Jordan and the Children of the Revolution–Book 1 by Rebecca Marshall

Dwelling on the edge of Virginia’s southwestern frontier, Jordan’s childhood has remained mostly untouched by the hardships and perils of the late 1700s–until a Cherokee massacre sweeps through his village and takes everything away from him. Left with a growing band of orphans to lead, Jordan struggles to survive yet aims to trust in the Lord and live in a life of unconditional forgiveness. But as he and his friends face hardship after hardship, will Jordan’s faith hold fast–even when he is brought face to face with the very murderers of his family’s lives?Illustrations included.Author’s Bio:Rebecca Marshall is the firstborn of a rambunctious family of six children—plus a chihuahua. She was homeschooled since middle school. Writing and digital art has been her passion since high school, plus a bit of poetry. Although English wasn’t her early “specialty”, as a child, Rebecca oftentimes spent her time in the shower and playing outside telling stories while “talking to herself”—much to the bewilderment of her parents. Her ultimate goal is to create safe yet adventurous stories for tweens and teens that will entertain and teach them how to live a life that glorifies God. She currently resides in the hilly regions of southwestern Virginia, USA.Rebecca hopes that the Jordan and the Children of the Revolution series will teach tweens to trust in God through all hardships, even in the difficult ones, and live in a life of unconditional forgiveness—just like Jordan.You can contact her at her WordPress site:https://morethanconquerors2016.wordpress.com/By email at:morethanconquerors.rcm@gmail.comOr on her Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/MoreThanConquerorsRomans837/

Author: Rebecca Marshall

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