My Happy Pregnancy Cook Book: 40 Feel Good Recipes Including Naughty Eats and Wellbeing Treats by Emma Thomson

Wow, you are amazing! Stop and think about it for a moment, you are growing a brand new human being inside you! Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance at this time. Eating well is key to taking care of yourself and your baby. Celebrate this unique and special time by enjoying delicious food that makes both you and your baby happy and healthy. My lovely, feel good cookbook is filled with cheeky recipes that are quick, easy and safe to eat in pregnancy. “My Happy Pregnancy Cook Book” takes you on a journey through pregnancy that helps you make the most of this unique and special time in your life. It helps you celebrate key events through food, eating and having a little fun. Why not try, ‘Secret celebration’ steak and pasta or ‘Hand dipped’ chocolate covered strawberries, from the ‘Naughty Nights In’ chapter? Or spoil yourself with breakfast in bed and a slice of ‘Me Time’ blueberry and muesli bread? My 40 delicious recipes will help you share the joy of this wonderful time with your friends and family whilst promoting the wellbeing of you and your baby.

Author: Emma Thomson

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