Sunlit Shadow Dance (Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Book 5) by Graham Wilson

An unknown girl appears on an aboriginal community in far north Queensland.
She has no memory of any life before, no one knows her.
Who is she? Where has she come from?
She looks like a missing backpacker, Susan, she sounds like Susan, but her name is Jane.
Her past life is an unknown place from where she knows no one.
Now she has to try to make a new life without any connections to her past.

This is the final book of the Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Series. It tells the story of an English backpacker who went travelling in Outback Australia with a man who loved crocodiles, and how her life turned into a horror nightmare. Finally she gets her freedom only to disappear.

Susan was on trial for murder when she vanished. She had been just released on bail, despite pleading guilty, when new evidence indicating self-defense was found. She was also pregnant and expecting twins.

Since she has gone only a pair of shoes she was wearing have been found. They were next to a waterhole full of crocodiles. It is feared that she and her unborn children are dead, taken by crocodiles.

More than a year passes without any other trace of her. An inquest has made an open finding on her disappearance.

What is the link between Susan and this girl Jane who turns up out of nowhere, knowing no one, remembering nothing? Can this girl, Jane, build a new and happy life with just her two small children. Can a tragedy of the past ever be overcome?

This is the story of the remaking of a new life from the broken shell of the old – how memories of the old threaten to tear apart the new. And always, at the dark edge, lurks an ancient creature of the deep, a being whose lineage is the long lost Australian dreamtime, before the spirits made this land.

Yet from this dark can come a new place, a place where sunlit shadows dance.

Author: Graham Wilson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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