OCCULT MAGIC Decaffeinated: Pagan, Alchemy, Christian, Kabbalah, Hermetic + Other Occult Terminology For Reference And Use In Praxis: REVISED *Hype Not … #777 (The Tehuti Manuscripts MS Book 5) by Frater R.C.

The following is a simple guide to an otherwise complex thing: magic. It should not be considered as complete in any way, only comprehensive. The following pages contain information on the two kinds of magic, namely, theurgy and thaumaturgy. As will be seen, any true mastery of magic can only be gained at the hands of a skilled instructor or a magical Order. Ideally, both. – VH Frater RC, Konx Om Pax, Belfast 2009 (OTO Oasis Lecture)

Author: Frater R.C.

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