book draft in the middle of this text. Think of it as a big Enjoyable Task. When you get to that breaking point, take as much time as you need. If you write for a week, great. If you write for a month, great. Just focus on writing until your first draft is done. Then come on back for the last couple chapters. Once you’ve written your draft, you’ll want to come up with a great title and subtitle for it. We’ll finish up the book by showing you how to do that. Ready to get started? Let’s write a book!

Author: Tyler Wagner

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Entrepreneur Secrets: How to Build Wealth and Escape the Rat Race [entrepreneur, motivational development, wealth development] (make money online, passive income, residual income) by Rick Markley

Entrepreneur SecretsHow to Build Wealth and Escape the Rat RaceThe word “entrepreneur” comes from the French verb “entreprendre” meaning “to do” or “to undertake.” An entrepreneur is someone who “does”, someone who acts. Generally, this means putting the time, energy, and money into starting up a business, and being willing to take the risks that come along with it. Whereas most people see problems, entrepreneurs see opportunities. Whereas most people complain about problems, entrepreneurs create solutions. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. Nearly two-thirds of all new jobs created in the past fifteen years have come from small businesses, and over half of these businesses are run from home! About one out of ten people work for themselves or for a small company. We’re all very fortunate to live in a world that encourages the creation and growth of new businesses. The process of opening your own company is relatively easy.But who can be an entrepreneur?Anyone can be an entrepreneur. You may be a twenty year old kid with no money in the bank with just a good idea, and you can still build a company from scratch. You don’t have to be old to create a business: Google, Facebook, and Dell are all examples of companies that were started by students. You don’t need lot of money, either: Microsoft, Nike, Domino’s Pizza, Hewlett-Packard, and Eastman Kodak are all examples of companies that were started with ten thousand dollars or less. Don’t think that setting up a business is an intimidating task that requires a lot of work, money, and special talent.The question “Who can be an entrepreneur?” wasn’t really a fair one, was it? If I asked, “Who can play golf?” and you answered “Anyone,” you’d be technically right – just about anyone can pick up a club and hit a ball. But the real question should be, “Who can play golf well?” Just about anyone can start a company, but being a successful entrepreneur requires a particular type of person, a lot of hard work, and a good measure of luck.Here is a preview of what you will learn…Being an EntrepreneurThe Main Rules of Business SuccessDeciding Which Business to Go IntoHow to Avoid the Pitfalls of Starting a BusinessThe Importance of your SkillsGetting PreparedMiscellaneous Tips>>>And much, much moreScroll up and download your copy today!

Author: Rick Markley

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How to Make Money on YouTube: and Other Social Media Sites by Adam Rumanek

Social media is about getting people to know you, engage with you and trust you so that ultimately they want to do business with you. You too can make money through social media platforms if you take the time to follow the proper steps, know what you want, know your client base and research your market in an organized way. Most importantly, devising a proper strategy will help you build your brand and increase your traffic. This e-book begins by helping you understand the value of having a presence on YouTube and other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and takes away the fear of failure and the unknown. Over the course of this book we share ideas and answer three very important questions: “How do I engage with my customers and potential customers?” “How do I drive traffic from one social platform to other social platforms?” and, “How do I make money with social media?” This book is divided into several sections each exploring social media platforms and monetization. After you read this book, you will be armed with the proper tools, language and information to start using effective social media techniques. It is natural to be afraid of the unknown or to have a lack of understanding in terms of why social media platforms are great for your company. However, the process of being discovered, engaged and trusted is not only crucial to achieve real business results but also important to stay abreast of things. The reality is, if you do not fill the gap between customer and client needs and services then your competitors will find a way to. The goal of this e-book is to help you develop a successful business strategy to build awareness for your brand and website, increase your audience, expand your content to other platforms, keep your audience engaged and finally to make money online.

Author: Adam Rumanek

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