Grow School: An Adventure in Marijuana Growing and Weed Dealing by John Sharnetsky

Ronnie Harding never imagined that crooked cops and a dangerous criminal organization would be part of his college experience. The 26-year-old honors graduate student had his life lined up the way he wanted it. As a part of a distinguished professor’s university team, Ronnie had been recruited for his botany skills in growing a special breed of marijuana for a medical research project. This is where he honed his craft and expertise in growing the healthiest cannabis plants in the world. Because of his research assistant job, the financial burden of his education was lifted. For Ronnie, things couldn’t have been going better… With one decision, everything in his life changed when Ronnie elected to help out a troubled friend by cultivating the best new illegal strain of weed that ever hit the streets. Good intentions ran amuck and set in motion a series of highly unconventional events. The circumstances took a life of their own. Ronnie was now intertwined with gangsters, detectives, drag queens, and strippers just as he met the one girl he’d been waiting for his whole life. Now, with law enforcement and the heavy hitters of the criminal world closing in, Ronnie has to come up with a clever exit strategy while keeping up with his homework and getting ready for finals. This is the extracurricular life in the Grow School. A fun and easy read for new and college age adults. People, who are interested or curious in the marijuana issue, will find it intriguing as well as informative. The author’s writing style is simple but imaginatively descriptive. Complicated subjects become easier to understand. Reading this book is like watching a movie in your head.

Author: John Sharnetsky

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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