Spouse Trap (A Madeline Dawkins Novel Book 1) by Cynthia Hamilton

Madeline Ridley had all shed ever dreamed of: a handsome, successful husband, a place at the top of Santa Barbara society, every luxury money could buy. In all respects, her world was perfect&until she awoke in the early morning hours in a strange hotel room, alone, unclothed, with a splitting headache and no clue how she had gotten there.When Steven Ridley comes home in the middle of a weekday and throws a sheaf of damning photos at her, Madelines comfortable world collapses in a swirl of blackmail, sabotage and deceit. Hoping to convince Steven of her innocence, Madeline drives to his office and unwittingly stumbles onto a scene that makes her realize who the real enemy is. From that point on, Madeline Ridley deconstructs herself, reverting back to Madeline Dawkins in order to salvage whats left of her life. In the process, she discovers where her true strengths lay, and with those, she steels herself for the battle of a lifetime.Spouse Trap is the first installment in the Madeline Dawkins series.

Author: Cynthia Hamilton

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
130 reviews

BY EASTERN WINDOWS (Macquarie Series Book 1) by Gretta Curran Browne

GRETTA CURRAN BROWNE has to date been internationally published by six European publishers and also by publishers in Japan and China.


“Fabulous, exotic, engrossing … fresh and authentic in every detail … it has to be the best book I have read about the British in India since M. M. Kaye’s “The Far Pavilions” – Dr Aileen Keegan.

A complete stand-alone novel – and also the first in “The Macquarie Series”.

Set in the beauty of Scotland, the magic of India, and the hostility of China, peopled with memorable characters of all races, By Eastern Windows is the story of a young British soldier, Lachlan Macquarie, posted to India where he meets Jane Jarvis, a young girl from the Caribbean – beautiful, different and exciting – who becomes the greatest love, and the greatest tragedy, of his life.

It is also the story of the young men who travelled with him, far from home, serving their King in a country they came to love, while coping with the complex differences between East and West.


Author: Gretta Curran Browne

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
133 reviews

Cut and Run (Aspen Eyes Book 1) by Amy Elizabeth

Raised in the crime-ridden neighborhood of South Boston, Rebecca Sheehan has learned the hard way that people can’t be trusted. So when her unscrupulous boyfriend turns up without a pulse, she knows she needs to get out of Southie. Fast.

She seeks refuge in the last place anyone would think to look for her–the picturesque town of Jackson, Wyoming. The locals in this small community live by a different set of standards, as Rebecca discovers when she finds work on a horse ranch. For once in her life, she’s surrounded by genuine, respectable people–with one exception. Her arrogant new boss, Alec Westin, appears hell-bent on making her employment term as short as possible. With his self-righteous attitude, she’d gladly grant him his wish, if she wasn’t so desperate for the job–and if he wasn’t so easy on the eyes.

But after a chance encounter with his quadriplegic father, Rebecca learns the truth behind Alec’s callous façade. Suddenly he is no longer a tyrant, but a diligent man risking his entire livelihood to provide for his family. Moved by Alec’s fortitude and his father’s warmth, Rebecca finds herself increasingly drawn into their personal affairs–and to Alec. Just when she starts to lower her guard, however, she discovers that her past is catching up with her. A series of sinister threats confirms her greatest fear–she’s being hunted. It’s only a matter of time before her stalker finds her. And when he does, she’ll discover just how much her new friends are willing to risk–and sacrifice–to protect her.

Author: Amy Elizabeth

Rating: Rating: 4.70 / 5
100 reviews

Finding Allie (Breaking Away Series #1) by Meli Raine

Chase Halloway’s father is the president of Atlas, the drug dealing motorcycle gang that terrorizes most of our desert town.My stepfather turns out to be a rival drug dealer, and I’m pretty sure he killed my mom two years ago.I’m not supposed to fall in love with Chase. He’s not supposed to know I even exist.But when he finds me, he can’t let go.And when I find myself in his arms? I hold tight. I have to.Because if I don’t, I might just die.With or without him.* * *Read all three books in the Breaking Away series:Finding Allie: amzn.to/17XKFb9Chasing Allie: amzn.to/1CGo0gYKeeping Allie: amzn.to/1H5lb87

Author: Meli Raine

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
130 reviews

Romance: Christmas Healing (A Paranormal Romance and Paranormal Fantasy Romance Book) (Healing the Regime Series… by Morris Fenris and Jasmine Bowen

He’s a vampire who has been locked away for a thousand years in a coffin, finally freed. But the world has changed drastically during that time, and there are so many things that he’s not ready for. He hated being a vampire when it first happened, and he hates it now.

She’s barely 18, a young girl with terminal cancer, once the height of popularity. Chosen by another vampire clan to keep them “updated” in the world, her blood infected and not tempting to them, she is brought into his household to teach him, page by page, the modern world and how to live despite her inevitable death. With the Christmas season approaching, she teaches him that there is more to life than just living. There’s generosity and goodwill.

Although she has a boyfriend back home and he has no interest in living, slowly, a love and understanding blossoms between them that no one else can penetrate. A secret pact enfolds as her life force begins to fade.

Will he be able to grant her the greatest gift of all?

Book 2 of Healing the Regime Series – Plague of Love – is now on Amazon.
Summary of reader feedback on this paranormal series and paranormal romance kindle books for adults:

“..a charmer of a paranormal romance and paranormal books for teens.”

“..a great vampire romance and paranormal fantasy romance novel..”

“..characters and storyline are amazing in this paranormal vampire romance.”

“..paranormal humor and romance adds spice to this new adult and college romance…”

“Loved this free paranormal romance..”

“A cute paranormal romance series for adults.”

“..a really sweet paranormal teen romance..”

“..really enjoyed this fantasy and futuristic romance and paranormal vampire romance series..”

“..this paranormal young adult romance is great paranormal love stories..”

“..very enjoyable vampires young adult and paranormal new adult love story..”

Author: Morris Fenris and Jasmine Bowen

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
221 reviews

Drunk In Love 3: An Original Love Story by Tiece and Cole Hart

He can dish it, but he can’t take it. For Mark, this truth has become his worst nightmare. After finding out that his wife, Olivia, is cheating on him he pulls the unthinkable and leaves everyone in pure shock.

During this showdown between husband and wife, Olivia quickly finds out that all is not fair in Love and War. Regardless of the circumstances, one should not think that they’ve won the battle until the fight is completely over.

What has been done in the dark has certainly come to light. Entangled lies, heated sex, undeniable betrayal, and unforgiving deception have its hold on just about every character in this book. In the end, will there finally be some kind of peace found among the crew or will the death of an unexpected loved one keep this rivalry going?

Find out why everyone is so Drunk In Love with this Super Intriguing read.

Author: Tiece and Cole Hart

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
159 reviews

Forbidden Forest (The Legends of Regia Book 1) by Tenaya Jayne

Born in shame. Cast from society. Shape Shifter/Elf hybrid, Forest must fight for any respect she can get. Targeted in her youth by a vampire noble who placed an illegal slave mark on her, she is forced to obey him, no matter what.Slipping the grip of her master and abandoning the prejudice of Regia, her native world, Forest takes a job on Earth, guarding the portal, using her skills as a warrior to enforce Regia’s laws. Now, called home for a black ops mission, Forest must put aside her own prejudice to transport the vampire prince, Syrus, through enemy territory in a time of war. Prince Syrus, mage and master of the Blood Kata, wants Forest more than he’s ever wanted anything. In spite of their mutual mistrust, their attraction cannot be denied. Through the danger of their mission, and the secrets they both keep, it doesn’t matter what they feel. Forest is forbidden.

Author: Tenaya Jayne

Rating: Rating: 4.40 / 5
585 reviews

Ensign: November 2012 (Ensign Magazine) by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

SATURDAY MORNING SESSIONWelcome to Conference | President Thomas S. MonsonCan Ye Feel So Now? | Elder Quentin L. CookI Know It. I Live It. I Love It. | Ann M. DibbAn Unspeakable Gift from God | Elder Craig C. ChristensenBecause I Live, Ye Shall Live Also | Elder Shayne M. BowenAsk the Missionaries! They Can Help You! | Elder Russell M. NelsonOf Regrets and Resolutions | President Dieter F. UchtdorfSATURDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONThe Sustaining of Church Officers | President Henry B. EyringBecoming Goodly Parents | Elder L. Tom PerryBe Anxiously Engaged | Elder M. Russell BallardCome unto Me, O Ye House of Israel | Elder Larry Echo HawkWhat Shall a Man Give in Exchange for His Soul? | Elder Robert C. GayTemple Standard | Elder Scott D. WhitingTrial of Your Faith | Elder Neil L. AndersenProtect the Children | Elder Dallin H. OaksPRIESTHOOD SESSIONBrethren, We Have Work to Do | Elder D. Todd ChristoffersonBe Valiant in Courage, Strength, and Activity | Bishop Gary E. StevensonBeware Concerning Yourselves | Elder Anthony D. PerkinsThe Joy of the Priesthood | President Dieter F. UchtdorfHelp Them Aim High | President Henry B. EyringSee Others as They May Become | President Thomas S. MonsonSUNDAY MORNING SESSIONWhere Is the Pavilion? | President Henry B. EyringThe Atonement | President Boyd K. PackerFirst Observe, Then Serve | Linda K. BurtonLearning with Our Hearts | Elder Walter F. Gonz

Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
307 reviews

Siesta Beach HCG Diet / Lifestyle: Low Carbohydrate Diet With HCG. Bonus:Optimizing Weight Loss With Hormone Balance… by Robert G. Carlson MD


Dr Carlson, internationally recognized heart surgeon will describe an easy step by step method to reclaim your youthful body, turn back the hands of time and restore the energy levels of youth.

Author: Robert G. Carlson MD

Rating: Rating: 4.90 / 5
27 reviews

Ivory (The Ivory Saga Book 1) by F. M. Sherrill

As a child in the desert kingdom of Gryth, Ivory witnessed the brutal murder of her parents at the hands of a sinister race known as the Lecs.

Now Queen of her people, a vengeance-fueled Ivory launches a final battle to annihilate the enemy once and for all. But on the eve of war, betrayed by her own kind and left in the hands of the Lecs, she’s forced to learn the shocking truth about their two peoples, and the diabolical curse that’s plagued them for centuries.

Armed with newfound knowledge and unexpected allies, Ivory must face the real enemy that’s haunted her all her life, and make a choice that will mean the difference between a new beginning and the end of the world.

Ivory is an exercise in duality made reality; an exploration of darkness and light, male and female, sun and moon… seen through the eyes of two cultures ripped apart by an ancient evil whose pain resonates through the ages like the beating of a drum.

Author: F. M. Sherrill

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
41 reviews