KINDLE SHORT BOOK PUBLISHING: How to Make $1,000- $3,000 Per Month Writing & Publishing Short and Simple E-Books via Amazon Kindle by Frank Jessie

Start a Kindle Publishing Business and Earn Up To $3,000 Per Month on Amazon


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The entire process of making money on Kindle

* How to outsource your book cover for as cheap as possible… without the quality suffering!

* How to choose a topic that is guaranteed to be profitable

* How to outline your book from start to finish

* How to write your book fast!

* A book template to follow for your own mini-book series

* What is What, Why & How Formula for writing a book fast!

* How to publish your book from start to finish

* How to market your books so you’ll make 10x as much money!


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Author: Frank Jessie

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Living Rich & Loving It: Your guide to a rich, happy, healthy, simple and balanced life by Arthur V. Prosper

There will be unexpected twists and turns in your life but the principles and strategies in this book will help lead you back to the correct path to success and keep you on track to achieve all you want in life. If you have goals, dreams and aspirations in life you have a sense of direction but you still need a road map to take you from here to there. I hope this cradle to grave, guide-to-life book will serve as that road map for you. Learn how to:-Find a job you love. If you cannot wait to get up and get to work every morning, then you’ve found the job you love. Otherwise, you need to read the chapter, “Find a Job You Love” and the chapter, “Increase Your Income with these Ideas”.-Create a budget so that you will always have a surplus at the end of each month.-Maximize contributions to your retirement account and accumulate more than a million dollars for retirement.-Determine if converting to a Roth IRA or Roth 401k is right for you.The answer may surprise you.-Never lose money in the stock market by using “The KISS Principle” and “Auto-Pilot Strategy”.-Predict the next recession by watching the “yield curve” so you won’t lose 30-60% when the market crashes. It is so simple yet so effective.-Calculate the amount of life insurance you need. Insurance brokers will hate this chapter. The answer will surprise you.-Avoid Veblen Goods – the savings will amaze you.-Shop around for everything. If you are struggling to make ends meet, this chapter will show you why. Learn how to save more and spend less.-Purchase your primary residence – Pros and cons of owning vs. renting. The analysis chart shows the clear winner which will surprise you.-Distinguish good debt from bad debt—when borrowing makes sense. Analysis table proves that some debts are good.-Never take unnecessary risks. Don’t do anything stupid. This chapter shows that stupidity is the great equalizer in life. Doing any of the things on the list may change your life or worse may end it in the blink of an eye.-Stay away from rental properties. This chapter tells you why it is NOT worth being an absentee landlord.-Handle emergencies without an emergency fund.The analysis chart shows why you should not have an emergency fund. The figures will astound you. This chapter also shows the reader where to get cash for emergencies once you get rid of your emergency fund.-Never ever listen to Suze Orman that 401k loans are taxed twice. 401k loans are not taxed twice. This chapter proves it. -Plan for college. How will you pay for your children’s college education? Read the many different ideas in this chapter on how to increase your children’s chances of getting offers from good colleges and universities. See the 9 simple steps you can take in chapter, “Planning for College”.-Increase your income. Make more money in your spare time with these ideas. When you read the money-making ideas in this chapter, you will scratch your head and say, “why didn’t I think of that?”-Create a document storage and retrieval system. So simple yet so effective. It will free up a lot of your limited living space.-Implement a stress-free personal time management system. This system will organize your day and free up plenty of your time for use at your leisure.-Store and safeguard passwords – Simple trick will help you create and remember strong passwords.-Maximize your Social Security benefits – In light of the elimination of “File and Suspend” and “Restricted Application” strategies, the chart shows when you should start collecting.-Pay for nursing home and long-term care.The cost of nursing home and long term care can wipe out your entire estate. Read this chapter for solutions. -Qualify for Medicaid benefits for LTC. You may not have to spend down your savings. This chapter explains many different ways other retirees have been dealing with the “spend down” dilemma.- Establish estate planning. How to protect your estate from estate tax and inheritanc

Author: Arthur V. Prosper

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The Freelancer’s Guide to Starting a Business: 2 Freelancing Books for New Entrepreneurs… Freelance Blueprints & Recipe Ebook Publishing by Steph Ernest

Start a Freelancing Business and Work Anywhere You Want!

This book will give you 2 books to get started with your new business.

What you’ll discover:

– The ugly truth about freelancing and why you must know this before you get started
– How to start your freelance career with a bang
– 10 ways to Make Money as a Freelancer
– 21 ways to find clients
– 6 freelancing tips for massive success
– The best decision you could ever make as a beginner freelancer… It’s on second to the last page of this book

– The entire process of making money via kindle publishing in 15 minutes or less
– How to create your cookbooks and recipes in 2 hours or less
– Where to get royalty free images
– How to choose a profitable niche
– How to ALMOST never do anything and still make money
– How to promote your books… the best way…for FREE!
– the exact FB fan pages to use for promotion
– long term marketing tactics for long term profits


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Author: Steph Ernest

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Life Coach: How to Cope When the Going Gets Tough by Peter Strong

How to Cope When the Going Gets Tough

However you deal with the everyday challenges of life, everyone has their crisis points – situations where their coping strategies are undermined. For example, many people find themselves set back by criticism and rejection, and feel they didn’t react effectively. When you reach one of these points, you need extra help and advice to get you through.

This book will help you handle your problems in a rational, realistic way, and you will use common sense techniques to help you identify overcome your personal vulnerability areas, so nothing can hold you back.

“People learn to be hostile, disparaging and manipulative because it works for them. These people expect you to react in certain ways to their style, because in that way they win. If you allow yourself to be sucked into their expectations, you have not only let them get away with it, but you are bound to feel frustrated, helpless and eventually your bad side of nature will reached its climax.”

Author: Peter Strong


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– how to target a market that is already making a lot of money
– how to set up your campaign for maximum profits


A simple method to make money through product launches.
The stuff that you’re going to learn sells for as much as $997.
A lot of gurus are teaching the same stuff and charging a fortune for it.
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For the price of a Starbucks coffee, I’m going to show you how you can make $500- $3,000 per month doing this part time.
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Author: Alexander Shrouder

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Goal Setting For Busy People: 40 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals, Stay Motivated and Make It Happen (How to Acheive Goals, How to Stay Motivated Book 1) by Kathy Stanton

Discover 40 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals, Stay Motivated and Make It Happen!
When you become busy with the day to day struggles in your life, you find that your become less motivated to achieve your goals and dreams. Why is this? Shouldn’t you be more motivated to achieve a better life?

Setting and achieving goals is an important part of making you successful in your life and in your career. If you have no ambitions or goals, you will find that you feel trapped and stifled by what your life has become.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to have a successful professional life by learning how to set goals and make them happen in your life.

In this book “Goal Setting for Busy People,” you will learn new ways in which you can set attainable goals that will encourage you to work towards a greater end result!

Taking the time to make reasonable steps to become successful will help you have something to aim for while working through the flow of your busy life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

How to Set Effective and Achievable GoalsFinding Ways to Act Upon Your GoalsKeeping Motivated When Things Don’t Seem to be Going Your WayKnowing When to Act and When to Remain PatientThe Importance of Having a Solid Support SystemHow to Build Upon Your GoalsMaking Your Dreams HappenMuch, much more!

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Author: Kathy Stanton

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An Historical Geography of Tourism in Victoria, Australia: Case Studies by Ian Clark

This work is concerned with the emergence of tourism in colonial Victoria, Australia, and is part of ongoing research into understanding the ‘tourism era of discovery’. It deals with the processes of opening up new attractions and its focus is the embryonic or emergent phase in which natural attractions become the subject of tourist visitation. It is contextualized in the study of eight tourism sites that are the primary focus of this work.

Author: Ian Clark

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Stop Procrastination Forever: The Art of Getting More Done and Unleashing Your Creative Potential (Productivity, Time Management and Procrastination Book 1) by Cyrus Thomson


How can you unlock the power inside of you to get more done and finally SMASH your procrastination habits?

Imagine for a moment if you had the ability to work on every project through until completion, with unending motivation levels…

This is the subject of the latest book by Cyrus Thomson. Smash Procrastination is an exploration of human work habits, what motivates us, and proven techniques to MAXIMIZE daily efficiency levels. The way this book can be used is as follows: read it once in the morning over a cup of coffee, then focus hard on seeing your tasks finished promptly for the rest of the day. As your productivity begins to decrease, read it again. The book provides the mental tools necessary to transform your productivity levels. Even if it takes multiple readings to fully absorb the concepts, it’s worth it.

This book could be the difference between fulfilled dreams and empty potential. Don’t let yourself go to waste.

Author: Cyrus Thomson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

20 ways to supplement your income: The “Paid to click” Method by Money Maker

Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. Paid To Click, or simply PTC websites, act as a middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on PTC websites and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.

If you are surfing on PTC websites you can supplement your income by clicking on adds, then you will earn until 60$/month but you can choose another way to do…

The key to making money with PTCs are referrals – people that sign up under you using your link. Each referral gets you at least a 10% commission of his or her earnings. When you register on a lot of PTC sites, click the required ads every day and get hundreds of referrals you can start earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Most sites don’t have a referral limit so the possibilities are endless.

This book give you access to 20 PTC websites!

Don’t hesitate and join the sites listed here for free. Registration takes only one or two minutes.

Author: Money Maker

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews