Sultry Quagmire: The Wahlderbilt family tree is as twisted as they come. Lies, scandal, and secrets keep the family members in line, but Veronica isn’t like her relatives. (Quagmire Series) by C. Lee Pickett

The Wahlderbilt family estate is as far from the western front as you can get, and yet it is more treacherous for the newly arrived World War II air force pilot. Hired to tutor their young son, but it’s their attractive teenage daughter who catches his eye. The war hero and the aspiring veterinarian grow closer by the day, and soon, are only happy when in each other’s arms. They face the wrath of her sociopathic father, who wants to protect his legacy. Will his love for her be what kills him?

Author: C. Lee Pickett

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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