See The City Red: A Dystopian Horror Thriller by Darren Kasenkow

When the Antichrist comes to town, bad things can happen.All Peter Gold wants is a simple life in a world verging on the edge of chaos, but a night of unrelenting terror will hurtle him into a labyrinth of heartbreaking loss and a quest for revenge that will force him to tear open the dark heart of the city. As the blood soaked puzzle pieces begin to come together, it soon becomes clear his destiny lies in a confrontation beyond imagination.Drawn into this simmering labyrinth is Special Agent Anna Sloan, whose role in government sanctioned religion control becomes even more dangerous when it’s announced that the city will be hosting the first born lady of Mars, and it will take all of her training and experience to deal with the streets as they turn red. Even then, it may not be enough…What secrets does the first lady of Mars possess?What lies hidden in her plans for the people of Earth?See The City Red is a dystopian thriller that is as relentless as it is thought provoking. It is the third novel by author Darren Kasenkow.

Author: Darren Kasenkow

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

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