My Raging Case of Beastie Fever by Matt Burns

The year is 1987. A young Matt Burns is home sick from kindergarten. He’s tired of watching daytime cartoons like “Thunder Cats” and “Gummy Bears”. He makes sure his mom isn’t around…he sneakily switches the channel to MTV…and what he sees will change his life forever:It’s three rappers and they’re crashing some nerdy house party. These guys are rude and crude and, most strikingly, they’re…white? Wait-whaaa? Rappers? White?! This is strange. This is something Burns has never seen before. He’s fascinated and can’t look away. In fact, he pretty much won’t look away for about 30 years…When you look up “Beastie Boys super-fan” in the dictionary (it’s in there, trust me), you will find a picture of Matt Burns. Over the years, he has performed both “Sure Shot” and “Pass the Mic” in his middle school talent shows, written all his college application essays on the Beastie Boys and made a point to wear a Beastie Boys T-shirt every single day of his senior year in high school. This latter feat may have actually been a world record, though it was never officially acknowledged by Guinness (it’s all politics – you know how it is).From the writer who brought you “Jungle F’ng Fever: My 30-Year Love Affair with Guns N’ Roses” (now on Amazon), this new and hilarious fan memoir is essential reading for any true Beasties fan out there. This is a story about Matt Burns’ love of the Beastie Boys. This is a story about his raging case of Beastie Fever.

Author: Matt Burns

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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