Follow Your Detour: Let Go of Your Pain, Conquer Your Fear & Find the Real You by Lindsay McKenzie

Life’s dead ends can lead you on beautiful detours!Are you feeling stuck amidst the pain and confusion of an unexpected loss in your life? Or, is there a stirring in your heart telling you to take a risk and make a change, but the uncertainty is holding you back?Either way, it’s time to push past your heartache and/or fear of the unknown towards a path filled with opportunities to discover new dreams and a new you!Life rarely goes according to plan. Lindsay McKenzie learned this the hard way, as her perfect plans for her life came crashing down. In Follow Your Detour she shares the pain she experienced through the loss of a loved one, the loss of her greatest dream and desire of her heart, and consequently, the loss of her identity. But, choosing to follow her detour led her on a life changing adventure, in which she found her true identity and happiness.Her uplifting and engaging book will help you see the world of possibilities that lie ahead of you, even in the darkness of your pain and fear. Lindsay’s heartfelt and relatable story telling will have you crying, then laughing, and unable to put the book down. Follow Your Detour will…Support you in finding the strength to let go of the emotions that are holding you back, rise up, and discover hope in your dead end.Teach you how to navigate the surprises that life can throw your way. Show you the power of submitting your plans to God.Help you gain the courage to push forward in faith instead of sitting around and waiting for answers or just hoping it all goes away.Equip you with a mindset that will give you the patience and persistence to keep moving forward, despite not having all the answers or a map with clear directions. Through the retelling of her unique detour, Lindsay will inspire you to embrace and follow your own detour—your new path of personal growth that will allow you to uncover purpose and peace. A path that will take you on the most transformational journey of your life.Follow Your Detour will also teach you to find the beauty in the journey, and you’ll learn to slow down and strop rushing towards the destination.Your detour stands before you and is waiting to lead you to your promising future. What’s stopping you from taking the first step towards turning your brokenness into your greatest blessing?Embrace your detour and follow it!Go find the real you.Are you ready? Scroll to the top and click the “buy now” button. 

Author: Lindsay McKenzie

Rating: Rating: 5.00 / 5
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