Hide My Memories: A Romantic Suspense Thriller Series (Hide Me Series Book 1) by Lisa Ladew

This is book 1 in the Hide Me Series.

Katerina Holloway’s life is finally coming together. With a new job as a Paramedic and new opportunity ahead of her, she’s relieved to know that worrying about finances will be a thing of the past. But ending one part of her life to begin another, doesn’t go as planned.

When she is confronted with haunting images that seem to be coming from the mind of a serial killer, Katerina’s life is sent into a tailspin. Nothing makes sense and the visions keep reoccurring.

A forced outing with her best friend adds another layer to Katerina’s already full plate. A handsome stranger with a troubled soul is instantly attracted to her, but Katerina is still reeling from all that is happening to her and has no interest in dating a cop.

Running from the potential for love is quickly proven to be futile. That handsome man will no longer be a stranger and moving past their doubts will only be the beginning of all that they will have to endure.

Suspense Thriller level: High. Heat Level: Moderate. Some swearing. 18+ Cliffhanger to the next book in the series (but this storyline is finished first)

Author: Lisa Ladew

Rating: Rating: 4.50 / 5
165 reviews

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