Love, Lies and Police Tape by Nika Michelle

Israel “Sassy” Grant has finally given up the pole. The twenty-four-year-old ex-stripper has become “Instafamous” by posting sexy pics and videos on social media, gaining her millions of followers. Typical, but she aspires to make a serious career out of modeling. Losing both her parents in a fatal car accident at the age of sixteen, she only has her older sister, Egypt, to call family. With ambitions not to be a statistic, she aims higher.In the midst of following her dream, Israel meets the man of her fantasies. Alijah Ramsey is a successful, handsome business man who says and does all the right things to get Israel in his clutches. She’s never been treated like a queen by a man before, and Alijah always shows up and shows out. Her past is riddled with one bad relationship after another, and after swearing off catching feelings, she finds herself in love again.The dilemma is, Alijah is not being one hundred percent truthful with her. Living a double life, he finesses the situation in his favor. That is until Israel becomes suspicious and starts doing some digging. When she gets to the truth, it ignites a raging inferno inside her that was once a slow burn. Love mixed with lies will only end up disastrous and Israel is bringing all the smoke. Who will be standing when it clears?

Author: Nika Michelle

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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