Flight Risk (The Italian Series Book 1) by Suzanne D. Williams

Gio twisted his shoulders, jerking himself upright, and hooked a foot around the door frame. One last try. There had to be a way out. “Sergeant,” he shouted. “Stay strong. Don’t give up.”Don’t give up. God, help me. God. He would answer. Somewhere there was a purpose in this. But his doubts rose higher each time Sergeant screamed his name.—Giovanni Cavatelli simply wants to survive this one hour balloon flight. Never mind the girl he’s flying is antagonistic, overbearing, and stubborn. Never mind it’s her birthday. So they don’t get along. He can survive one hour.But when bad weather sends them crashing into the rural mountainside, one hour turns into three days and a dangerous game with a group of anti-government activists out to destroy them both. Will her courage and skills be enough to save them? Or will something as simple as true love prove far stronger? Book 1 of 5 in THE ITALIAN SERIES by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. Stand Alone. HEA. 47,000 words.

Author: Suzanne D. Williams

Rating: Rating: 4.30 / 5
18 reviews

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