Stephanie: A Dream Girls novel by Carrie Thomas and Kerri L Bennett

Stephanie Garner is possibly in love with her roommate. Scratch that, she is probably in love with her roommate. She is sort of, kind of, maybe in love with her roommate. Okay, she is definitely in love with her roommate.
Last year, Stephanie and her two best friends, Piper and Nicole, had to scramble for a place to live when an arsonist whom Piper had been casually seeing burned their apartment down to the ground. While Piper and Nicole ended up staying with Moye, Piper’s boyfriend, Stephanie moved in with Cole Banks—Moye’s best friend.
Cole is the complete opposite of anyone Stephanie has ever dated. First of all, he is hot. Not just the cute jock in high school hot. He is the kind of hot that normal girls appreciate. He knows it, but doesn’t abuse the power. Cole lets you in on the experience while he’s charming you out of your pants. Stephanie’s experiences with men include her high school sweetheart who happens to be your typical athlete-frat-boy. Cole is most definitely not the frat-boy type. In fact, he probably beat those kinds of boys up in high school. Cole is outgoing and charming. His job as the bartender of the local pub where Stephanie currently works has all the local women in a frenzy. They go crazy for him, and he eats it up. Stephanie thinks it’s disgusting.
Stolen glances, cuddling, and front-flips? The lines blur with these roommates almost daily. Both know they want each other, but neither one will admit it. Fear of losing their friendship holds both of them back from taking a chance on love. Since neither of them has ever actually been in love, they aren’t sure the reward would be worth the risk.
This is the tale of two people who happen to think being friends is the path of least resistance but soon find out that being with someone you love isn’t that hard…once you stop fighting your heart.

Author: Carrie Thomas and Kerri L Bennett

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
28 reviews

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