Natural Care: 70 Amazing Toxic-Free Lotions And Soaps Recipes With Simple Instructions by Kirstin Hansen

Natural Care: 70 Amazing Toxic-Free Lotions And Soaps Recipes With Simple InstructionsBook#1: Homemade Organic Lotion: 39 Best Natural Lotions Recipes For All Skin Types I would like to thank and congratulate you for downloading “Homemade Organic Lotion”. You are certainly going to learn that.The skin is the largest organ and it requires a lot of attention in order to stay healthy. One of the biggest threats is represented by dehydration, which becomes an even bigger issue to consider during the cold winter season. When the skin suffers from dehydration, it becomes dry and has an aged-aspect. Preparing homemade lotions and body butters is not as complicated as you might expect. All homemade lotions & body butters recipes have a basic pattern and, once you grasp that, you can customize your recipes as you desire. First and foremost, it is highly important that you use the correct quantities, as this will ensure a stable product. The texture of the lotion/body butter depends on the quantity you have used for each of the chosen ingredients: it is also influenced by the chosen emulsifier, co-emulsifier and essential oils. In some recipes, it is possible to use a number of additional ingredients, such as glycerin or fragrances. This is what you will find in the book:Understanding Skin typesBase ingredients of the lotionLotions for Dry Skin Lotions for Normal SkinLotions for Oily Skin Sunscreen Lotions Secrets to making natural lotionsImportance of a natural skin lotionThanks again for downloading this book. It is my sincere hope that it will answer all your questions on Homemade Organic Lotion. Book#2: Pure Soap Making:Beginners Guide On How To Create Your Own Natural Soap + 31 Amazing Homemade Soap RecipesIt’s amazing how simple things in life can go a long way in changing the lives of the people we love most. Also, the same simple thins end up being the ones that we love most and sometimes they even help us in meeting our bills and making a livelihood out of the same. This book is for all the lovers of soap and those that have a taste and interest in the art of making them. The book contains recipes that are easy and can be implemented at the comfort of your home without much of a struggle and ensures that your bath times are changed forever. There is variety in the book and thus you will be spoilt for options as far as soap making is concerned and you will be socked at how amazing it is to be in a position of creation. The recipes contained in the book are easy to execute and most of the materials are readily available in the market hence the process should not be a hard task. You will also know the importance of soap and some brief history about soap with very interesting facts.

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