LOVE’S NEW BEGINNING: An American Historical Romance (Wilderness Hearts Historical Romances Book 1) by Dorothy Wiley

Loss took everything, love gave him even more. It’s 1800 Philadelphia, and the city cowers before a mysterious killer–Yellow Fever. Daniel Armitage and his family are respected members of Philadelphia society. But their status cannot save Daniel’s loved ones. His entire family succumbs to the horrifying disease. His mother’s startling deathbed confession, shakes Daniel to his soul. Another man is really his father. His search for his real father takes him to Kentucky–the edge of the frontier. Seeking a father with a different last name, he is now considered an illegitimate bastard and is scorned by everyone, even himself. Except for the people who matter the most–his true father Daniel “Bear” MacKay and Ann Byrd. Captivated by her beauty and fierce independence, Daniel seeks to court Ann but her father won’t allow her near a man born out of wedlock. The humiliation of illegitimacy subjects Daniel to social and legal discrimination. And ruthless, back-stabbing Charles Snyder is obsessed with having Ann for himself. Snyder terrorizes Daniel’s new family and the entire town. Bear’s act of unequivocal love grants Daniel a chance for happiness. But only Ann’s courage can save it. “Dorothy Wiley takes you on an action-packed adventure on the Kentucky Frontier in this enthralling tale of self-discovery, finding true love, and the meaning of family.” – Peggy L. Henderson, Bestselling Historical Romance Author “Wiley’s writing has such realism that I am transported to Kentucky and that time period as I read and feel I know the characters well!” – JoAnne Weiss, Romancing the Book ReviewerWILDERNESS HEARTS – BOOK TWO – LOVE’S SUNRISE Releasing Spring 2017!

Author: Dorothy Wiley

Rating: Rating: 4.60 / 5
131 reviews

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