Fuck You Pay Me by Jason Hooper

Kimberly Tyson is just like any other young, black, woman stuck in the ‘hood. She wants out! After birthing her first child she struggles to make ends meet. Her greedy, abusive, drug-dealing boyfriend and baby daddy, “Monty” is no help at all. Frustrated with Monty constantly beating her, running the streets, and sleeping around Kimberly feels pressed to leave him alone; baby daddy or not.
Things take a turn for the worse when both of Kimberly’s brothers get locked up on gun charges. She decides to take on the burden of trying to scrape money together to bail them out. After Monty,denies her, luckily his friend and business partner “Fresh” serves as a safety net and loans Kimberly the money. Someone is watching her closely as the streets turn hot and murder swarms her community. Strangely, a string of unfortunate events lead Kimberly to a goldmine that seemed to be easy pickings. Feeling lucky about the blessings she received, she never realizes there would be a fatal price to pay for it.

Official Sample-
Monty lay across a frayed loveseat in a warehouse. He used the abandon building to hide from the cops since his teenage years. The huge rodents running around inside didn’t bother him like they would most people. One look at the place would turn a sane person away. The building look like it was going to crumble at any given second.
Zack chained smoke blunts of Sour to keep himself calm. Monty had been so quiet since they’d escaped the police it was beginning to scare him. Zack jumped as a big rat ran across his foot and start nibbling at the end of the big garbage bag Jay’s body was inside of. He was ready to burn the vehicle and take the body to be cremated like Monty said they would. Zack was horrified, but he did his best to hide it knowing Monty would slay him if he saw him cracking. The sound of squealing rats were driving him mad and Jay’s body held the stench of shit, piss and blood which nearly made him vomit a few times.
Monty laughed at Zack’s wide eyes as the man watched the rat intently. “You scared of a fuckin rat, my nigga?”
“Nah, them shits just nasty, man. When we gonna take care of this shit so I can go home.”
Monty shrugged. “I would just leave this punk muthafucka for my lil’ homies to take care of, but they gonna leave too much evidence,” he said speaking of the rats.
“So, which is it gonna be, because I can’t take the smell any longer.” Zack held his nose.
Monty weighed out the options as he thought about which would make more sense to do. He’d murdered before, but never as reckless as he had done earlier. Monty knew if he decided to leave the body he faced the chance of it being found so he opted to take the risky ride to the funeral home fifteen minutes away. There he could simply leave the body and pay a fee to have it burned into dust.
“We’re gonna take that good ride Zack. Then we gonna drop the car off with Earl and have him take care of it,” Monty decided as he took a deep pull of the blunt Zack passed him.
“Good then, let’s get the fuck outta this stinking muthafucka.” Zack shot to his feet waiting for his next orders.
“Better yet, let’s call a cab and pick up one of my cars. We’ll get a fuckin crackhead to take the Cadillac to Earl.” Monty changed his mind.
“Whatever nigga, let’s just go,” Zack said anxiously.
Monty finally stood from the small beat up couch. “Hold on, I almost forgot to do something.”
Monty untied the garbage bag that contained the dead body. He reached his hands inside the bag and felt around for a few seconds and came up with a big wad of cash. Monty grinned as he stuffed the blood money in his pocket. He dug his hands through the bag checking the pockets of the dead man again. This time Monty came up with more money, a wallet and a plastic bag. He could feel the pills inside of bag as he held it up to get a better look. He knew without a doubt they were his and he’d make Kimberly pay for fucking around on him.

Author: Jason Hooper

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
52 reviews

Resolutions by Jenn Faulk

Three friends, ten resolutions, and a year full of big life changes.For Emily Fisher and her friends, New Year’s Eve has never been about more than eating cake and watching the minutes until midnight disappear. This year, though, Emily, Sara, and Melissa decide that as they approach the age of thirty, they’re going to make some bold resolutions together and see them through in the year ahead, never guessing how dramatically life will change for them in the process.As the daughter of a megachurch pastor and the assistant to a sensational and exhausting wedding coordinator, Emily already has her hands full. Using the resolutions as a challenge to make life about more than being a mindless drone at work, she ventures out of her comfort zone – trying new hobbies, picking up new exercise habits, travelling abroad, helping out in new ways at church, DATING – and discovers in the process that there’s more to life than weddings and work. When her family experiences unexpected hardships, Emily is forced to re-evaluate all of her priorities, and the lessons she learns lead her to stronger faith, a new dream for her career, and a romance greater than any that she could have imagined for herself.

Author: Jenn Faulk

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
29 reviews

Money Can’t Buy Love (A FourShadough Publishing Title) by JUNE

One of the happiest times in a young woman’s life is when she is in love and one of the most confusing times in a young man’s life is when he’s in a relationship with that young woman who is in love.
Young couples in love often make haste decisions based on their emotions. The woman expects so much from the man and he in turn expects so much from her. It starts to seem as if they don’t understand each other anymore and this only adds to what is already becoming a very tense relationship.
Sound familiar? What if you were able to be the fly on the wall and hear what your partner is really thinking and feeling? Well meet Victor and Charmaine, two young people who are in love but experiencing some stressful times in their relationship.
The story begins with Charmaine leaving Victor because she is looking for a stronger commitment and he is clueless as to why she left. They both tell their side of the relationship as the story unravels then you witness their reaction after having a confrontation with one another.
Victor is in love with Charmaine and she is in love with him but when they clash their love is tested.
Filled with drama, relationship truth, urban love and a whole lot of confusion, anyone currently in a relationship will appreciate this love affair between Charmaine and Victor and realize that Money Can’t Buy Love, even if you’re rich.

Author: JUNE

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
47 reviews

The Council by JUNE

Whitney, Wanda and Wendi are young, beautiful and loyal girls who are transformed into killers. They are on a mission to get the man they all love and respect freed from prison and are willing to do anything to ensure it happens.
Greg Mason, a very determined Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn with ambitions of running for Head District Attorney uncovers an elaborate drug ring. When he finds out it involves some high officials in city government, he takes precautions and contacts the Justice Department to investigate but before he gets a chance to reveal what he knows, he’s set up and thrown in jail with a life sentence.
Mason has been prosecuted and thrown in jail by the very system he pledged to uphold and becomes bitter and revengeful. His goal is to prove his innocence but it is almost impossible to get any help from the outside because he’s been blacklisted. Mason is left with only one choice, one he doesn’t want to go with but under the circumstances he has no choice. He has to employ the help of the only people he can trust with his life… Whitney, Wanda and Wendi – his daughters and they make up – THE COUNCIL!

Author: JUNE

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
47 reviews

My Husband’s Other Women by Regina Swanson

Rayvon Laws swore he’d never get married. There were too many beautiful women in the world to choose from and he was too greedy to settle down with just one. The longest he’d been in a serious relationship was two weeks. But that all changed when he met Stacy who finally snatched up his heart… and all his other drama.

What he didn’t know was that Stacy, the self-proclaimed good girl, could get down and dirty when pushed to her limit. Dealing with her husband’s other women causes her to pull a few tricks from her own bag and sends everyone into a tailspin of confusion.

In a story of sex, lies and cheating who does it best Rayvon or Stacy?

Author: Regina Swanson

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
98 reviews

Pierced (The Pierced Series Book 1) by J. C. Mells

Imagine the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Betty Crocker.That’s Pierce in a nutshell.Pierce has been on the run for two years from the man who held her captive in a vampire compound for almost a decade. Life on the run would be a lot simpler if she didn’t suffer from several social disorders and ‘quirks,’ have a ten-year-old brat in tow, as well as have two characters from a 1945 classic film living in her head and guiding her at every turn.˃˃˃ Book 1 in the NEW Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Series PIERCED.For more information on the series and its author, please visit http://www.jcmells.com Scroll up and grab a copy NOW!!!

Author: J. C. Mells

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
86 reviews

He Needed Killing Too (Needed Killing Series Book 2) by Bill Fitts

Book 2 in the Needed Killing Series. Dr. Philip Douglas was often described as a man who “needed killing.” When someone takes the description literally and puts a bullet through his head, the provost calls in James Crawford. As Crawford tackles his second case as a private eye, he also wrangles with the business side of becoming a licensed detective.”I’ve been thinking about getting business cards.”My good friend and the head of the Shelbyville homicide unit stared at me. “Business cards?! You need to take this seriously, Crawford. You remember that what you are doing can be dangerous, don’t you? Enforcing traffic laws can get a cop killed! How much more dangerous is a known murderer?”The suspects include three authors Dr. Douglas recently angered. Was one of them angry enough to kill? Crawford will need all his wits about him to unravel the tangled threads of this case.

Author: Bill Fitts

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
15 reviews

A NEW WAY OF LIVING – 14 Ways to Survive in These Times (Self-Help for Those Who are Drowning in Money Problems… by Sally Huss

If you’ve got money problems, housing difficulties, family struggles, and find yourself in emotional tumults, you may have noticed that you are not alone. Everyone is touched by this new economic climate; no one is left out, no matter how they appear to be surviving.

What to do about it? How to help yourself and others? How to approach today and tomorrow by giving yourself the best opportunity of doing well is revealed here — it’s a new way of living. Embrace it!

The tools and techniques offered here will give you and yours ways to cope and ways to improve your situation whether it’s financial or emotional. It covers every aspect of life. This survival guide offers suggestions on how to make the most of what you have in 2013 and how to improve your circumstances in the future. This survival self-help guide is for a new way of living and is a road map for creating a better world — one person at a time! Your life and your world will be better in the process.

Sally Huss has been a King Features Syndicated author of the popular “Happy Musings” panel for newspapers for many years in the US and Canada. She has authored over 30 books, focusing on positive attitude in sports, character building in children, and uplifting messages for everyone. Her bright and happy art has appeared on millions of products (even happy baby bibs in Walmart!)

Preface — “There have been better times, but none better to remind us of what is important.” — Sally Huss
Now is a time of complete misunderstanding.

Step 1 — How it Appears — “Life is picture perfect. We just can’t see the whole picture.” — Sally Huss
Now is a time of great troubles, and therefore, great change.

Step 2 — A New View — “We suffer less by understanding the lessons we are undergoing. School is always in session.”
What we need is a new point of view.

Step 3 — A New Wealth — “Wealth is an unknown quantity. Anybody can be wealthy with the right point of view.” — Sally Huss
Wealth is usually associated with money.

Step 4 — A New Strength — “Harmony never feels better than when you establish it within yourself.” — Sally Huss
How do you gather the strength you need to handle the situations that confront you? Breathe!

Step 5 — A New Opportunity — “Life goes on and on, offering opportunities to make it better and better.” — Sally Huss
What are the business opportunities at this time?

Step 6 — A New Thinking — “Look up. Brighter times are on the horizon.” — Sally Huss

Step 7 — A New Conservation — “The best things in life are free and they are becoming more popular than ever.” — Sally Huss
What do we need to conserve? Everything!

Step 8 — A New Education — “Struggles become us when we face them courageously.” — Sally Huss
A new way of living requires new ways of doing things, and in turn, new ways of educating yourself and your children.

Step 9 — A New Way of Eating — “When one has little, one is grateful for anything. When one has a lot, one must be grateful for everything.” — Sally Huss
How can we change the way we eat that will help improve our circumstances?

Step 10 — A New Compassion — “The growing anxieties in the world must not touch the peacefulness in your heart.” — Sally Huss
What we need at this time is a breath of fresh air, one that gives hope to all who need help.

Step 11 — A New Forgiveness — “Forgiveness is always appropriate.” — Sally Huss

Step 12 — A New Morality — “In these times, keep your standards high and your expenses low, and you’ll continue to sail.” — Sally Huss
Our popular culture has taken us off track.

Step 13 — A New Happiness — “Happiness that depends on happenings is short-lived. Happiness that depends on nothing is forever.

Author: Sally Huss

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
14 reviews

Aquaponics At Home: Growing Fish & Vegetables by Amber Richards

Aquaponics is the revolutionary science where plants are grown in water instead of soil. This water also cultures fish. The wastes produced by the farmed fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for the plants, and in turn purifies the water.

Aquaponics, when set up correctly, can, be self-sustaining and, be a healthy source for both fish and plants.

Aquaponics At Home is a beginner’s guide to this hobby or business, whichever way you want to look at it. You are given the fundamentals to this wonderful and exciting way to garden.

The author covers all the basics of aquaponics gardening. The components you need, and some ways to set up your own healthy aquaponic system that provides safe, fresh, and delicious food all year round.

Author: Amber Richards

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
24 reviews