Never Not Broken by Nicola Sothern

When Sian Tierney wins a major songwriting competition, she senses an exciting beginning on the horizon – but nothing prepares her for the arrival of Donal Redmond. Mona Allard is the kind of girl most girls hate, a natural beauty and a promising artist. Her parents are madly in love, her sister is her best friend and her boyfriend is, well, perfect. She should be happy. But Mona has never been one to follow convention.Two very talented women, leading two very different lives. One finding her way through music, another losing herself in art. The kind of women that would be friends in different circumstances. Instead, the choices each make brings fateful consequences to the other. Loves are lost, lives torn apart, and both women are left fighting for the right to be happy.From Dublin’s cobbled streets to the San Franciscan hills, Never Not Broken reveals the power of promise found, and the danger of talent lost.

Author: Nicola Sothern

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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