River Rocks: A West Virginia Adventure Novel (A Josh Baker and Eddie Debord Series Book 1) by Steve Kittner

Josh Baker and Eddie Debord are two young boys who love nothing more than running the hills and riverbanks of their small hometown in West Virginia. Adventure is always on their minds and one day they find it! Inside an old red milk can that they discover by the river, is a relic from the past. A document that will send them on an adventure of a lifetime! They will make new friends and new enemies and will find themselves drifting downriver, biking down old railroad beds, exploring hidden hollows and finding hidden secrets, all in search of a long lost jewel from the past; a pile of Confederate gold that went missing in 1903. They will cross paths with a belligerent Sheriff, an attentive Mayor, an inquisitive librarian, and a menacing mountain man while trying to connect the dots to this age old mystery.
Suspicion, danger, and sheer terror are around every turn and they must be careful! It could cost them much more than just a couple weeks of their summer vacation.
Be careful wishing for big adventures….one may find you!

Author: Steve Kittner

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
110 reviews

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