Hildof and the Seven Given Souls (Book 1) by Abraham Mehmet and Pinar Hakki

The peaceful Kingdom of Calibar is invaded by the sorceress Savina and her Mudgie Army. The King and Queen are killed but the royal wizard, Tildor, tells the feline to take the baby prince to Hildof Village, where he is raised by foster parents. Eleven years later, as Savina’s lust for power grows stronger, young Leon has disturbing dreams as his latent magic powers stir to life.

When their parents are enslaved, Leon and his six culturally diverse friends meet Tildor. Under his guidance, they embark on a quest. If successful, Leon will fulfil his destined role as the Chosen One and Savina’s armies will be defeated. If they fail, the world will be plunged into chaos. Can seven children prevail against the might of sorcery and dark magic? Perhaps they can if they harness the power of the seven given souls and control their morphing powers. But before this can be attempted they have a lot of growing up to do, and much to learn about themselves and one another.

Author: Abraham Mehmet and Pinar Hakki

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
21 reviews

THE BAZAAR (Devany Miller Book 1) by Jen Ponce and Lorri Dunsmore

“Don’t take magic sugar from strangers. Trust me.” –Devany Miller

Devany Miller doesn’t believe in magic, at least not until she’s in the middle of a witch battle that ends with Devany in the clutches of a group of criminals who want to use her dead body to fuel their spells. A dying woman gives Devany a magical object of great power hoping it will aid her escape. Before she can, an assassin spider creeps in to collect the magical heart and kill the witch who made it.

The spider lunges, Devany swings, the witch unleashes a spell and–

–Devany awakens to a demon claiming she has stolen his heart and his spider. He has the devil’s own eyes, the smile of Don Juan … and Devany doesn’t trust him one bit. If that wasn’t enough, she arrives home to learn that her husband is having an affair. When the witch speaks up in her head to tell her the spider and heart are also inside her she realizes her life has turned upside down and sideways.

While she struggles to control the heart’s power, the criminals hunt her to carve the heart from her body, the demon insists she behead a fleshcrawler, his boss desires Devany’s soul, and her husband begs her to forgive him so they can work things out.

It’s fine. She only has a full time job, kids, and a house to care for. No big.

It isn’t until the criminals take her kids that Devany understands the depths to which her anger and fear can take her. Everyone underestimates how dangerous she is now that they’ve pushed her past her limits. Devany stops at nothing to find her kids and punish those who would dare harm them.

Author: Jen Ponce and Lorri Dunsmore

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
28 reviews

Seeking Vengeance: (ATF Romantic Suspense) by M.P. McDonald

Sam Brennan has lost everything. Pushed past the breaking point, his solitary goal is to seek vengeance against the people responsible for robbing him of everyone he’s ever loved.

Molly Flynn is a single mom and a paramedic whose shameful secret has her avoiding intimate relationships. When her brother shows up at her back door with an injured friend, tending to the angry man’s gunshot wounds is the last thing she wants to do, but there’s something about Sam that touches Molly’s heart. He’s got physical injuries, yes, but Molly can clearly see his heart has been ripped to shreds. She realizes she must help heal this grief-stricken man before he makes a deadly mistake.

Author: M.P. McDonald

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
53 reviews

Email Marketing Blueprint – The Ultimate Guide to Building an Email List Asset by Steve Scott

LEARN:: Email Marketing Strategies for Kindle Publishers, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers and Information Marketers
There’s a popular expression online – “the money is in the list”. Does that mean you should build a list and spam people with offer after offer? Heck no. I say that the relationship is in the list.

An email list can be a vital asset to your online business — as long as you treat it with care. Subscribers are more than a collection of email addresses. They’re a group of people who have a specific interest in your niche topic. Treat them right and you’ll create a lifelong asset.

In “Email Marketing Blueprint” you’ll learn what Steve Scott has done to build engaged email lists that exceed 90,000 total subscribers. (Proof Inside!)

The Secret to Long-Term List-Building Success
The goal of “Email Marketing Blueprint” is simple:

You will learn how to build an email list that gets results — no matter what market you select or what your income goals are. You’ll start by getting into the mind of subscribers, giving them what they want and then using this relationship to grow your online business. The best part? You will learn how to build connections that last for years.

Another thing you’ll discover is how to run an email list that generates income. So it’s the perfect course for any affiliate marketer, Kindle publisher, blogger or information marketer.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a list or if you’re looking to improve your email marketing campaigns, then this is the book for you. What you’ll discover is a step-by-step system to getting results with email marketing.

INSIDE:: Email Marketing Blueprint – The Ultimate Guide to Building an Email List Asset
“Email Marketing Blueprint” provides the definitive overview of how to build a profitable list.

Inside this guide you’ll discover:
Five Pillars of Successful List Building
Why “Free” Is the Best Way to Build an Email List
Three Long-Term Email Marketing Strategies
How to Perfectly Blend Autoresponders with Broadcast Messages
12 Types of Email Marketing Messages (and When to Use Each)
How ONE Page Can Build Your Email List
Six List-Building WordPress Tools
How to Create Compelling, “Click-Worthy” Subject Lines
How to Time the Delivery of Email Messages
Nine Crucial List-Building Guidelines
How to Drive Traffic to an Email List
List-building doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process.

Would You Like To Know More?
Download now and take your email marketing campaign to the next level.

Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

Author: Steve Scott

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
67 reviews

For the Love of the Horse, Volume III – A Selection of True Horse Stories by Ann Jamieson

A United States Equestrian Federation horse show judge and competitor who has been owned by horses most of her life, Ann Jamieson is uniquely qualified to tell the amazing true stories that comprise her horse books. From backyard pets to National Award winners, from mutts to Thoroughbreds and everything in between, Ann’s books explore the timeless bond between horses and their people. “The Chronicle of the Horse” says “These books belong on every horse person’s bookshelf.”  The “Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar” advises readers to “Pick up this gem of a book and revel in its riches,” while top horse people such as Lendon Gray, Stacy Westfall, Georgina Bloomberg and Chester Weber count themselves as fans. What are you waiting for? Click on the Buy Now button at the top of the page and soon you’ll be lost in your own copy. In Volume III readers learn the whole story about the incredible pony Theodore O’Connor. Although unprepossessing as a youngster (breeder Patricia Wynn Norman says he was built like a sausage on legs)  he soon showed all the big boys in eventing how the sport should be done, becoming a legend in the process.Two horses, Monday Morning and Jamaica, were supposed to be slaughtered. Instead, through amazing circumstances, they were rescued and went on to become Horse of the Year. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Click on the yellow Buy Now button and enjoy these great stories and many more!

Author: Ann Jamieson

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
51 reviews

The Black Corleones: The Beginning by Bella Jones

Inspired by true events; author Bella Jones takes you inside the life of The Black Corleones. A fearless group of young men that made a name for themselves in Chicago’s underworld of gangs and drugs; The Black Corleones—rose to the top ranks of the dope world—all before finishing high school.
For them, life was good; money, cars, clothes and women; all at their disposal. But everything isn’t always what it seems. Find out what happens when one member of the crew has ill feelings.
Dive into the world of The Black Corleones as they learn the hard way. With money involved; love and loyalty don’t always go hand in hand.

Author: Bella Jones

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
155 reviews

Make Money, Live Wealthy: 75 Successful Entrepreneurs Share the 10 Simple Steps to True Wealth: Learn How to Invest… by Austin Netzley

“Austin is one of today’s true Financial Wizards. His book reveals how to step up your game in money, business & life. Get your copy and start applying his principles today!” – JV Crum III, CEO / Founder ConsciousMillionaire.com, Best-Selling Author of Conscious Millionaire

“This book is much more than a roadmap for financial success. It is your path to true wealth.” – John Lee Dumas, Founder of EntrepreneurOnFire

Building wealth can be a complex and overwhelming task… but it doesn’t have to be.

Using the advice and wisdom of 75 successful entrepreneurs, let this book be the roadmap to more success, wealth and fulfillment in your life.

The experts highlighted in this book are now iconic investors, super successful entrepreneurs, financial planners, bestselling authors, and more, but they didn’t start out that way. They are living proof that you can truly come from any background or situation to ultimately reach a high level of success.

All that it takes to find true wealth are the simple actions laid out in this book. This step-by-step guide teaches:

* The money secrets of the rich
* How to reprogram your mind for massive success
* The common traits and skills of the wealthy
* A money plan and list of priorities to focus on
* The key mistakes that are holding you back
* Where to begin so you can take your finances and career to the next level

As successful entrepreneur David Wood says, “Wealth is a choice.” The choice is yours to make.

Take control. Make money. Live wealthy.

About the Author:
Austin Netzley is an engineer turned investor, and entrepreneur. He started his first investing business at the age 25, and now shares his passions of money, the mindset, and investing with the world. See more details at MakeMoneyLiveWealthy.com and AustinNetzley.com.

Author: Austin Netzley

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
142 reviews

Is $.99 the New Free? The Truth About Launching and Pricing Your Kindle Books by Steve Scott

Booklet Length 8,515 Words

ATTENTION:: Established Kindle Publishers and Authors About to Launch Their First Book
Do you wonder ANY of the following: Is it better to launch a book for free or $.99? Is there still a benefit to the KDP Select program? When should I move my books to another platform? How do I increase lagging sales?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s important to know “what currently works” with Kindle Publishing.

DISCOVER: Launching and Pricing Strategies That Work in 2013
Kindle publishing offers a rare opportunity to make money with your words. Simply write a good book and you’ll tap into the world’s largest online store. But it’s not the utopian business model that some Internet gurus claim. You have to work hard and you have to constantly adapt your marketing strategies if you want to be successful.

One tactic in particular that doesn’t work like it once did is the “free day promotion” that Amazon provides through the KDP Select program. In the past, you could give away a book and see an immediate bump in sales. Moreover, many authors were able to launch their book for free and see it climb the charts once it switched to paid. Unfortunately, recent changes to Amazon’s algorithm has led to diminished success with this strategy. Some people are even saying, “KDP Select is dead.”

The question is, if KDP Select no longer works, what can an author do to launch or increase sales?

A possible solution is the “$.99 pricing” strategy.” Rather than giving away a book, some people market it at a discounted rate (usually $.99), which ultimately leads to lots of sales at a higher price.

These two choices leave many authors confused. Do the free days still work? Or should an author use the $.99 pricing strategy? In other words, is $.99 the new free?

With the booklet, “Is $.99 the New Free” you’ll get a detailed case study of the launching and pricing techniques that actually drive sales on Amazon.com.

INSIDE:: Is $.99 the New Free? – The Truth About Launching and Pricing Your Kindle Books

Inside “Is $.99 the New Free” you’ll get short and actionable content that answers the following questions:
Why is it important to track your Kindle book sales?
What authors benefit best from offering free books through KDP Select?
Is it better to launch a book for free or sell it at $.99?
How does “visibility” work on Amazon?
How can you make a book permanently free on Amazon?
When should you move a book to other platforms?
How can you build an author platform?
Kindle publishing is constantly evolving. What you need is a strategy guide to keep up with these changes.

Would You Like To Know More?
Download now and start getting results with the projects you delegate.

Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

Author: Steve Scott

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
194 reviews

3 Day Guide to Vienna: A 72-hour definitive guide on what to see, eat and enjoy in Vienna, Austria (3 Day Travel… by 3 Day City Guides

See. Eat. Sleep. Enjoy. A 72-Hour Guide to Vienna, Austria.

City breaks are perfect for those long weekends away. You go to a city and you’ve got only a short amount of time to see the sights, there’s no time to get distracted. But what if you don’t know exactly what to do and see? Which places to eat at? When is the best time to visit?

Exploring the Music Capital of the World couldn’t be easier with this guide. No matter what you might be searching for in Vienna you can find it here. Whether you want to visit museums, palaces or castles, explore the vineyards that produce fine wines enjoyed the world over or even catch a concert that features any number of Austria’s most famous musical genius, you’re guaranteed to find something here that you will enjoy.

Inside 3 Day Guide to Vienna: A 72-hour definitive guide on what to see, eat and enjoy in Vienna, Austria:

History – we’ve put together a historic overview of Vienna and Austria so you can learn for yourself exactly what it is that’s so special about this beautiful city that inspired so many of the world’s best classical musicians.
Climate – we explore the climate around Vienna and Austria, helping you pick the best time for you to come. Whether it’s cool autumn, sultry summer or the crisp newness of spring that you’re looking for this Vienna guide has it all.
City Overview – maybe you want to sample a few of the local festivals, join in the wine tastings of the previous years’ harvest or simple see Vienna as it usually is. Whatever you’re looking for you kind find it here.
Transport – Whether it’s getting to Vienna by any of the many different routes or just travelling around the city, this book is packed with tips and tricks to help you keep travel stress free and cross the city like a local.
Sight-seeing – helping you to make the most of your visit and turn your holiday into the trip of a life time this guide is full of attractions to suit any type of adventurer, including; art, theatre, music, night life, history, architecture, the many vineyards and sightseeing.
3 Day Itinerary – For those of you who aren’t sure exactly what to you want to see but want to explore all that Vienna has to offer there’s a handy itinerary all drawn up for you. Filled with dozens of exciting ideas you can just pick and choose which parts you want to use and your trip of a lifetime is set.
Best Places for Any Budget – with comprehensive lists and reviews of the best places to eat, sleep and enjoy a night out all arranged by budget levels you’re bound to find something for you no matter what your budget is and what you’ve come to see.

Download your kindle copy of 3 Day Guide to Vienna: A 72-hour definitive guide on what to see, eat and enjoy in Vienna, Austria to begin experiencing the best of Vienna, today.

Tags: Vienna, Vienna Austria, Vienna Guide, Vienna Travel

Author: 3 Day City Guides

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
6 reviews

Only The ELITE (The Life of Elite Pierre Book 1) by Elite Pierre

This book is a journey through the life of its author Elite Pierre. Through his personal memoirs and reflections, you can take a walk through his past, grow with him to adulthood and reach the pinnacle with him as he becomes a man. You witness his immaturity flourish into wisdom from bad decision after bad decision until finally victory. Struggle with him as he reaches his lowest point, then relish in his glory as he finds his purpose in life and begins to live. Become inspired to find you purpose, your calling, yourself in this insightful yet heartfelt autobiography of Elite Pierre.

Author: Elite Pierre

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews