I Don’t Want to Lose You (Back Down Memory Lane Series) by Loreen James-Fisher

From the first time that Teodoro Cabrera interfered in Monica Walker’s personal life when they were young kids, he finds himself on her list of disliked people. Slowly over time he becomes her friend and they eventually find themselves trying to control their desires for something more. Before they graduate from high school, Teodoro let’s her know that he will come back for her once he’s finished with college so that he can have her by his side as he embarks upon his political career.
Not long into her freshman year of college, Monica hears that Teodoro is ill. After she runs into him they resume their friendship and stay close. Knowing that his time short, Teodoro asks her to marry him. Monica loves him enough to let go of her life as she knows it. While dealing with in-law and race issues along with life’s other twists and turns, she does what she can to make his last days something to live for.

Author: Loreen James-Fisher

Rating: Rating: 4.80 / 5
76 reviews

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